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Why can't you always find the resources you want? Here are seven tips

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I still remember that when I first came into contact with the Internet, the huge amount of information on it instantly attracted the world super. A random search can find massive and effective information, not to mention how happy it is.

As a result, I felt like I had searched for a hammer...


This kind of situation is not uncommon. I believe everyone has experienced ups and downs in a pile of useless information.

So today, the world super wants to give you some basic but easy-to-use search tips (old drivers don't need to see them), to help you improve the efficiency of using search engines. After all, time is money.


First of all, the efficient way to find the information you need is very simple: add restrictions to the search results!

1. Search for specific time periods


Then, as shown in the figure, click unlimited time and select a specific time period.


Another advantage of this operation is that it can quickly find the old news.

Now the information on the Internet is increasing every day, and the information in the past is easily submerged. When you need to find some old news in the past, you often have to search for half a day in the search results.

Now you just need to remember the key words and the approximate time range. No matter how old the information is, it can be easily searched out by you.

2. Search for specific formats

In addition, we can also limit the file format of the search results through the search tool. When you only need specific format of content, such as PPT for work report; for example, when students write papers, they need to find some articles related to Fortress Besieged as a reference. If only through the input keyword search, it is inevitable that other content will be disorderly into.

Like these.. ▼


And if you know that in the search tool, you can limit the format of the search results, a few simple points, you can exclude many unnecessary options for yourself.



3. Search within a specific site


For some websites that don't provide search function, or the search effect is relatively poor, that's quite good~


Interestingly, some websites are too lazy to do the search function, and now they are also using this function flexibly. Put a search box on your website. When users search, the website will return a search engine page to search your website.

4. It is required to meet the key words at the same time



There are more conditions that can satisfy you.

5. Search URL

Sometimes, what we need is not to search a certain site, but to search a certain kind of site. For example, search the government information from the government website, or search the enrollment information in the education website.

And the end of this kind of website address is the same, for example, the end of government website is the same gov.cn The education website ends with edu.cn . At this time, we can use URL search to search the content of similar websites.

Example: inurl: (gov) recruitment


The content in brackets is the type of web address we need, and the keywords that follow are the information we want to search on such websites.

6. Fuzzy search

Sometimes, we want to search for something, but we can't determine the specific name. For example, I forgot the white words in the youyou white book. At this time, I directly input the remaining information and the car overturned...


For those places we can't remember clearly, we can use the * sign instead. Search youyou * book, try ~ here ~ and you'll find it.


7. Others

Finally, the above is mainly to help you improve the efficiency of using search engines. But sometimes search engines can't solve all the problems efficiently. You can search the corresponding website according to the type of information you need.

For example, if you want to search for academic content, you can go to HowNet and VIP.


Want to check the annual report of listed companies, you can go to the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Want to check the industry report, you can go to the iResearch report, three cobblers and other websites to see.


If you need some high quality pictures, you can go to pixabay, megazinelib and other websites.


How to find these websites? There is no skill, but usually more accumulation, more follow the vine ~ that's about it... Basically, we have enough daily use. After we learn how to improve our efficiency, we may have a chance to show our friends~

Of course, if none of the above can satisfy you, then the world super has an ultimate solution! Try another search engine~


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