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Why is the shared power bank still alive?

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Source: BT Finance (ID: btcjv1)

In 2017, Chen ou, founder of Jumei Youpin, thought that there was a market of more than 10 billion yuan for sharing power bank, and then invested 300 million yuan in Jiedian project. Wang Sicong made these remarks after learning about it. Wang Sicong's views represent the majority of people. At that time, it was true that the market prospect of the concept product of sharing power bank was not clear. It seemed to be a bet between Wang Sicong and Chen ou. In fact, it also reflected that the market was generally not optimistic about the project of sharing power bank.

Now sharing power bank has survived the cold wave of sharing economy, and it's still alive. According to the latest data, it is estimated that by 2020, the market scale of the sharing power bank industry will reach 330 million yuan, and the annual user scale will reach 150 million person times in 2019. Chen Ou's street electricity has also become the best profitable project of Jumei, which is recognized as the first in the industry.


Who is using the power bank?

No matter Wang Sicong or the market at that time, it is reasonable that he is not optimistic about sharing power bank.

In the era of mobile Internet, smart phones do become a link between everyone and the whole society, covering every detail of life. In the past, it may not be a big problem to go out without a mobile phone. Now, if you don't go out with a mobile phone, you may not even be able to go in and out of the community (scan the code to show your health code).

For the shared power bank, it seems that there are not many application scenarios. Everyone's mobile phone is charged at home before going out, even if the power is not enough, it's very cheap to buy a power bank. It's not only convenient to carry, but also a variety of personalized products. Why do people use the shared power bank?


BT Jun then selected several people from different social groups to see their views on sharing power bank. To this end, BT Jun specially designed soul three questions: do you often use the shared power bank? Do you have a favorite brand of sharing power bank? Do you think there are any defects or disadvantages in sharing power bank?

Mr. A is the business director of a large enterprise. He goes out to talk with customers every day. The frequency of mobile phone use is very high, and of course, the problem of mobile phone life cannot be solved.

Ms. B is a college graduate who is catching up with the trend. She just stepped into her job. She usually loves shopping and going out with friends.

The third respondent is a full-time mother, Ms. C. before asking, BT Jun took it for granted that this group basically did not use the shared power bank.

But Ms. C is very sure that as long as you go out, you will definitely use the shared power bank. The reason is very simple. Children often play with their mobile phones. Sometimes they have no electricity when they arrive at the mall, and they can't even finish shopping. They can only scan a shared power bank.

Ms. C also talked about the pricing of shared power bank. In fact, she is very thrifty on weekdays. Sometimes she would talk to the merchants for half a day for about 1 yuan when buying vegetables. But for shared power bank, there are so many troubles in life, so she would not think too much about charging a mobile phone. Anyway, it's not expensive. It only costs one or two yuan, as long as it's convenient.

Ms. C doesn't care too much about the brand selection of shared power bank, but she is very concerned about one shortcoming of shared power bank. Ms. C says that because she is a bit of a cleanliness addict, she often uses handkerchief paper to wrap it with shared power bank, but she still thinks it's too dirty. Especially some brands have been facing the market for a long time, and they are really old and broken, so her children are absolutely not allowed to touch it Yes. We hope that every brand of shared power bank can disinfect the products regularly.

Why share power bank to survive

There are three reasons why the shared power bank can survive and live well: the use of high frequency, the popularity of entrance, and the lightweight of products.

When all products are still designing consumption scenarios and application scenarios for users, power bank naturally has a tool attribute. It does not need to design any application scenarios, because everyone needs it. In other words, as long as you use your mobile phone, as long as you travel, shop, eat and even socialize in the current society, you will use power bank.


It is also because of its tool attribute is too strong, every user will not care about its brand, as long as it can be used, which is consistent with the above survey results.

According to industry insiders, charging is still just needed by mobile phone users. In recent years, with the application growth of fragmented scenes and the expansion of short video and other applications, the power anxiety of users is no less than that of two or three years ago, and the progress of battery technology has not caught up with the iteration of practical application.

What makes sharing power bank really break into everyone's life is its entrance, including payment entrance and access entrance.

