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Why did station B change its name? You can't think of the reason

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When it comes to the new year's festival, some friends may be unfamiliar with it. The new year's festival is a new year's Eve celebration program held by bilibilibili, the largest popular cultural and entertainment community for young people in China, since 2010.In 2021, when the festival reaches the 11th stage, station B announced that it would change the name of the festival to station B, which means to commemorate the past year and usher in a new beginning.Although there is no change in pronunciation, the meaning has quietly changed.

New year's festival? New year's greetings?

In 2019, a combination of Chinese and western music evening hosted by station B will amaze the world, let more people understand the charm of traditional folk music, and let station B out of the circle successfully, attracting more users to "swarm" into station B.

It can be said that the New Year Festival at station B has found a new way to carry forward the traditional culture. Objectively speaking, the spring festival celebration of station B, which was originally for self entertainment, has become a "two-dimensional Spring Festival Gala" more suitable for young people.

However, the word "New Year's festival" originally used to be used in the routine market activities of Japanese new year, and the so-called "Festival" is a bit similar to the meaning of local temple fair. However, some users believe that it is a kind of Japanese culture after all, which is different from the starting point of promoting Chinese culture.

In addition, the word "sacrifice" in the new year's festival generally refers to sacrifice in China. It is only used when remembering one's ancestors, relatives, ghosts and gods. It is really unlucky to combine it with the word "New Year's festival".

At the same time, the trademark of new year's festival has not been registered, which is also one of the reasons for station B to give up the traditional naming of new year's festival. As early as 2015, station B submitted the trademark registration application of "New Year's sacrifice" to the trademark office. However, the application was rejected several times for a simple reason. As can be seen from the relevant files of the national judicial document network, "sacrifice" is often used as a ceremony of mourning and honoring the dead."New Year's festival" was invented by the plaintiff and had no fixed meaning. Therefore, the trademark application for "New Year's festival" was rejected.

Due to various reasons and environmental factors, station B finally changed the "New Year's festival" to "New Year's celebration", which means to commemorate the past year. It sounds smoother, and it doesn't make people daydream.

B station or B station?

In the 11 years of B station, the user's activity and loyalty are incredible. Chen Rui, CEO of B station, once said that the users who joined B station ten years ago are still 60% active now. It can be said that B station users are the most loyal group in China. Even if station B has changed many times before and after, the user turnover rate of station B is low, but it is like a snowball rolling bigger and bigger.

From the earliest three districts (music area, animation area and game area) to the living area, from the male users to the female users, station B constantly attracts new users to "enter" and constantly changes its positioning. Now more and more multimedia platforms have settled in station B. since then, the positioning of station B has changed completely, and the trend of Pan second dimension is growing. This is also the efforts made by station B for transformation. Meanwhile, the exploration of station B for payment, big membership system and copyright awareness also paves the way for the future commercialization of station B.

In addition, the income of up owners is also the key to the continuous development of station B. If station B wants to maintain a healthy up owner creation ecology, it must make up owners earn more money. Pug video content plays an important role in the whole content system of station B. in 2016, Pug video viewing times accounted for 74.5% of the total number of video viewing, increased to 85.5% in 2017, and increased to 89% in 2018. Because of the importance of pug content, it highlights the importance of up.

The first is to provide up owners with official platform content subsidies through the creation incentive plan, so that up owners will no longer generate electricity for love. Secondly, station B and Taobao have reached cooperation to promote the commercialization of content, provide opportunities for up owners, and invite up owners to open content e-commerce stores for profit. Later, it launched a series of plans to encourage and stimulate the creative enthusiasm of up owners and provide a continuous stream of pugc content. So as to ensure that the creative power of station B is far superior to other competitors.

According to the financial report data released by station B in 2020, the number of monthly active users reached 197 million, up 54% year-on-year, among which the number of mobile terminals reached 183 million, up 61% year-on-year. The number of monthly paying users was 15 million, an increase of 89% over the previous year, and the revenue of station B was 3.225 billion, an increase of 23.23% over the previous year. B station has gradually become profitable, and gradually become larger.

There are many changes brought by B to the profit. Many of the old customers make complaints about the B station. Has the station really changed? It has changed, but it has become more diversified. For today's users, the feeling of using B station is more like a "roaming", finding what they like in the mass content; while the users who go to youaiteng are for producing excellent and exclusive copyright content; the short video platform is mainly for killing their own fragmentation time, while the long video zone is left to B station.This is a good thing for B station and users.


In general, station B changed the new year's festival to new year's Day largely because of the broken circle development, which is undoubtedly full of benefits for the video platform. However, it also makes more right and wrong involve station B. For example, when BiliBili goes out of the circle, it is bound to face the problem of being difficult to be heard. Although it is more in line with the feelings of the public users to change the new year's festival to the new year's festival, for some old users, the secondary flavor of station B is really much lighter than before.Therefore, even if you know the best about Bili Bili of young people, you will inevitably encounter the present predicament. It is quite difficult to satisfy the tastes of the party and the mass consumers at the same time. From this renaming event, it is obvious that station B chose the latter.

For station B, the positive impact of breaking the circle is far greater than the negative impact, which also makes the future of station B bright. However, under the influence of constantly breaking the circle, station B should be fully prepared for its own positioning and the retention of new and old users.

Station B is accepting more and more users with different preferences, which must be an impact on the original ACG cultural community. Although many people are not optimistic about this evening party, it has proved that it is a very successful attempt to break the dimensional wall and develop programs with a wider audience under the premise of quality and quantity. After all, station B should be bigger and stronger, and the two-dimensional culture should not be lost, but it should also blend with the three-dimensional culture to let more people see this magical small community.

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