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Former professional player: some people cry that they won't play games after participating in the e-sports Experience Camp

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By Deng ruikan

In recent years, the e-sports market is booming, and the related industries are developing rapidly, which are deeply loved by young people. However, some social problems also follow. The most discussed one is how to make players, especially young players, distinguish between professional E-sports and entertainment E-sports.

As it turns out, it's not enough just to practice 16 hours a day and have awareness all year round. You have to do it to get a chance.


E-sports is a fair and just mechanism of confrontation between people, rather than a simple product game.

Ruan Chen revealed that E-sports players are actually very hard. They have to train for 10-12 hours every day, starting from getting up at noon until 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning, basically all year round.


At the same time, these 10-12 hours are not carried out with the mentality of ordinary players to relax and entertain. Players need to be 100% focused.



He recalled that when he participated in an E-sports experience camp before, he found that ordinary players and professional players played games with totally different expressions. One was absorbed, the other was to relax himself.


Liu Zhihao



Liu Zhihao said. Visible before the eyes of the Chinese mainland, the winning of the Continental Championships in 2018 is still visible.


I said that if you really want to play well, I can send you to the e-sports club to have a try. I'll send someone to throw you up.

If it's a hobby, it can't affect the main melody of life, it should be controlled.

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Source: Red Star News

Teenagers obsessed with games suspected of autism

After training, I finally talked to my parents

Among the many young players in China, the young players who score about 4200 points in the watch pioneer game can participate in the domestic youth training (professional training for young people), and Xiaoshuai is keen on it. With a lot of time and energy supply, his game score can be close to 4000 points.

In fact, the husband and wife don't have much hope that Xiaoshuai can become a professional player. In the early communication between the couple and Hou Xu, the head of the organization, the two sides reached a consensus: let the children feel the gap between themselves and professional players, recognize the reality and stop in time.


Third party organizations:

90% of children can't reach the professional level

Now, Xiaoshuai has returned to the classroom. And there are a lot of teenagers like Xiaoshuai.

Slowly, he found that most of the applicants were teenagers aged 13 to 18. They generally want to pass a period of training, to meet the club's youth training standards, so as to embark on the road of professional players.

He believes that if there is no talent and only rely on systematic practice, there is no way to reach the standard of professional players, at least more than 90% of the children are unable to reach this level.

Only 5% of trainees can enter the youth training every year

The emergence of E-sports persuasion business has indeed changed teenagers' cognition of E-sports and made many teenagers realize that they are not suitable to be professional players. On the other hand, parents can also understand whether their children can really play professional through this process.



Hou Xu said that their organization was established in 2017, recruiting more than 100 students every year, of which more than 90% are teenagers, and only 5% have the opportunity to enter the youth training.

Children who can't be dissuaded

It is worthy of more research and attention

However, not all students can recognize themselves in this kind of professional team training experience, and this kind of students have deeper problems.

In order to escape from reality, he began to play games. His parents were strict and he ran away from home for the first time. When his family spent a whole day looking him back, the child found that instead of scolding him, they talked him around and stopped asking him to do this or that. After that, Xiaomang ran away from home for the second and third time. The last time, Xiao mang disappeared for half a year. Finally, his parents found him in an Internet cafe in Mianyang.

But in any case, E-sports is not an excuse for them to escape from reality. With the continuous improvement of E-sports education, E-sports education and training not only focuses on the improvement of students' own technical level, but also adds etiquette class and communication class, hoping to correctly guide students to face the occupation and E-sports. (some people's names are pseudonyms)


Photo by interviewee of Red Star News reporter Dai Jiajia

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