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CCTV has "big underpants", Amazon has "golden poop"

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On February 2, Amazon announced the second stage design of its new headquarters, in which a tall tower full of green plants stands out in the regular square office building. Because of its spiral shape, the tower is named the helix.


The netizens who understood the pictures sent out exclamations, screams and roars.


Picture from: Twitter

ice cream? Conch? Or the electric drill in the Pixar movie?


The poster of "Superman story". Picture from: Twitter

Results in Emoji's expression, the poop symbol gained the most voice. Art critic will Jennings was quick to respond. On the same day, he sent out a contrast picture of gilded poop and the helix, with an inscription: "you can't wash it out, but you can make it green. 」


Comparison by will Jennings. Image from twitter

Weibo netizens exclaimed, "the helix is so big that I'm afraid I can't even hold CCTV's underpants.".


Tencent Binhai building designed by NBBJ architects. Photo from:NBBJ


Alipay headquarters, designed by NBBJ architects.NBBJ

After the magic of 2020, after the experience of telecommuting at home, Amazon is still spending a lot of money to build a new headquarters. What is the trend behind this?

The helix is not only an office building that looks like a poop, but also an advanced discussion on the future office architecture and office culture.


The imagination of media man Rani Molla on the helix, with the accompanying text "welcome". Picture from: Twitter

Why is spiral architecture so popular?


The first stage design of Amazon's new headquarters released in early 2019FOX 17

Every time a new building proposal or corporate logo is adopted, these temporary comparisons become common. Because many people can use visual metaphor to describe unfamiliar things.

The helix is just two kinds, the shape as a building is innovative, but it is similar to the things we can see everyday. It is this indescribable sense of strangeness and familiarity that the helix has won the attention of the industry and the public.


Netizens associate the helix with ice cream and Wat Sampran dragon temple

The helix is translated as "helix", but the helix is not a general "helix". It is a "double helix" structure that can be realized with the rapid development of technology.

It draws inspiration directly from nature, where the geometry of the double helix takes many forms, including plants, shells, DNA, and even our galaxy.


The application of helix to office building design is unique, but its form is largely due to ancient buildings, such as the Great Mosque in Samarra, Iraq, built in the 9th century, and the cucumbers tower in London recently designed by Norman Foster.


The Great Mosque in Samarra, Iraq and building 30, St Mary axe, London (nicknamed cucumbers)

Shalom baranes, who founded the architectural firm of the same name, regards the helix as a "high-tech" version of the Guggenheim Museum in New York.


The Guggenheim MuseumQuartz at Work

If the tower of Tatlin is successfully built, the Paris tower will have a strong rival. Unfortunately, due to the lack of materials, capital and technology, the tower of Tatlin only stays in the stage of wooden model. But its unique idea of double helix still makes it the representative of futurism.


In recent years, spiral structure has been adopted by well-known architects, including the Audemars Piguet Museum in Switzerland designed by big architects, Tadao Ando's and Art Museum in Foshan, and camp adventure tower in Denmark designed by efekt architects.


The Audemars Piguet Museum (left) and the Museum of Fine Arts (right)


The camp adventure tower designed by efekt

These spiral buildings are smaller at the bottom and spiral up to a wider top. When the helix goes in the opposite direction, it follows the myth of Tongtian tower, but it also has these funny metaphors.

Will Jennings also merged the helix with the "big bowl" building of the Rotterdam Museum, with the following words: "here's a weird gift for you. The helix will be a "weird gift" from designers to the public.


The Rotterdam museum building and the helix are merged by will Jennings. Photo: Twitter

Alternative workspace in post epidemic office culture

Under the epidemic situation, the traditional office culture is also greatly affected. Telecommuting makes it possible to escape from the shackles of fixed work place and time. In 2020, post pandemical office will become an important keyword for the future.


Will working from home become the future trend? Giants in the field of science and technology have given negative answers with words and actions.

Asked in an interview with the Wall Street Journal about the benefits of working from home, Netflix CEO reed Hastings made a firm response: "no, I don't see any positive part. You can't attend the conference in person, especially the international conference. This is totally negative. 」

Facebook, Google and Apple will expand their office space one after another in 2020 as an important part of post epidemic office culture.


New REI headquarters acquired by Facebook for office useFox Business

Under the epidemic situation, the direct contact between people in the office environment has been greatly reduced, and the facilities for keeping safe distance and health testing have been put into use. The flexibility of office environment design has become more important than ever.

