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Self portrait is not good-looking, blame mobile phone?

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Today's young people can't live without the world of selfie.

Even if you don't like self portraits, you can brush other people's self portraits everywhere. But now there are few ugly self portraits, because mobile phones, a magical thing, can completely "transform" a person's face.

So when their selfie is not good-looking, they will subconsciously say:

It's all my fault that the front end of my cell phone is too bad.

I am very good-looking, but the phone shot ugly.

I don't have a good face on my mobile phone. I'd better use yours.

Your mobile phone is too fake. You'd better use mine.

But the selfie is not good-looking, I really can't blame the mobile phone.


"Self portrait mobile phone" I worked hard for those years

In order to make your selfie more beautiful, every session of the "selfie mobile phone" can be described as a great effort.

Let selfie into reality

The first camera phone in history was sharp j-sh04, which was released in 2000.

I believe that many post-80s people will face the retro atmosphere in their memory as soon as they hear it. After all, it opens the door of "self portrait with rear camera".


The sharp j-sh04

At that time, owning a mobile phone with a camera was the existence of the stars. Many mobile phone manufacturers would install a legendary "selfie mirror" next to the rear camera, which could show your face in the largest area. Although it was a bit distorted, it also allowed people to choose a relatively ideal angle when taking selfie photos.

After 2003, 3G network brought the era of pictures, which opened a new era of mobile self portrait. At this time, many mobile phone brands began to design front-end cameras. For example, we are familiar with the small pancake camera in front of Nokia. Although the pixel is only 100000, it can also let people watch their own real-time self portraits on the screen.


▲ Nokia 6680

Make selfie the new fashion

At that time, in order to improve the quality of self portraits, people were still eager to use the rear camera for self portraits, so Japan launched the "twist neck" design of self portraits mobile phone, that is, to flip the screen 180 degrees directly and put the rear camera in the current position. Ericsson Z1010, the first mobile phone with this design, also became the self portrait artifact of a small group of young people at that time.

However, it was after the launch of windows mobile and the rise of Android and IOS that young people began to take self portraits. In 2010, jobs released the iPhone 4, which made mobile photography really popular among the public.


Jobs holding iPhone 4

Although its front camera has only 300000 pixels, it has changed people's photographing habits and made self portraits more popular.

When selfie began to extend to more and more people, people naturally have a higher demand for selfie.

Let selfie record colorful life

As a result, a large number of mobile phone manufacturers in the Android camp also set off a broader wave of self portraits. They are good at more diversified self portraits and more fresh and interesting self portraits, which makes self portraits fans grow explosively.

As for the representative vivo,Every year vivo innovates the concept of "self portrait mobile phone".


▲vivo X27

With the iteration of various new functions and technologies, people's self portraits of mountains and forests all over the world, food in the streets, and cities all day and night have become people's daily life records.

Although the "self portrait mobile phone" is trying its best to bring forth new ideas every year, it seems that we are still not very satisfied with sending out a self portrait now.


From: unsplash

Why are we always dissatisfied with mobile phone self portraits?

The era of social software sweeping the world is also an era of the fastest development of selfie.

People use their mobile phones to take self portraits anytime and anywhere. Behind each self portrait, there is a desire to praise. However, there is still a consensus that there is no need for words

It's too difficult to send a satisfied self portrait in the circle of friends.

Why is it so difficult to take a good selfie? We can talk about it from these three aspects.

The external environment of selfie

Therefore, there are more and more ways to show the first impression through self portrait, and people pay more and more attention to the personal image behind a self portrait.


From: unsplash

At the same time, the rapid development of modern science and technology has stimulated the popularization of self portrait. In addition, beautification tools are also fast becoming popular. Various filter effects and P-map tools such as Meitu XiuXiu, faceu and B612 make people's self portraits ever-changing.

No one can escape from the "selfie game" in this entertainment environment. Behind every selfie is the winner after thousands of choices.

All these make people have higher and higher standards for a good selfie.

The psychological reasons of selfie

AsA way of self expression and self creationOver the years, selfie has become a carrier of self communication with others and society.


From: unsplash

In the spotlight of various perspectives, everyone is the protagonist in his own selfie stage, and this communication process from self to collective also makes people more worried about the subsequent evaluation.

British digital communication scholarMariann hardey once commented on "selfie"

It's a kind of self presentation. On the one hand, you become more aware of yourself, on the other hand, you become more vulnerable.

What's more, I've seen a lot of "honed" self portraits on social platforms. My deviation from "ideal self" and "mobile self" always makes self portraits not meet expectations. How much pleasure beauty can bring, how much anxiety of ugliness it can bring.

After one, 10, and 100 self portraits, it takes a few hours to select, revise, and compose. Now self portraits have become a kind of "show art". People almost forget that self portraits are originally meant to convey their personality and their true happiness.


From: unsplash

The objective problem of selfie

Of course, good self portraits do have skills.

Because the light greatly affects the visual effect of self portrait, people will find a variety of environment with sufficient light sources, and even use fill light and other props, just to make self portrait clearer and more transparent, and make themselves shiny and moving.

andAngle also determines the content expression of selfie. From the 45 degree sadness, to the side face killing tutorial in little red book, from the bow pouting, face-to-face scissors hand, to the selfie in various extreme landscapes, people are concave all angles and expressions, just to make the selfie all-round gorgeous.


