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Netease innovation enterprise conference countdown cloud letter will release a new generation of audio and video technology architecture

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At present, scientific and technological innovation has become the main force to promote economic and social development. Using innovative technology to build a forward-looking business model and improve business growth has become an important for the survival and development of major enterprises. To this end, NetEase's one-stop business service provider NetEase Smart Company

On November 28, Netease intelligent enterprises will hold a Netease innovation enterprise conference in Hangzhou Binjiang Shirong Aimei hotel. Ruan Liang, vice president of Netease (Hangzhou) and general manager of Netease intelligent enterprise, will attend and interpret the two business sectors of Netease cloud information and Netease cloud business. At the meeting, Netease Yunxin will release a new generation of audio and video technology architecture, as well as audio and video call 2.0, 5g message platform, voice chat room and other products and solutions. At the same time, Yu Lu, a distinguished professor of Zhejiang University, convener of MPEG video working group of ISO, and technical experts from iqiyi and Shangtang technology will be invited to jointly explore the application potential of new technologies in the digital era.


Launch a new generation of audio and video technology architecture products, service capacity will be greatly improved

Netease Yunxin is a communication and video PAAS platform built by Netease's 20-year IM and audio and video technology. It is committed to providing the world's leading technical capabilities and scenario solutions. Since its launch, Netease cloud has constantly updated its products and services. From the original single function of IM instant messaging, it has more than ten core capabilities and component services, such as Im instant messaging, audio and video calls, signaling SDK, SMS, interactive live broadcast, etc. During the period of the epidemic, Netease cloud letter came into the vision of more people because of its help in remote classroom, cloud recruitment, remote office and online medical treatment, and was affirmed by many business owners.

For a communication and video platform, technical ability is the core to ensure the quality and ease of use of products. At the Netease innovation enterprise conference, Netease cloud letter will officially launch a new generation of audio and video technology architecture. The upgraded technical architecture will ensure low delay and clear and smooth voice calls through ARQ, red and other technologies. At the same time, through the video pre and post error correction and automatic retransmission technology, the problems of video jam and screen distortion can be reduced under the weak network, which can better resist packet loss The self-developed bandwidth estimation algorithm is used to evaluate the comprehensive network condition, and the stable user experience under complex network can be realized through exclusive technologies such as congestion control algorithm and data smooth transmission technology, which can better resist network jitter. At the meeting, Wu Tong, chief architect of Netease cloud information streaming media, will explain this in detail.


5g message platform, audio and video call 2.0 release, comprehensive technical strength to a new height

Not only that, NetEase cloud letter product matrix will be further enriched. At the NetEase Innovation Enterprise Conference, NetEase Cloud will also release 5 G of message platforms, audio and video call 2.0, large live event solutions and multi-person voice chat room solutions, dedicated to creating for customers the technology and services that are truly suitable for their own product application scenarios.

According to the "5g message white paper" jointly issued by the three operators, 5g message service integrates multiple media and message formats, and can seamlessly integrate with traditional SMS. In order to meet the needs of enterprises for sending text, multimedia and card messages to users in a timely manner, Netease Yunxin has built a 5g message platform based on the platform capability of Internet companies, which can meet the needs of enterprise customers for message distribution, user management, reply management and other functions. Users can realize point-to-point rich media messages (including voice, picture, voice, picture, etc.) in the short message interface File, location, etc.). 5g message adds a new Chatbot form to realize the interaction between application and individual, and can complete business experience such as search, discovery, subscription and payment in the message window.

Audio and video call 2.0 realizes the close cooperation between client SDK and cloud server, supports dual channel 128kbps stereo high-definition sound quality, supports 1080p high-definition picture quality, and 3-line code access, which can provide more HD and easy-to-use services. In addition, the large-scale live broadcast activity solution is based on live broadcast, Im, audio and video call and on-demand capabilities, which can guarantee the live experience of tens of millions of concurrent levels; the multi person voice chat room solution is based on the pure audio social interaction solution of IM chat room, multi person audio and video and live broadcast service, and supports various social entertainment such as online KTV, Lianmai Kaihei, multi person blind date, song Solitaire, etc Law.

Distinguished guests gather to explore the new technology engine behind the new business

Nowadays, with the popularization of 5 G and the development of innovative technologies such as AI、 cloud computing, all kinds of self-media platforms full bloom, and multimedia data are growing exponentially. Audio and video technology needs to accurately understand these content and provide valuable services. At the conference, Yu Lu, a special professor at Zhejiang University, convener of the MPEG Video Working Group of the International Standards Organization, Wang Zhihang, senior technical director of iqiyi, Chen Yimin, senior researcher in video application research and development of Shangtang Science and Technology, and Lu Junfeng, director of technology at the front end of NetEase Cloud Music will take


The standardization technology of video coding develops step by step in a ten-year period. In 2020, the latest generation of standards are coming out one after another. Avs3, mpeg-5 EVC and VVC are released in succession. Artificial intelligence has become the source of the subsequent development of video coding. At the conference, Professor Yu Lu will give a keynote speech on video coding and artificial intelligence. In addition, iqiyi senior technical director Wang Zhihang will carry out 4K under 5g The keynote speech on the new wave of ultra high definition video technology will introduce some key video technology directions in detail, and take the landing scene of iqiyi as an example to illustrate the effect before and after the application; Chen Yimin, senior researcher of video application research and development of Shangtang technology, will systematically explain the content understanding and production driven by intelligent vision, and introduce the innovation of vision algorithm of Shangtang technology video application research and development team New, and how to drive content understanding and production based on these original algorithms; Lu Junfeng, technical director of Netease cloud music front end, will fully share the technical architecture and innovation of music streaming media platform, introduce the technical innovation design and application effect of Netease cloud music in business scenarios such as listening together and large-scale online performance activities, so as to provide new suggestions with practice and case application Technology and new business.

Scientific and technological innovation is leveraging the future of business, the use of innovative technology to build a new business growth model is crucial. On Nov.28, Netease Inc. will bring new technology solutions at the NetEase Innovation Enterprise Conference with its long-term technological advantages and industry insights. Users can scan the activity posters in the text QR code to sign up for the technical field, or through attention


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