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Spring Festival home, I found another Internet world

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Do you like "Hello, Li Huanying" or "assassinating novelist" for this Spring Festival? You may guess that the first answer is from the third and fourth tier cities. The second answer is from the first and second tier cities. But this inference is wrong, the correct answer is: no matter what the other party looks at, he probably comes from a small place you don't know.

The population of the first and second tier cities in China accounts for only one fifth of the total population. In 2019, the viewing population of the third and fourth tier cities will be 5% more than that of the big cities.

On the first day of the lunar new year, who are the young people in the small town who do not go to the family movies, but watch the fantasy suspense? I've been to one, and the audience is concentrated in the middle five rows, all young faces. Compared with the middle-aged and old people, the young people who stay in their hometown are more willing to accept new things, but they are in a relatively closed environment.

Zhihu and Douban are full of young people from first and second tier cities who order takeout, make online car hailing and buy iPhones online. Young people in the fourth and fifth tier cities are getting on the Internet Express in a posture we can't imagine.

Here's their world.

Hu Xiaoyan, 26, is a shopkeeper in Xiangyang, Hubei Province

There are few convenience stores in the third tier cities, only private contracted hotels and restaurants. The red lettered signboard on a yellow background, the glass cabinet displaying commodities, and the ice-cream freezer with advertisement for ice-cream all seem to be uniformly decorated.

When I first met Jia Guifang, she was squatting in front of the store to feed the cat. The cat is only the size of a shoe and is led on a small bench by a red rope to avoid an accident when it rushes to the road. She also picked up a rhubarb dog, lazily basking in the sun.

The sun is warm in the afternoon. Envy?


A lot of cigarette hotels and couple's shops sell goods in the front and live in the back.

Originally, there was a vocational and technical school nearby. After school, the children would buy some stationery and snacks. A few years ago, when the school moved, Jia Guifang lost the stable passenger flow. That year, Hu Xiaoyan graduated from high school and went home to see the store. She found that there was always a wave of people who came to the store to ask the price, turned on the mobile phone, made a blind spot, and then left.

History repeats itself in the second half of last year. There was a wave of pushing troops in the small town. They handed out leaflets at the end of the street, telling their neighbors that they could still buy vegetables online. This time, Hu Xiaoyan took the initiative to sign up on the Internet.

Want to keep the store, Hu Xiaoyan has no way, fortunately can squeeze on the Internet this express. She succeeded, collecting express delivery and community group buying, accounting for two-thirds of the current store's revenue.

Now in the whole street, there is no shop selling only goods. Traditional physical stores are not dying out, and new ways to make a living are found by express delivery and selling vegetables.


By chance, Hu Xiaoyan bought shoes suitable for her mother on pinduoduo.

It's not enough for Hu Xiaoyan to keep the shop. She wants to make her mother happier.

Hu Xiaoyan accidentally in pinduoduo, see a factory straight cloth shoes sales is very high, but there is no 33 yards. She asked the customer service that she could take 35 yards and 33 yards. It turns out that this factory has long-term customized demand, and the warehouse has various sizes for stock. It's not sold, just because there's little market demand.

Keep her mother's shop and let her open up. This is a gift from Hu Xiaoyan to her mother.

Li Tongrui, 35, is a factory owner in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province

At five o'clock in the morning, before the firecrackers in the small town of Northern Jiangsu started, the U.S. stocks on the other side of the ocean had closed and entered after hours trading time. At this time, Li Tongrui got up and started a day of stock research.

In the eyes of the old leek, this is a typical new leek.

Li Tongrui enjoys it. Although tens of thousands of yuan is not much, it is the private money saved by quitting smoking in recent years. However, the jittery stock price every day directly determines whether he will drink Erguotou or laimao next month.

Money is the best motivation.

Twenty years ago, Li Tongrui hated reading. He dropped out of junior high school and went out to work. Now he keeps learning, snowball, tiktok, watermelon and jitter to see V.


The field trail that Li Tongrui drives through on weekdays.

