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I have a microSD slot on my laptop, but I don't like it

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I like the notebook with SD card slot, whether it's SD or microSD, as long as I don't need to prepare a card reader separately, I think it's OK. But I don't like my own notebook. Although it has a microSD slot, I hope it doesn't.

Many friends, including me, only focused on whether there was an SD card slot in the notebook at first.

In general, we also have SD card slot by default, which is a small advantage. However, when I used the notebook with SD card slot, I found that the problem was not so simple. My own laptop does have an SD card slot, but it's too slow.

Normally,The SD card slot of notebook can be divided into two types, one is to transmit data through the PCI, the other is to transmit data through the USB.

There is no doubt that the speed of the first one is relatively fast. The second one is hard to say. It may be USB3.0 or USB2.0. The SD card slot of this notebook is USB2.0.

How slow is it?Friends who have used USB 2.0 disk may know that the reading speed of USB 2.0 disk with better quality can reach 30-40mb / s.

But the SD card slot of my laptop has a peak reading speed of only 24MB / s, and the actual copying speed is between 17-22mb / s. Writing is also very slow, the maximum is only 22mb / s, and finally stable at about 16MB / s.

It completely shattered my fantasy about SD card slot. I would rather use USB3.0 card reader than this SD card slot. Because USB3.0 card reader can save me a lot of time.

What's more, I bought Samsung 128GB memory card specially for this SD card slot. This memory card can read up to 100MB / s, and only 24MB / s can be installed in this SD card slot.

Start with a slightly larger memory card,The main reason is that the notebook has only one m.2 slot and the hard disk capacity is 256gb, so it is unnecessary to replace 512gb SSD, so I thought about using SD card to expand the capacity, and it turned over.

Even if we can tolerate the problem of slow speed, we will encounter the problem of making people angry in daily use.

For example, when downloading files or copying files to the SD card, as long as the file is a little larger, such as 2GB, you can't view other information during the process of creating 2GB files or copying files on the SD card.

As long as you click the file in the SD card, the file manager is stuck, nothing can be done, you can only wait.

Of course, my laptop is not a new model, but a product of 2017, equipped with the eighth generation core processor.

Recently, I came into contact with a few notebook with SD card slot, basically go through the PCI channel, so the speed is very fast.

However, the less humanized thing is that the notebook promotion page will only mention the SD card slot, but will not mention the specifications of the SD card slot, which may make some friends encounter situations like me.


In order to match the speed of this SD card slot, I spent 9 yuan 9 to start with a 32GB TF card as a temporary data storage.

And I have to download files when I'm not using them, so that the Explorer doesn't get stuck.

Ironically, the 9-9 TF card can also achieve a reading speed of 88mb / s in the USB3.0 card reader (it's a surprise, I feel like I found a treasure). It can be said that this SD card slot can't give full play to the full strength of the 9-9 TF card.


Of course, if you just regard the SD card slot as a temporary data interface, and can accept the speed of USB2.0, there is no problem.

For me, I use it as a way to expand capacity, and I can't accept such a slow interface. It's better to replace this SD slot with a USB2.0 interface, or at least plug in a mouse receiver.

Our so-called cost-effective notebook, to a large extent, refers to the lower price products.

These products tend to shrink where we can't see them. What I encounter is that the speed of the SD slot is too slow. Some friends may encounter low adapter power, miscellaneous memory and hard disk, etc.

Therefore, it's very accurate sometimes.




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