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Tesla responds to hacker attacks on camera netizen: I only care about tomorrow's Fund

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At present, the networking of these cameras has been stopped, and the safety control of all links is being further improved.

On March 10, according to media reports, a group of hackers broke into the database of verkada, a silicon valley security start-up, and stole real-time video content from 150000 cameras, including Tesla Shanghai Super factory.


As a result, netizens will inevitably question why big factories frequently leak privacy, and when can network security be taken seriously?

150000 videos leaked and Tesla shot

In fact, the main target of this hacker attack is not Tesla, nor is it limited to Shanghai Super factory.

Equinox, an American health club, and cloudflare, a software provider, are also among the attackers, according to media reports. The 150000 videos stolen this time are mainly from the United States, covering hospitals, clinics, companies, police departments, prisons, schools, mental hospitals and other scenes.

Hackers attack the entrance is installed in the above scene AI camera.

In the exposed video, it can be seen clearly that the workers of Tesla Shanghai warehouse are working on the assembly line; eight hospital staff have fixed a man on the bed in Halifax Health Hospital; and prisoners in Madison County prison in Huntsville, Alabama.


What's more, hackers say they can also capture face information through AI cameras, as well as more detailed records.

It is understood that most of these AI cameras come from a start-up company named verkada. The intelligent camera products developed by the company contain AI vision technology, which can recognize and analyze objects or faces in the scene. Last year, the company was also censored for facial recognition technology infringing employee privacy.

Hackers say that they can also access the video or audio that is monitored and archived by intruding into the verkada working system, and its resolution can reach 4K.


At the same time, Tesla China also issued a statement of investigation, which said:

The scope of this hacking incident only involved a Tesla supplier's production site in Henan, and only a few verkada camera head equipment were used in Tesla China. The monitoring equipment of Shanghai Super factory is not connected to the Internet, and its video is only stored locally, so it has nothing to do with this incident.

At present, the networking of these cameras has been stopped, and the safety control of all links is being further improved.

It seems that Tesla is only emphasizing that this matter has nothing to do with the Shanghai factory, so there is no need to panic.

Many netizens were not satisfied with the statement, and others joked: "I only care about tomorrow's Fund."

Attack the camera to easily obtain a large amount of privacy information

However, it is not difficult for hackers to trigger such a large-scale network attack.

According to employees, on the verkada system, you can peek at the cameras of all its customers and download the entire list and balance sheet of thousands of verkada customers.


It's important to get this level of camera access is a built-in feature that doesn't require any additional hacking.

From this point of view, the frequent occurrence of hacker attacks still has a lot to do with the weak network security awareness of manufacturers. In the past, there have been many hacker attacks.

Different from the traditional camera, with the gradual maturity of artificial intelligence technology, only the monitoring function of the camera has been eliminated, replaced by the integration of AI technology of intelligent hardware. In addition to video recording, it also has face recognition, speech recognition and other functions.

However, it was this intelligent camera that caused widespread panic in 2019.

According to the surveillance video at that time, music suddenly came out of a girl's room. When the girl returned to the room, a man's voice appeared in the room. The latter also claimed to be Santa Claus, greeting and talking with the girl, and even tried to abet the little girl to do some destructive acts.

It turned out that the sound came from ring, an intelligent security camera in the room. The reason for this incident is that the hacker obtained the user's login information.

Although this incident did not cause serious consequences, the relevant cases also reflected a problem from the sideAI camera, an intelligent device, is obviously insufficient in technical attack and defense. Hackers can easily obtain a large number of users' privacy or pose threats to it.

Write at the end

In the era of Internet, hacker attack has become the biggest threat to information security.

However, with the continuous improvement of artificial intelligence technology, the means of hacker attacks are also evolving improperly, so it is more difficult to protect personal privacy data, which is confirmed by the appearance of this attack.

Shopping malls, companies, hospitals, schools... Cameras have been everywhere in our lives, collecting a lot of user data every day. More importantly, the camera integrated with AI technology can also capture more personal information through facial recognition.

Once these data are stolen by criminals, it may further cause personal safety, property losses, and even a threat to national security. Therefore, it is particularly important to strengthen the security protection ability of AI cameras and intelligent terminal products.

It is worth mentioning that there have been hacker attacks on Tesla's models or factories for many times. For example, the mode x security system has been hacked, and the hacker can register the key to drive away the car in three minutes; Tesla's Nevada factory has been hacked and blackmailed by hackers for $1 million.

Although the target of this hacker attack is not Tesla, but behind the above events, it can be seen that there are obvious deficiencies in its network security protection.

In its response, Tesla China said that it would strengthen security control,

Do you think this will be the last hacker attack by Tesla?



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