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Why can't a truck driver? 23-year-old girl "strange" jumping window netizens call for Internet platform to strengthen supervision

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A lot can happen in six minutes.

Recently, the death of a 23-year-old girl jumping out of a window in a lorry has aroused widespread doubts among netizens.


The video shows that the girl has moved in and out more than 10 times, which seems to be normal. However, Zhou, the driver of huolala, has deviated four times during driving, and there is no recording and video equipment on the vehicle.

At present, the driver involved has been detained by the police station for three days and released by the police due to insufficient evidence.

After the above news came to light, netizens immediately fried the pot, and many people threw out several doubts

Why did the driver deviate from the route three times without congestion?

Why does a girl's car just land on the back of her head?

Six minutes ago, I was still chatting in the working group. Why did I suddenly jump out of the window after that? What happened in the past six minutes?

1. Four times off course, 23 girls jumped out of the window and died

The incident occurred at 8 pm on February 6.

In order to move, Shasha, a 23-year-old girl from Changsha, Hunan Province, made an appointment at huolala. Then the driver, master Zhou, took the order and arrived at the designated place. At 9:17, Shasha got on the bus.

At 9:24, she also sent messages in the mobile phone work group to interact with colleagues, without any abnormality. But six minutes later, huolala driver Zhou dialed 120 and 110 to say that Shasha jumped out of the window on Quyuan road in Yuelu District due to three times of yaw.

Then Che Shasha was sent to Hunan Aerospace hospital. According to the director of the emergency department surnamed Huang, cheshasha was in a coma after suffering severe head injuries when she was sent to the hospital. Through head CT and abdominal CT examination, she had a head fracture and bleeding, and had a craniotomy in time. In the end, Che Shasha, who was seriously injured, died on February 10 due to ineffective rescue.


According to media reports, Che Shasha worked in an Internet company in Changsha before the incident with a monthly salary of 20000 yuan. She is now in a period of rising career and plans to save money to buy a house. She also said to her family that she would go home to spend the Spring Festival with her grandfather and take her boyfriend home next year. However, all these wonderful ideas came to an abrupt end on the night of February 6.

From the whole process, the driver deviated from the route for three times without any reason, which undoubtedly became the fuse of the unfortunate event.

Cheshasha's uncle questioned him,

In the police record, Zhou, the driver of huolala, said that the first yaw was due to a mistake, but because there was no recording and video equipment in the vehicle, this statement could not be verified.

In addition, on the evening of February 22, the family members and the police rerouted the huolala yaw route and found that the yaw route was at least 6 minutes slower than the normal route. More importantly, there was no obvious sign of emergency braking at the accident site.

In other words, the driver didn't take any action to try to rescue the car when it jumped out of the window.

According to the analysis of netizens, it seems that it is impossible to conclude that there is a possibility of intentional homicide.


Many netizens believe that the girl heard the yaw prompt many times, had a fear of similar news before, and then made some fierce moves.

It's more like the girl found that she had walked from the main road to the small road, and she might have heard the yaw prompt of the navigation. She was afraid of similar news before, and was afraid to call the police to stimulate the driver. So she chose to jump out of the window in a panic. The driver didn't find it before, or didn't think she would jump out of the window, and didn't confirm it until the last moment. At that time, she chose to brake or stop The girl's body is out of balance, so her back is on the ground.

At present, most users still hold a rational attitude towards why the driver deviates and whether there is any homicide, waiting for the police investigation to give a fair result. However, most users believe that no matter what the result is, the platform should bear the responsibility and think that its platform has serious dereliction of duty in supervision.


For example, many netizens criticized huolala for not being equipped with monitoring equipment such as audio and video in the truck, and accused the platform of failing to fulfill its responsibility of safety audit and supervision, and lacking sufficient protection for users.



At the same time, we hope that huolala can learn from the previous lessons, learn from other online car Hailing platforms, take preventive measures of full recording, and set up functions such as sharing itinerary and alarming at any time to protect users' safety.

According to media reports, a special investigation team has been set up by the Public Security Bureau of Changsha high tech Zone today, and the results will be released to the public in a timely manner.

2. This is not the first dispute of huolala


According to the black cat complaint platform, there have been more than 3000 complaints against huolala.


Some media revealed that huolala did not audit the driver in place, and there was serious dereliction of duty.

From the point of view of the huolala app, according to the requirements of the driver entry audit, the materials needed to become a driver include having a C1 or above driving license, having more than one year's driving experience, aged 20-60, and providing ID card, driver's license, driving license and other relevant certificate information.

In fact, the process is much simpler, an internal driver said,

It is understood that, in addition to consumer complaints, the media also exposed the existence of platform audit is not strict, illegal operation of vehicles, intimidating reporters and other acts. In addition, public data show that huolala has been punished seven times since 2019, with a total fine of 540000 yuan.

3. Online car booking chaos, freight services need to strengthen control

I believe many netizens have seen the chaos of the platform exposed by the above products.

Since the rise of the auto market, related events have been staged. For example, in 2018, the Yueqing police in Zhejiang received an alarm. Zhao (aged 20 and Yueqing) lost contact with her on the way to Yongjia on the same day at 13 o'clock in Hongqiao town. After investigation, she found that passengers were being persecuted by the company. In May of the same year, Li Mingzhu, an air hostess, called a car to the city through didi in Zhengzhou airport after work. As a result, she was killed by the driver.

However, Didi immediately carried out the rectification. Stop the SF car business, and add a number of security protection settings in the platform, such as the display in didi taxi app, which can record and record the whole journey, as well as the emergency help button.


However, compared with the taxi business, there are still great security loopholes in the online car Hailing service in the field of freight moving. It is understood that not only is the goods Lala, freely move, fast dog move, move help and other platforms are installed with any safety driving recording equipment.

On these platforms, the only recording device is the driver's app. When the driver receives the order and keeps the app online, the app has the right to record. However, if the driver turns off the app while driving, the car will not be able to record. Some media commented that this has become a common phenomenon in the industry.

It is understood that the cost of a car camera is about 300 yuan, which is not a small expense for the platform.

However, huolala is not an unknown small company. According to the data of 2019, the total transaction volume of huolala and fast dog in the whole industry accounts for nearly 80%. On January 21 this year, huolala completed the f round of financing with a total amount of US $1.5 billion. After this round of financing, the latest valuation of huolala reached US $10 billion.

Behind the frequent occurrence of complaints, it is not that frela is not aware of the passenger safety problems, but focuses on the expansion and development of the enterprise.

As for the freight Lala, strengthening the management of drivers and vehicles can not only protect the rights and interests of drivers and passengers, but also be a problem that freight Lala must face in the process of development.



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