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Why does a person shake suddenly when sleeping? Many years of doubt has finally been solved

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Question 1: can you taste a drink with your nose?

Our perception of food taste (taste in a broad sense) usually comes from two aspects: the taste of the tongue and the smell of the nose.

Taste receptors are the taste buds distributed on the tongue, which can distinguish sour, sweet, bitter, salty and fresh. As for spicy, it is pain, not taste.

Olfactory receptors are distributed in the nasal cavity, which can capture the odor molecules in the air. The odor recognized by people through olfaction is far more than that recognized by taste (some studies even say that people can distinguish as many as one trillion odor molecules).

Under normal circumstances, when eating, taste and smell play a role together, we can feel the rich flavor of food.

If you drink with your nose, you can ensure that the liquid does not enter the oral cavity (the nasal cavity and the oral cavity are interlinked), because there is no distribution of taste buds in the nasal cavity, the taste that the taste buds are responsible for recognizing will not be felt naturally.

But drinks are also odorous. Before the liquid enters the nasal cavity, the olfactory receptor will capture the odor molecules, so that you can still sense part of the flavor of the drink.

When liquid drinks enter the nasal cavity and drive away the air in the nasal cavity, the work of olfactory receptors will be limited, and it is estimated that it will be difficult to taste at this time.

Of course, it's difficult to ensure that the drink will not enter the oral cavity when drinking with nose. As long as the drink enters the oral cavity, the taste buds can work, so it's possible to taste some flavor.

Question 2: why do people shake suddenly when they sleep?

Have you ever heard of such a rumor: when you sleep, you suddenly twitch because your brain is worried that your body will not work, and you want to try whether your body can move.

Although this statement sounds reasonable (not true), the truth is not. In fact, the sudden twitch during sleep is often Hyponic jerk.

The so-called sleep twitch refers to the phenomenon of involuntary and irregular twitch (myoclonus) of the limbs shortly after falling asleep, sometimes accompanied by a vague sense of falling.

Sleep twitch is often faster (generally only twitch), the range of action can be large or small, some people may only slightly shake the limbs, some people will shake the whole body and even wake up.

At present, the exact cause of sleep twitch is not clear, we only know that it is a strong motor response of the body to the weak stimulation of the outside world.

However, researchers generally believe that this is a normal physiological phenomenon, and more than half of people have had similar experiences. Young people have a relatively higher frequency of sleep twitch, usually without adverse effects on the body (that is, occasionally wake up a little annoyed).

Question 3: why is the outer sole more worn than the inner sole?

To make fun of. In fact, most people's soles are worn from the outside to the back, so what you said is a normal phenomenon.

So why in the normal walking posture, the sole will wear from the outside? This is related to the stress on the sole of the foot when people walk.

If you have no problem with your walking posture, it must be that your heels touch the ground first, and then, as your body's center of gravity moves forward, the whole sole of your foot contacts the ground from back to front.

In this process, the heel bears most of the pressure, and the friction on the outside of the heel is also more, so most people's soles are worn more seriously on the outside.

However, although it is normal that the outer side of the sole is worn seriously, if the degree of wear is too exaggerated, there may be a problem.

O-shaped legs (knee joint separation, tibial varus) or high arch combined with calcaneal varus, will make the lateral heel bear more stress and aggravate the wear of the lateral heel.

Check your sole and see what kind of situation it is.


Question 4: what is 4D printing about?


3D printing, see watermark for image source


4D printing schematic diagram, see watermark for image source

Sounds amazing, doesn't it? What's the use of 4D printing?

There are many uses. For example, in the biomedical field, 4D printing technology is used to make cardiac stents. Materials carrying stent assembly information in advance can be injected into the circulatory system. When they arrive at the designated location of the heart, they can self assemble into a complete stent, and patients can avoid thoracotomy.

For another example, using tension sensitive polymer fiber to make clothes can produce corresponding changes according to our body shape, and we no longer need to worry about the wrong size of clothes purchased online.

However, the current 4D printing technology is not mature, batch production is impossible, want to wear 4D printing clothes, still have to wait a few years.

Q5: what's the high level of carbohydrate antigen 125?

This friend just had a physical examination not long ago, right?

Carbohydrate antigen 125 (CA125) is essentially a kind of glycoprotein (the so-called glycoprotein is the protein formed by the covalent connection of oligosaccharides and polypeptide chains). The reason why CA125 is detected in physical examination is that it is an important detection marker of ovarian cancer. The serum CA125 level of patients with ovarian cancer will be significantly increased (and a few patients will not).

This is due to the low specificity of CA125, which can also be observed in many non tumor diseases, such as acute pancreatitis, endometriosis and so on.

In fact, any factors that stimulate the peritoneum (such as pelvic congestion during menstruation) may cause the rise of CA125, leading to false positive test results, so CA125 can not be used alone in the diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

What if the CA125 value exceeds the reference value (35ku / L) in physical examination?

First of all, we should pay attention to the specific value to see if it is far higher than the reference value. In addition, we should combine our own health conditions to see if it is in the menstrual period or other diseases that may cause the increase of CA125.

However, if there are relatives in the family suffering from ovarian cancer, breast cancer and other diseases, it is necessary to be vigilant, or go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.




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