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ASUS lingyao x dual screen experience: This screen is not a large touchbar

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It's said that the shape of mobile phones is becoming more and more formulaic, and the good-looking skins are the same.

The scenery of the pen and TV is unique: it has extreme performance game books; it has ultrabooks that drain any excess weight; and it has dual repair products that combine the characteristics of the former two.

In addition, there are many products that have tried various forms. ASUS lingyao x dual screen, the protagonist of this experience, is one of them.

Before it opened, it looked like an old friend of mine

On the front, the eccentric concentric circle design of ASUS zenbook series is continued. The ASUS icon on the right diffuses from the center to the outside. The concentric circle after concentric circle is like a ripple caused by a small stone falling into the lake.


A leather protective cover is attached at random


The a side of metal wire drawing is not as anti fingerprint and oil stain as I imagined. On the contrary, if you want to keep its most beautiful side, you need to wipe it often.


Let's take a look at the side of lingyao x dual screen.

On the left side are HDMI and two lightning 4 interfaces. On the right side are a USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface, a 3.5mm audio interface and a micro SD card slot. The number of interfaces is quite comprehensive, basically covering daily needs.



The weight and thickness of the fuselage are also surprising, with a thickness of 15.9 mm and a weight of 1.5 kg.



The thickness is about the same as two mobile phones

Double surprise

When you open the cover, it turns out that it has two screens: the main screen on side B and the secondary screen on the upper part of side C, named screenpad plus.



Asus's latest AAS plus wind tunnel technology is introduced into lingyao x dual screen. The air outlet is set at the hinge, while the air inlet is hidden at the bottom of the secondary screen. Under normal circumstances, the secondary screen can be lifted to expand the air intake. This design really reflects its advantages. Even in the process of the game, the C-side will not be hot, or even warm. The hot air will be blown up with the main screen.



I'm a little worried that after a long time of use, the bottom of the sub screen will be dusty and difficult to take care of.

The area of the secondary screen is half that of the main screen, which also means that the C-side keyboard will be much smaller than that of the conventional laptop keyboard, and the touchpad will also be smaller.


The C side has never been so crowded, there is no space left, so that Intel's stickers have become only a small one.


The gap between the key cap and the key cap is narrow, but the key has a superior knocking feel, the gap is obvious, and the feedback is timely. It can be said that it is a good news for coders, which is quite surprising.

The key position has been specially designed. It took me a week to get used to it. Now when I click the direction key in the lower right corner, I can't press the left and right keys of the touchpad by mistake.

The area of the touchpad is only 1 / 3 of that of other lingyao products, but the sliding and sensitivity are not bad. If you think the touchpad is too small, you can enter the setting interface of the secondary screen and turn on the function of three finger click to enter the touch mode. In the future, when you forget to bring your mouse when you go out, you can use the secondary screen instead of the touchpad for more accurate operation.






From the parameter point of view, this sub screen is not like touchbar, and the display quality is not compromised due to positioning. The appearance of the two screens is quite unified, the display is delicate, and the color is bright and accurate. The main and secondary screens have passed Pantone professional color certification, which is suitable for users who often deal with design and color matching.

With this sub screen, it means that I can handle all kinds of affairs more efficiently when I am writing, revising drawings and typesetting. Both screens support ASUS 4096 pressure sensitive pen, but the pen needs to be purchased separately.

When writing, the secondary screen can open the browser and wechat, quote the reference content and fish (Bushi), plus the excellent keyboard feel, so I like to code on it very much.

When typesetting, the main screen is used to display our background, and the secondary screen is used to display the content of the document, so the illustrations are more convenient.

Asus has considered this scenario in advance, so it has prepared a preset workflow for users. The official name is task group, and up to four groups can be set. Users can put in several common apps according to their own habits, and even the default location can be set.


When using Adobe software, the sub screen interface will enter the corresponding control panel, displaying various knobs and sliding bars, making the originally boring interaction of adjusting parameters more playable.

Rubbing the knob of the secondary screen, I have the feeling of DJ.


Although this operation is more intuitive and convenient, it is more direct to manually input parameters when detailed parameter modification is needed, such as when the exposure is increased to 0.78.

ASUS is trying to create scenarios for screen pad plus and extend its use time, rather than just a large touchbar. In the absence of an external display, this sub screen really helped me.

