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Magic game "synthetic watermelon", let me play until midnight not to go home

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If you haven't touched "synthetic watermelon" yet, then your life is lucky.

This thing can't stop when it's touched.


In the morning, when I saw that my colleague's eyes were black, she still asked me excitedly, "have you made a synthetic watermelon? "At noon, I look at my colleagues at the next table, and their mobile phone screens are full of colorful melons and fruits. In the afternoon, I see that my colleagues have gone to the bathroom for an hour, and I know that she probably went to eat melons.

So, what's the magic of this simple little game?


That night, we were all "synthetic watermelon"

First of all, let's give a brief introduction to "synthetic watermelon". It comes from the micro umbrella game website and is an interesting leisure synthetic game.


Open the webpage of "synthetic watermelon" to start the game.

The player's task is to slide the screen, select a ordinate, and then drop the fruit. The same fruit will collide and disappear, and a bigger new fruit will be synthesized.


Every time a new fruit is generated, other fruits will also slide according to the screen gap, and randomly collide with various puzzles, and then crackle to form a pile of new fruits.

The fruit without collision synthesis will occupy the screen space and grow up until the top red line and the end of the game.


Compared with other elimination games, it has no restrictions on space, which makes people feel extremely free and comfortable. Of course, there is a grape in the middle of the watermelon.


Generally speaking, the ability to synthesize two big watermelons is already the limit.

However, many people still firmly believe that there can not be two big watermelons in the world at the same time.

Therefore, the game needs to test how the players best place the fruit to form more elimination and guide more collisions. The more to the back, the more difficult the game will be, and more props can be unlocked at the same time.


The most exciting thing is that the form of its elimination is not fixed.

Sometimes, if a big fruit falls and falls at the right place, it can "make a miracle" and produce a series of products. Sometimes, as long as a big fruit has a vacant place, many small fruits will collide and disappear.

I remember that when I opened it, my inner activity was: This is it?

It wasn't until three o'clock in the morning last night that I suddenly realized: really fragrant!

In the dazzling elimination like fireworks, the happiness at that moment can't be described by words, but can only be felt in the bright.


"Tips" behind "big watermelon"

Although it's a little game without thinking, we all try our best to get big watermelon.

It is estimated that the developers did not expect that the game could be widely spread for several days without any promotion, even making the web page crash for a time.


In order to let everyone not lose their way in the melon field and harvest the big watermelon early, we have also sorted out some tips.

  1. At the beginning of the game: orderly display of fruits, from large to small, arranged in one direction in the past, easy to cause continuous synthesis.
  2. Game in progress: no similar fruit below, try to lean to the side.
  3. Game in progress: the difference between a level of fruit, try to put a piece.
  4. Game in progress: big fruit do not get small fruit, small fruit do not bottom.
  5. Game in progress: timely control of height, there is no suitable space and similar fruit, to the low position.
  6. Advanced game playing method: timely use the physical mechanism in the game, such as collision, crowding out and space insertion, to "squeeze" out the fruit space that can be eliminated; through the principle of reflection, let the thrown fruit hit the wall or other ball, so as to change the direction and hit the same fruit.


There are netizens out of the game itself, seeking the help of external mysterious forces.

For example, shake the mobile phone to try to make the fruit move; for example, pull the edge of the split screen on the computer and let go to try to make the fruit slide down; for example, play directly with the tablet to make the screen double.

Because the longer the screen is, the more fruit it can hold, and there are peopleAnd try Google browserAdjust the ratio of the screen to the limit of "23:151" and find that it can reach up to 5000 or 6000 points and hold seven or eight melons.

Although I've been addicted to it for a day, I've only synthesized half a big watermelon in most cases, and I've also synthesized a big watermelon in my highest record.

In order to meet the demand of the masses for eating melons, which are in short supply,Even xazrael, a programmer in Zhihu, made a magic change to itAnd let people eat melons directly and roughly.


Open the game, and you can choose the "original" version, the "violent melon eating" version, the "cheating mode" version and so on. Gently, the melon will fall from the sky, and the salute will spread all over the sky, making people happy.

In addition, the respondent specially made a version of "remove cucumbers". After all, the high praise comments in the game review area are as follows:

This game should be called "the purple grapes of hate"!


Although the magic version has been changed to the microblog hot search, so that netizens can call "dream come true", but now because the answer's OSS traffic packet is used up, the magic version has been unable to open.

Can not get the big watermelon, is still in turmoil forever.

Why is synthetic watermelon popular overnight?

Some people love each other, some watch the sea at night, some synthesize big watermelons and can't get together all day.

Although the design of this "synthetic watermelon" is simple, the fruit itself looks fresh and refreshing. Compared with 2048, which is full of numbers and Tetris, it is obviously more comfortable and decompressed.


Psychological research also found that red and yellow can cause people's excitement, blue and green can cause people's comfort, purple can cause people's depression, so colorful fruit synthesis game can bring people a lively psychological feeling.

Of course, we also know why purple grapes make people so angry.

In addition, the sound of fruit bombing can also trigger people's psychological defense mechanism, so that people can effectively release the pressure and enter the leisure moment for a short time.

The quantifiable game time of just a few minutes gives people the illusion that they can control the time.

You're gone, you're happy, and then you're gone forever.


These are the reasons why xiaoxiaole, popstar and fruit legend are so popular.

But synthetic watermelon has a deeper "routine.".

The biggest highlight of the game is that it has the physical characteristics of "collision and rolling according to volume and mass", which greatly increases the playability of the game.

In the smooth rolling of all kinds of fruits, you can never guess what chain trip may appear in the next second, bringing you to the climax of emotion and the peak of happiness.


This kind of surprise, let the player also more full of expectations for the game, as long as it is not over, you can always be immersed in this expectation, and when it is over, you can easily start again.

This kind of characteristic may also be when you are about to reach the limit red line, suddenly burst into a big watermelon. That sudden pleasure, like from the cliff into the cool waves, like a shell shot in the air after the explosion.

In the jargon of game design, it's called "stack enhancer.".

It refers to the use of superposition techniques in the game, so that players can get a steady stream of rewards, but also let players focus on more than one kind of reward.


There are a lot of luck elements in synthetic watermelon, which is a variable proportion enhancement program, making players unable to predict the content and result of the game.

When players have the opportunity to synthesize a big watermelon at any time, this unexpected surprise can make the reward more attractive.

The final score at the end of the game, the comparison with the highest score, and the words "you beat * *% of the players in the world" further strengthen the players' competitiveness, so that the players can have a sense of frustration or achievement to start the next round immediately, or share, and attract more friends to join the happy competition.


Therefore, this small game called "synthetic watermelon" actually accurately captures the secrets of human nature.

At this moment, in the reality of the frustrating melon field, I announced that I would temporarily give up abiding by human desires, continue to indulge in eating melon games, and enjoy this moment of leisure and happiness.


Life is very short, I just want to be illuminated by the holy light of synthetic watermelon at this moment.

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