Such infrastructure as Alipay and WeChat has been popularized by the whole people, and the payment entrance of sharing charging treasure is built on this huge foundation. It brings quite convenient follow - up effect to the users. Users do not need to train, see what they will do, pay conveniently, and use up to deduct money.

In addition, the access gateway is quite successful, and the offline access points are quite extensive. Any shopping mall, restaurant, cinema, hotel or even beauty salon shop can see the shared power bank. The successful laying of shared power bank in shopping malls and hotels shows that both businesses and users are willing to accept it. Some stores even ask for the setting of shared power bank for the convenience of customers, which also reduces a lot of capital costs for shared power bank.

The third reason for sharing power bank to survive is its natural advantage, which is lightweight products. Lightweight products can make users more portable and convenient to access, and also make working capital lighter and easier to make profits.

Compared with other products of sharing economy, there is no threshold for lightweight shared power bank. Users do not need training, and the market does not need training. They can walk in their bags. They do not need to consider parking spots like bike sharing or car sharing, whether they have a driver's license, or even whether they are beyond the scope of use.

In addition, the lightweight of sharing power bank also makes its operation cost very low. Most of the shared power bank are put in indoor scenes such as hotels, restaurants, bars and shopping malls, so the loss rate of shared power bank is very low. The data show that the loss rate of all kinds of shared bicycles is as high as 20%. The news that shared bicycles are damaged, abandoned and sold to scrap stations is frequently exposed.

Some people in the industry have calculated that the maintenance cost of a shared bicycle is more than 10 yuan per month, while the maintenance cost of a single power bank is less than 2 yuan per month. The manufacturing cost of shared power bank is lower and the recovery cycle is shorter. According to the report, an average of 4-6 orders can be generated by a power bank warehouse in a popular business district, with a flow rate of 4-5 yuan per order. Excluding the operating costs, business costs and discount costs, the profit margin of the shared power bank enterprises can reach more than 20%.

Some analysts pointed out that sharing power bank has another factor to survive, there is almost no regulatory cost, and the existence means compliance. For example, other sharing economies, such as bike sharing and car sharing, are subject to a lot of constraints from the government. In particular, bike sharing is compliant in some cities, but not in some cities, resulting in policy difficulties for enterprise development.

Share the future of power bank

Now the tide of sharing has receded, and these projects have collapsed. The bike sharing market is close to collapse, and no one is interested in car sharing. In the case that many projects in the sharing economy have become chicken feathers, the sharing power bank is living better and better, and even has large-scale profits.

No matter what Wang Sicong thinks, Chen Ou's street power has become the most profitable project of Jumei, and it is also recognized as the first in the industry. With the listing of monster power bank, other enterprises sharing power bank should be ready to land in the capital market.

According to the latest data, the market scale of the shared power bank industry is expected to reach 330 million yuan by 2020. From the current layout, most of them appear in the first and second tier cities, but the third and fourth tier cities are also strong, and the sharing power bank industry still has room to sink.

At present, the enterprises related to sharing power bank are stepping up the expansion of market share on the one hand, and constantly upgrading and iterating in technology and product form on the other hand. The prospect seems bright.

But BT Jun should point out that sharing power bank also has hidden worries under the good development momentum.

In addition, some brands of sharing power bank may be eager to expand their profits, and the price will be changed wantonly, which will cause harm to users. It can be found everywhere on some social platforms or post bars. There are not a few users who express their anger at the price increase of the shared power bank, and countless users who turn from pink to black. Some netizens said that they have also met the shared power bank, which increases the price by 1 yuan and 10 yuan an hour after a festival. If they don't pay the deposit, they don't want to use it any more. Some users said that in the process of using the shared power bank, they encountered an opaque invisible deduction.

Police network security experts said that users in the use of shared power bank, there are information security risks. Sharing power bank will leak the phone address book, photos and other private data, because it was modified by some illegal elements and then added chips. There are also problems with the quality and use of the power bank itself. Frequent charging and discharging lead to some old shared power bank security risks, such as spontaneous combustion and even explosion. This kind of news is often seen in the newspapers.

In addition, the services and products of each sharing power bank enterprise are similar, and the user loyalty is not high, which is also one of the problems to be faced urgently. As Ms. B said, launching personalized power bank is also one of the ways to win the young people's market. After all, winning young people's love is winning everything, isn't it?

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