Although a good self portrait depends on many factors, self portrait comes from the mobile phone after all. The focal length and lens of different mobile phones will make the photo different from the real situation, which can't be close to the restoration degree of the camera. Moreover, the algorithms behind the front-end cameras vary greatly, which directly affects the quality of self photographing. Therefore, the camera upgrades of major manufacturers have become the reason for many young people to change their machines.

In order to make people more beautiful, in the long road of self portrait, mobile phone manufacturers and consumers are pursuing a more perfect method.


From: unsplash

The new generation of mobile phones is making selfie more and more beautiful

From the post-80s, the post-90s, to the post-00s, the self portraits of every generation have left their mark in life, and the mobile phones of every generation have also created this trend behind.

Self portraits witness the progress of science and technology, and science and technology also promote the development of self portraits.

Today's release of vivo S9 focuses on the pre 44 megapixel AF polar night soft light dual photography.


Vivo S9 selfie

As one of the first mobile phone manufacturers to pay attention to the self portrait experience, vivo updates its self portrait every year, and has been leading the trend of taking photos in the mobile phone market.

Next, let's take the new vivo S9 as an example to see what stage the self timer mobile phone has evolved to.

24-hour "online" selfie

In recent years, night shooting has been the pain point that major mobile phone brands are trying to break through, and also the highlight of new mobile phones. It is essential for trendy men and women who like to travel at night.

As early as in vivo S6, vivo has put forward the scheme of night scene self shooting. This time, vivo S9 first promoted the front main shot to 4400 Ten thousand pixels, so that the self portrait can achieve a clearer effect. In addition, an ultra wide angle lens is added to the forehead of the mobile phone, so that the coverage of the lens is twice as large as that of the ordinary lens. When you take photos with your friends, you don't have to worry about their faces being pulled into deformities at the edge of the picture.


Vivo S9 backlight selfie

But what's more surprising is the two new soft lights at the top of the screen.

This is also the first "polar night micro slit fill light" created by vivo, which can greatly increase the amount of light input, make the light of self portrait more uniform and three-dimensional. At the same time, you can also double turn on the soft light lamp or single turn on the soft light ring to choose the most suitable light. No matter how dark the environment is, it can become bright, and this kind of brightness is a kind of natural brightness, which directly affects the final texture of the photo.


Two soft light lamps are added at the top of the screen

For mobile phone photo taking, hardware configuration is not the only requirement now, and the new technologies such as AI and big data behind it also greatly affect the photo taking effect. Most of the current algorithms are unified photo optimization, so we often encounter the trouble of "bright face and black background" or "bright background and black face".

The extreme night portrait selfie algorithm of vivo S9 distinguishes face and background intelligence, so that people and scenery can be distinguished for beautification, so that people and scenery can present their most appropriate state. This is also an internal upgrade of this new machine.


Night shooting on vivo S9

360 degrees to show your beauty

When it comes to self portraits, one of the most troublesome problems is the angle.

In this aspect, previously, vivo s series proposed five super texture beautification. This time, vivo changed 2D into 3D by rewriting the beautification algorithm. That is to say, it used to capture the points on the plane face to optimize self photography. Now after taking photos, it will create a virtual 3D face model, and then fit the same 3D rendering material, and then carry out deep three-dimensional beautification.

In this way, beauty from various angles will not be a problem. It can not only make the beauty place more accurate, but also make the beauty effect more realistic.


Vivo S9 side face beauty

When it comes to make-up, in fact, the "2D beauty" of most mobile phone brands makes it very easy for the make-up to float on the face, and it looks very fake. Now, after the "three-dimensional make-up", the soft highlight of the front photo can make the self portrait make-up closer to the real make-up.

One of the more humanized details is that vivo S9's new beauty algorithm can specifically remove dark and dirty patches from the skin, and no longer let the filter "smooth" the skin. At the same time, it can retain the original moles on the skin, and it can also recognize the skin of different genders. It's a rough man's self portrait, and no longer has to worry about becoming a tender girl.

Update the fun way to play

Every once in a while, there are always new functions in the photography app to attract people's attention in entertainment time. Mobile phones are also not falling behind. Many manufacturers will directly install interesting selfie functions in their cameras.

Vivo S9 has also launched a lot of "light and shadow" styles in the filter, including "party", "flash", "3D neon", "Rainbow", "warm sun" and other options. While taking a self portrait, you can also "draw" your special effects interactively with your mobile phone.


Special effects of vivo S9 "party"

In addition, in video shooting, vivo S9 supports the double exposure of self portrait. It can import photos from photo albums and synthesize self portrait, which is close to the double exposure effect of SLR. If you want to shoot video with both front and back views, you can also choose various interesting shapes such as circle, love and square in the small window of picture in picture.

It can be said that these new functions and technologies of vivo S9 have created a whole set of beauty shooting solutions in mobile phones.


Vivo S9 selfie

Mobile phones spare no effort to make people's self portraits beautiful. We also look forward to the future technology to bring more surprises to our mobile self portraits.

It is the light of self-confidence, the source of happiness, and the highlight that everyone can see.

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