In order to find out what the long-term value is, Li Tongrui also bought two thick books "psychological analysis of stock trading" and "the essence of trading" on pinduoduo.

Don't worry about where it is. It's over.

The convenience brought by the Internet not only allows him to go where he can learn, but also opens a small door to his business.

Li Tongrui has been operating a beverage bottle cap mold factory, and the production cost can not be reduced. For more than ten years, he still stays in the scale of adding a few temporary workers.

Once upon a friend's recommendation, Li Tongrui tried to use pinduoduo to buy the ejector pin (a part for internal connection) needed for mold making. It costs more than 500 yuan for one hundred ejector pins, which is not only much cheaper than the one originally purchased locally, but also of stable quality and can be sent home by mail.

How does the cost of others come down? In the second purchase, Li Tongrui took the initiative to get close to the customer service, and had more exchanges. Li Tongrui became friends with the merchants and agreed to visit and study in other people's factories in the next year.

While bringing convenience, the Internet also brings some troubles

Because she often uses her mobile phone to read stock reviews, the four-year-old girl has learned to operate her mobile phone, and she can't leave it every day. For this reason, Li Tongrui has been worried for a long time.

Convenient. This is Li Tongrui's biggest feeling about the Internet in the past two years.

Qian Yaxin, 24, is an entrepreneur in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province

According to the traditional concept, Qian Yaxin is not an obedient child. Two years ago, after graduating from the second provincial capital school, he did not take the examination of civil servants in his hometown as his parents wanted. He wants to go to private enterprises to learn skills and start his own business in the future. However, Qian had not yet had time to apply for local private enterprises, and he had been invited to make a local official account.

How many people can see the official account in a small county town? He heard that in a county town in Yunnan, some people began to official account in 2014, and the powder rose 500 thousand. The positioning of this account is to serve the local people and to show it to the hometown people in other places. The content of the release is mainly convenient information such as shop search, blind date and recruitment.

Qian Yaxin was the first wave of official account users. They usually watch the elephant Association and Wu Xiaobo channel, but they are still Douban and Zhihu ten year old users. From his research of his hometown, the official account of people usually read ten points of reading and vision except the people's daily and Xinhua news agency.

The official account has already passed, and the local information market has also been saturated. Qian Ya Xin is looking for new positioning.

It's impossible to become popular by content. All Qian Yaxin can think of is social networking.

Qian Yaxin knew pinduoduo for the first time. It was in 2016 that he helped his friends complete the pinduoduo welfare. He spent five yuan on lottery to buy two catties of cherizi. At that time, his first reaction was that he met a liar. In the end, he didn't win the prize, but five yuan was returned to his account, so he didn't take it seriously.


In 2016, Qian Yaxin made the first order in pinduoduo.

Li Xiaomi, 33, is a housewife in Rizhao, Shandong Province

It's not easy for housewives in the fourth tier cities.

Li Xiaomi lives in Rizhao. Her husband works in construction, earning about 100000 yuan a year. She takes care of her baby at home. Life is not rich, but there are houses and cars. In the eyes of outsiders, only she knows how much energy it takes her to live an orderly life.


A cartoon hair ornament bought by Li Xiaomi for her daughter.

Li Xiaomi's life revolves around two children: cooking in the morning, sending the children to school, going home to clean up, picking up the children from school in the afternoon, and tutoring the children to do their homework in the evening. It seems like a long day. It passes quickly. There is not much personal time.

One hour, half of the time she enjoys every day is saved.

Online shopping for a long time how to avoid the pit, Li Xiaomi summed up a unique process. Take Leggings as an example, she will first have a target price in her heart. If it is too low, she will not look at it. Then she will turn it down according to the default order of the search results. Instead of looking at the product evaluation, she will only look at the product description. When the cashmere content reaches her demand, she will collect it, and then select the one with the highest cost performance from the collection.

The accumulated trust of small commodities has finally crossed the 1000 mark before the Spring Festival this year.


No matter where you get on the bus, you should get on the bus first and then. This bus should be open and inclusive, with a seat reserved for everyone.

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