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Can windows 10x inherit the myth of windows?

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Earlier, Microsoft's latest masterpiece, windows 10x, was leaked on the Internet. We can get a glimpse of its new start menu and operation center.However, few people pay attention to the fact that it took only a few days for developers to make windows 10x run successfully on M1 MacBook, surface go (Intel Core m3 processor) and even lumia mobile phones soon after the leak!

Windows 10x has been skipping tickets for a long time, and even the Royal device surface Neo has disappeared from the official website, but now it is finally coming

Is windows 10x compatibility going against the weather?

Let's take a look at how Windows 10x is compatible with various devices.

M1 MacBook runs windows 10x successfully

Then, windows 10x also runs successfully on the mobile device lumia 950xl. Different from the M1 version of MacBook, developers migrate windows 10x to lumia 950xl. Although some functions are limited, its state is native. Lumia 950xl uses the high pass 810 processor released many years ago and is equipped with 3gb ram. It seems that windows 10x does not require high hardware. Surprisingly, the UI of windows 10x can also give high consideration to mobile phones, which shows that it is a system that can adapt to different sizes of screens, and the application scenarios are quite broad.

Lumia 950xl mobile phone running Windows 10x

The screenshot of windows 10x on lumia 950xl mobile phone shows that the UI has been adapted, which is quite modelled

It's natural that surface go can run Windows 10x - Windows 10x was originally designed for the X86 platform. However, at the beginning, windows 10x was born as a dual screen device. Now it seems that a single screen device like surface go can run Windows 10x well.

Surface go running Windows 10x

Of course, windows 10x is still not running perfectly on any device, and the compatibility of WiFi, touch and other hardware drivers may not be perfect. In addition, in the process of installation, users need to be familiar with the command-line tools, otherwise the installation may not be completed successfully.

But in general, win10's compatibility with various devices is still a surprise, so what about software?

In the windows 10x setup menu, the compatible option of the Win32 development environment appears

When this setting is turned on, the system will give a security alert. However, even if this switch is turned on, windows 10x does not actually support the running of desktop exe software (at least in the upcoming version). However, the appearance of this switch undoubtedly implies that Microsoft plans to provide compatibility for the Win32 software. Developers can also test these software applications through windows 10x. Microsoft has not given up the support of windows 10x for the Win32 desktop software.

When the option is turned on, a security alert appears

Will windows 10x succeed?

From the first windows 10x message to now, the positioning of this system seems to have changed. In the early days, windows 10x appeared as the Royal system of surface Neo, but now surface Neo is far away, and similar dual screen devices have not made waves in the market. At present, windows 10x is more like a more modern win10, abandoning a large number of history packages in win10, and meeting you with a new UI and development ecology.

However, windows 10x also shows the strong cross platform ability of windows. At present, windows 10x, like win10 arm, can adapt to all kinds of desktop and mobile devices. At the same time, it can (or has the potential) run the traditional Win32 software. However, this brings a problem. The positioning between windows 10x and win10 arm seems to be blurred.

Win10 arm has been put on the market. How does windows 10x differentiate from it?

Win10 arm can be regarded as a complete version of win10 suitable for arm platform, which can carry the ecology of traditional x86 software. However, now windows 10x also shows such ability, so is windows 10x just a win10 arm with different UI? The conflict of positioning makes windows 10x face the pressure of "internal volume" before it is put into the market. Without powerful hardware, it is difficult for windows 10x to find its own breakthrough.

Windows 10 arm can also be installed on lumia mobile phone, and it can also run PS, which shows excellent compatibility

In short, windows 10x has strong cross platform capabilities, but its current positioning is still unclear. In recent years, Microsoft has launched windows RT, windows 10s and other products with difficult positioning. Will windows 10x repeat the same mistakes? I hope it has a chance to shine in the market.


Windows 10x, as Microsoft's top product this year, is undoubtedly worth looking forward to. At present, there has been a leaked version of windows 10x on the network, and the leaked version is suspected to be RTM version, which means that windows 10x is quite close to being officially launched into the market. Let's wait and see.

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