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Finally can send big files, but still so stingy? Make complaints about WeChat

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Wechat updated, this time let user can send

The file size limit is 0202 and so stingy

A while ago, during online classes, teachers' biggest headache was sending files in wechat group. The file size limit is too small, which often results in files that are too large to be sent. Turn network disk, some parents are complaining, it is really difficult!

● sending big videos in wechat on mobile phones will be extremely compressed, while videos in wechat PC version can not exceed the 25m size limit, which makes teachers in my class often turn to me for help. For the teaching video less than 200m, it is easy to do, change the suffix to m4v, but for the video larger than 200m, you can only start the video compression software.


Figure 1 wechat video size limit


Figure 2 WeChat file size limit

Now the new version of WeChat has increased the video size limit, but although it has risen to 200 M, it still causes many users to complain, because the high-definition video taken by mobile phones can exceed the 200 M limit in 30 seconds. So HD video has become compressed video again. In addition, file transfer also has problems, can not breakpoint continuation.


Figure 3 30 seconds HD video 401 M

Is it so difficult to add progress bar to voice

And then it's about voice messages. Voice message is good, no typing, just say it directly, but voice message sometimes brings users a lot of trouble.

There is no progress bar for voice: the voice message progress bar that Xiaobian has been looking for has long been said to add this function. As a result, QQ has been added to the mobile phone. It has been 2020, and there is no news on wechat. Friends sent a long message, the important content is only a few seconds later, but if you want to listen again, you have to start again. If there is a progress bar, you can drag it directly to the back to listen.

● other complaints about voice: recording voice without time to display, voice can not be forwarded, voice can only be collected can not be saved.



Figure 4 long voice to listen to make people crazy Figure 5 mobile phone QQ language message progress bar

About mass sending: can you give me a quick entrance

● group trouble: how many people because they want to send messages accidentally built a chat group, small editor mother because want to send a group of news bar a bunch of people pulled into a group. Send me a message


Fig. 6 hidden group hair assistant

What's wrong with WeChat?

● strangers can't have temporary conversations like QQ, they have to add friends to chat, and sometimes they have to add friends to ask someone in the group. However, there are two sides to everything, because if you can talk temporarily, some of the core characters in the group WeChat will be ringing, plus harassment, so it is best to add a switch when you have this function.

When the number of people is small, the mobile phone rings continuously after joining the group without the user's consent. Whether it can join the group or not needs to be approved by the user no matter how many people are in the group.

● when there are too many group messages, there is a @ my message, can not jump directly to the @ me message.

The group has not completely blocked the options: only messages do not disturb. The group friends chatting and doodling in the group are constantly consuming our traffic and storage space. Not to mention it, there are always red dots coming out and ranking at the top of the chat list.



Figure 7 shielded group message in QQ figure 8 wechat only messages do not disturb

● there is no separate blocking of a group of friends, administrators can not ban a member. Small editor met a group of two members fighting, brush a day, can only block the group.

There is no unified group file function, QQ group file function is very easy to use, convenient group friends to share file information. In wechat, only by looking up chat records can we find the required files

● anyone can modify the group name settings. This reminds me of the jokes of parents when they first set up. A parent may want to note the group, but he chose to modify the group name, and changed the group name to the XXX school group. The teacher changed it and then went back until the teacher said in the group

You can't find groups like QQ.

● the new phone login, not saved in the address book group can not be found, to wait for someone in the group to speak to see. A group of small editor has not spoken, small editor want to use, can only let a member of the group first send a message in the group

Remember to save important information: the file expired will be cleaned up

● the teachers sent documents in the group, busy forgetting to save, and a few days later when they remembered to check again, a cup came,


Figure 9 cup with expired documents

Chaos in the circle of friends: what you want to see

Then there is the circle of friends, in the circle of friends to see the daily status of friends to share, that is, many users have to do every day, but now the circle of friends there is too high probability of micro-quotient screen brushing, plus random official advertising, it is



Fig .10 Circle of Friends

● people like me what's the matter? If your WeChat friend also likes the circle of friends, WeChat will

You can't set the view range of friends' circle separately. You can only set all friends together. You can only view it for three days. I want a friend to have the right to view all my circle of friends, which can't be realized.

The circle of friends can only like it: sometimes when I see some bad things from friends, is it like or like? Why can't there be other interactions like hugs? Why not step on the function? It's best to step on anonymously.


Figure 12 can only be set up with all friends

Too horrible to look at. Some friends can not make complaints about the original picture, which is the most user tucked slot. After WeChat's compression, some photos will become horrible.

The circle of friends can only send 15 seconds of video, which is too short. However, video numbers and micro vision can now be used to bypass the 15 second limit and send 60 second video from the 30 second machine.


Figure 13 only supports 15 second video

You can't send GIF to your circle of friends. If you see a good GIF, you can't share it with your circle of friends. It is estimated that Tencent will not be open to the public. The last time it opened the circle of friends to comment, it was allowed to move the graph. As a result, a group of people commented that the dynamic graph could not be described. As a result, it was turned off. Oh, by the way, publishing indescribable pictures in the circle of friends belongs to the dissemination of obscene articles, police uncle can come to visit!

If I want to see the circle of friends that I pay close attention to, I have to find it in the circle of friends sent by dozens or hundreds of friends, or I will check it one by one? If you have a group of friends, you want to focus on the number of people who send a unified view of the circle of friends, how good.

The longer you use it, the bigger you will be! When can I lose weight

● everyone knows, whether mobile phone WeChat or WeChat PC version, with the increase in use of time, the more disk space occupied, the occupation of space on the G is not uncommon, Xiaobian once helped relatives clean up their mobile phones to see the occupation of more than 10 G of space. With its own storage space cleaning function although can be thin, but after the weight of WeChat still occupy a lot of space.


Fig. 14 the small series was cleaned up not long ago

Private and work, switching two accounts is too troublesome

● many people have two microsignals, a private use, a working use, switching to switch is very troublesome. So many users use more open software, but the recent use of more open software may lead to WeChat seal. Can you have an official double WeChat version, although I know this is a luxury.


FIG. 15 it's very troublesome to cut around

A headache chat record

The chat record in wechat is a big problem. When you change your mobile phone, you can transfer the chat record quickly, and you can only use the computer to backup the chat record. If you forget to backup and lose your mobile phone, you will lose your chat record completely. If you don't have chat record, cloud storage function is troublesome. Can't a chat record cloud backup function? Although this function may be exclusive to members.


Figure 16 chat record backup and migration

Can you do it thoroughly? Black friend doubt operation

● delete or pull black contacts, but they are still in the other party's contact list. Why? Even because of this, a bunch of tools have sprung up to see who deleted you and who hacked you. Can't you remove a user's wechat while blackmailing or deleting a contact?

WeChat computer version also make complaints about the slot.

● WeChat computer version does not have account password login function: must mobile phone WeChat sweep. If I am in a hurry to use WeChat PC version, it may be because I can not use the phone, so you let phone scan code authentication this is not a pit?


Figure 17 you have to scan and log in

● wechat PC version has not added the function of circle of friends. Is it afraid that everyone will swipe around when they go to work or what? Can't send a red envelope, can't grab a red envelope, can't pay, is this based on security considerations?


Figure 18 No red envelopes


As the most popular IM,, WeChat's functional experience is not the top, regardless of the Weibo forum community,



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