The design of Gensler's new office in Miami was originally finalized in February 2020. When the epidemic worsened in March, the design based on traditional thinking turned into waste paper. Too dense office area, not easy to move the station, space cramped meeting room, will be redesigned.


The Gensler office was redesigned by Carlos ValeraThe Wall Street Journal

After the outbreak, Amazon's expectation of office culture has gone further. The second headquarters with the helix as the core is the "alternative work space" created by Amazon.

John Schoettler, vice president of Amazon's global real estate business, explains, "these are the areas we call home. It's important for us not only to create an island for ourselves, but also to integrate the community into it. 」


A rendering of the design of Amazon's new headquartersAmazon

If the office environment is no longer a boring station and compartment, if the office area is more like a community gathering living facilities and functions?

In the square in the middle of the four office buildings, there will be a 250 seat open-air theater, a farmer's market, 100000 square feet of retail space, a child care center and 20000 square feet of community center. There will also be bicycle lanes and dog tracks. All motor vehicles will be restricted to underground areas.


A rendering of the design of Amazon's new headquartersAmazon

The helix also has the attribute of "scenic spot". Two walkable landscape paths meander up. Playing "mountaineering" in the office building will become a new experience for Amazon employees. It will also include functions such as public performances and shopping places. Public areas will be open to the public on fixed weekends of each month.


A rendering of the design of Amazon's new headquartersAmazon

It can be said that building our own office building into an environment comparable to 5A resort is a positive feedback to employees' hard work. Putting the helix on top of the surrounding three square office buildings also implies that "alternative working space" will replace more traditional office space in the future.


Design drawings of the helix from Amazon. Photo: pinterest

Working hours account for 1 / 3 or more of a day, and office environment and atmosphere will directly affect the physical and mental state of workers. Compared with those who save money for renting office buildings and spend it on the operation of punch in, monitoring and positioning technology, how to create an environment for employees to enjoy their work is the problem that enterprises really need to think about.

The future trend of vertical forest is more obvious


In Nanjing of Jiangsu Province and Liuzhou of Guangxi Province, the vertical forest designed by Stefano will become an indispensable green landscape of the city.


The design drawing of "vertical forest" in NanjingFlash Art



The design of "vertical forest" in Liuzhou, GuangxiDezeen



"Flying gardener" working for "vertical forest". Photo from: YouTube

The helix, 350 feet (107 meters) tall, is also regarded as "the shaking Christmas tree" by Steven chenevey, anchor of fow5. The tower is surrounded by lush green plants and spiral stairways.


Picture from: Twitter

The outdoor landscape of the helix is in the charge of scape studio, which focuses on urban ecological design. Plants in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia, such as maple and beech, will grow on the helix in the center of the city.

The city and nature represented by gray steel and green plants are harmoniously designed together. The helix is just a sequel.

As early as early as the beginning of 2018, the spheres, the spherical building of Amazon's headquarters in Seattle, is Amazon's first practice of "Pro biotic theory". "Biophile theory" can be simply understood as: "the space designed by biophile can stimulate creativity and even improve brain function. 」


The interior of the spheres, an Amazon sphere. Image from dezeen

We want to provide a space for collaboration and innovation. We ask ourselves, what is lacking in a modern office? What we find missing is the connection with nature.

Most office buildings focus on floor area. Businesses want to get as many square feet as possible to accommodate as many people as possible, which usually turns into flat floors and rectangular floors. For the spheres, we don't talk about how many floors there are, but the volume occupied by the green plants.

The spheres consists of three connected spheres, with the largest sphere in the center up to four layers. These spheres contain 40000 plants from 50 countries, and employees can work and rest in the environment surrounded by plants.



The interior of the spheres, Amazon's sphere buildingThe Wall Street Journal

If the helix design proposal is approved by the local government at the end of this year, Amazon will start construction next year and is expected to be completed in 2025.


An open space for the construction of Amazon's second headquartersAmazon

If architects only follow the history of architecture and the style defined, it is only retro, not the future.

However, when the helix pursues futurism with innovative architecture and concepts, it may win the heartfelt favor of some people, but also make others dislike it, or even feel unacceptable. Advanced design attempts need to go through the test of time.

Releasing the design drawings to the public one year before the official start of construction can also enable the helix pioneer concept to reach more people. When the discussion of future trends is no longer limited to the design circle, and more different echoes can be obtained, the design itself will be more meaningful.

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