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Easy job search dog recorder S1 helps you tear off the "social animal" label

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Efficiency, is the workplace elite as the standard word, in the choice of office tools is also picky, will run through the efficiency to the end. As a necessary item for the elite in the workplace, the recording pen should not only take the domestic and foreign travel, but also participate in some large conferences and even international conferences. It must be face and intelligent, and it is a fine product in the boutique. And this recording pen fighte


Hard technologyThe wind is so beautiful

Heart products, strength and face are always beautiful. The top hollowed-out design is not only exquisite and beautiful, but also plays a protective role on the microphone. 3.5-inch integrated touch screen, screen content at a glance, clear, one-handed control is more convenient. The fuselage adopts 6 series aluminum material, selects the nanometer injection molding technology, will press the key and the touch exquisite fusion, the steady atmosphere does not lose the hard and bright beauty. The design and practicality of this Sogou recording pen S1 AI the world of design


Pickup noise reduction, that's it

Maybe many people say that only journalists, lawyers and other jobs need professional recorders. In fact, it's not. The professionalism brought by professional recorders allows you to enjoy the efficiency of professional recording pens. First of all, let's talk about the pickup noise reduction function of the Sogou AI recording pen S1, with a maximum pickup distance of 10 meters. When you take part in some conferences and lectures with wide space, the pickup distance of your mobile phone is not enough, even if it has recording function. Sogou AI recording pen S1 is different. With the help of two Haman electret microphones and six omnidirectional microphones, the pickup is far and clear, meeting the high standard requirements of most recording occasions. Moreover, through the intelligent optimization of purevoice AI noise reduction algorithm and clarvoice 8-mac array algorithm, more than 40000 kinds of real noise can be filtered out. Friction noise, wind noise, book turning sound and so on can be filtered one by one, leaving only clear voice. In this way, the key content can be prevented from being interfered by noise and lead to information error and leakage.


TranscribeHurryYes,It's so efficient

Why do many meeting recorders like to use AI recorders? If you use a mobile phone to record, the recording quality is noisy and unclear. Besides, the way to extract the sound still depends on human typing. The recording time is good. If it is a 3-hour meeting, the workload will be headache. With Sogou AI recording pen S1, it is equivalent to having a senior stenographer, and the transcription accuracy rate is as high as 98%. In addition, it can not only record and then turn to text, and the speed of writing can reach 1 hour of recording and 5 minutes of writing; it can also record and turn to text in real time, with a 3.5 inch touch screen, the content is clear and visible, and the recorded content can be shared with other people at the end of the meeting.


Language transcriptionThat's internationalFan

For some office workers in foreign trade companies, language is very important. For some people whose language is not dominant, Sogou AI recorder S1 is a good choice. Because it supports not only Chinese language transcription, but also 10 foreign language languages such as Britain, Japan, Korea and Thailand. When you have a meeting with foreigners, turn on Sogou AI recording pen S1, as long as it is within the range of 10 foreign languages, you can record and transcribe. In this way, you don't have to worry about the problems of speaking speed and language proficiency. Especially English speaking foreigners, Sogou AI recording pen S1 can achieve the simultaneous translation of Chinese and English, and the results of simultaneous presentation are also presented. The results of simultaneous interpreting can also be shared to other people in real time, so that the content of multiple people and different places can be synchronized, so that people who are no longer meeting can also participate in real-time.


One click sorting is so smart

If recording and transcribing has brought great convenience to your work, the intelligent sorting and voice assistant function of Sogou AI recording pen S1 will help you to a higher level of efficiency. Based on Sogou Zhiyin? NLP engine intelligent summary technology, it can automatically extract the topic and key statements of the manuscript, distinguish different speakers and applause and laughter, and mark the key points with one key of M key, so as to help you organize the key content efficiently. In addition, in order to avoid the difficulty of searching, you can also long press the M key to wake up the voice assistant to help you find the recording in a sentence. It also supports searching in the title, transcribed text, recording time, and can be combined with multiple conditions. I have to say that Sogou AI recorder S1 is very friendly to office workers.


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