Only show blessing, be at ease

As can be seen from the sticker picture with i7 logo on the front, this lingyao x dual screen uses the Core i7 processor, which is exactly the 11th generation of core i7-1165g7. It is equipped with Ruiju Xe integrated display and NVIDIA mx450 2G display, 32GB memory and 1TB SSD. It is the top product of the series, and the price is 11999 yuan.

After that, there will be a dual screen Pro version of lingyao x equipped with rtx30 series, and creative workers and game players who need more hard core graphics can pay attention to it.

Back on this laptop, it's obviously not too difficult to use this configuration to drive dual screens. I can deal with the three Adobe apps that I usually use, but I have to wait a few seconds when I first open the app, and then it runs smoothly, and the switch function responds quickly.


Moreover, this lingyao x dual screen has passed the Intel Evo certification, which means that it has been "praised" by Intel in terms of performance, endurance, heat dissipation, etc.

It's equivalent to that you've got the star shine in "King's glory". It shows that your mastery of the game is at a high level. If you open the game with you, maybe you can be taken away.

Intel Evo certification is equivalent to playing the role of ladder, but the ranking here is only "pass" and "fail".

It's not just the software commonly used in work that can be used smoothly. Even if you want to play a game, lingyao x dual screen can cope with it. I tentatively opened "mind killer". This game has been released on the PC platform for nine years, but the level of detail of the screen is no less than that of today's 3A masterpiece.

Mind killer can run smoothly in medium quality mode on this laptop, basically running 60 frames without obvious frame drop. It's worth mentioning that when reading files into the game, it's almost in seconds, and the game screen already appears before the word loading is displayed.

I tried to make it a little more difficult. I set the picture quality option to high. The floor and the long-range map under my feet are very delicate. At this time, the frame number occasionally drops to 54 frames, but it's still smooth, which has little impact on the game experience. Looking at the full details of the screen, people can be more immersed in the narrative design of this game.



It seems that this game produced by remedy nine years ago does not pose any difficulty for the MX 450. So I turned on Forza horizon 4.

Forza series as Microsoft's number one works, of course, is produced with the highest standard requirements, and the players also use their heart to repay, touting Forza as the evergreen tree in the racing game industry.

Horizon 4, the latest work of the series, was released in 2018. There are many customizable graphic options. Of course, the optimization is also very good. So when I first opened horizon, I ran its own performance test.

The game judges that the machine is suitable for playing in full HD medium image quality. In this mode, the loading amount of perspective maps is small, but the visual shock brought by vehicle details and weather system is satisfactory. The frame number has been stable at 60, and the GPU occupation is about 80%.


With the mentality of having a try, I set the image quality mode to high and turned on vertical synchronization, which drained the function of this machine. Back to the game, the fan noise of the machine reaches the peak (about 60 dB near the air outlet). When you are immersed in the game, this noise is nothing.


When the number of frames dropped to about 45, the reaction was a bit sluggish. You can obviously feel that the fluency of the game was affected. Moreover, the GPU occupancy rate was above 90%. Soon the game pop-up window indicated that the memory of the graphics card was insufficient. Obviously, this image quality was a bit difficult for mx450, but it was gratifying for non game display to have such achievements.

Double screen is not a gimmick. It's practical and beautiful

The performance level of lingyao x dual screen is enough to make it one of the top creative workbooks at the same price. The existence of dual screen makes you not miss any call to work in the process of playing the game. The word "taking time off in a hurry" is very suitable for this laptop.

The Intel Evo certification mentioned above will put forward corresponding requirements for the endurance of the laptop. In order to meet the energy consumption demand of the built-in two screens, lingyao x dual screen is equipped with a 70wh battery.

With the energy optimization technology of the 11th generation core, when the browser is stationed in the background, it takes 3 hours to code, 1 hour to repair the picture, and another episode of Wanda vision (weekend, not fishing), with 45% power left. If the screenpad plus is turned off when it is idle, the battery life can be extended a little longer, and it is basically no problem to meet the 8-hour uninterrupted work.


The power adapter is 65W, which can fully charge the lingyao x dual screen with less than 10% power in two hours. When you travel, you won't worry about the power.


Comparison of charger size

To be sure, lingyao x dual screen is not the first product on the market to try the dual screen form, but it undoubtedly strengthens the functional practicability and endurance of screenpad plus on the basis of its predecessors.

Asus has also set the starting price at 7999 yuan, which is likely to reduce the dimension and disrupt the situation. Perhaps after ASUS runs the road of dual screen, this form of dual screen will be accepted by more and more users.

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