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Eight years ago, 3000 or 4000 people bought this kind of mobile phone with rotating camera: it's true love

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Around 2013, domestic smart phones ushered in a wave of explosion. Now we see oppo find, Huawei mate and Xiaomi digital. These domestic flagship brands have just emerged. They not only quickly catch up with international manufacturers in hardware, but also make a lot of innovations in product form.

Our protagonist today is N1, which has a rotating camera and leads the beginning of oppo mobile image.


Early oppo mobile phones, whether it's the flagship find series or the ulike series focusing on women's market, have their own distinctive design languages, which can be distinguished at a glance.

The oppo N1 in our hands looks like a combination of the two. From the appearance, it has a white fuselage like ulike, and then it is matched with the design of the upper and lower arc edges like find 5. The overall look is very temperament.


However, after we received the mobile phone, we found that N1 is too big. When the screen is lit, the field of vision is very wide. You won't even notice that it's not a full screen.

In fact, such a large screen mobile phone was very popular at that time. HTC, Samsung and Huawei all launched similar products at that time. In addition, there was another kind of device called telephone tablet. In fact, this kind of idea satisfied everyone's pursuit of large screen.

Therefore, oppo N1 also conforms to this trend, but it is not good to be too radical.Its fuselage is very wide, it is impossible to operate with one hand, and it is also very abrupt to put it in the pocket. Moreover, in history, such nondescript products often fail to survive, so oppo soon launched a small screen version of N1 mini, and the next generation product N3 has also shrunk to the conventional size.


At the same time, in order to solve the problem that the large screen is not easy to control, a small back touch area is added to the N1 back. It can turn the page, slide the desktop and other simple operations, we will not repeat here, and it seems that there is no way to show you, because the back touch in our hands is broken.

In other words, although the overall shape of oppo N1 is very distinctive, it may be more like a figure killer, because its front design is not beautiful, its forehead and chin are relatively wide, and the color of white and black is not uniform, especially after the screen, the whole fuselage feels a bit heavy on the head and light on the feet.

Rotating camera leading self portrait of beauty

And then we'll talk about this huge rotating camera.It has to be said that the brain hole of oppo is really very large. Through the rotating design, the camera can be shared back and forth. In this way, the ability of front self timer is greatly enhanced like opening plug-in.

After all, this is a main camera with 13 million pixels, f2.0 aperture and 6p lens module. This image configuration is used for self shooting. To be honest, it's overqualified. Of course, this is not derogatory. At that time, the general level of forward photography was only 2 million pixels, which was not enough to see.


In addition, the camera also introduced a portrait beauty algorithm, which is nothing new today, but it was a pioneer eight years ago. When we took N1 selfie, we found that even today, the imaging quality is good.

So we have to say that oppo's idea is really forward-looking. At that time, after all, mobile phone manufacturers didn't pay much attention to selfie, let alone beauty. However, oppo's sense of smell is very sensitive. As early as 2012, it released ulike 2, a mobile phone focusing on women's market, which took the lead in raising the forward photography to 5 megapixels, creating a precedent for selfie.

On the other hand, the all-around flagship find 5 also achieved good performance with its high configuration. So it seems reasonable to launch N1 at this time. This product between find and ulike not only keeps the leading edge in performance, but also makes an innovative experience in photography.


In terms of configuration, oppo N1 uses snapdragon 600 processor. Although it doesn't sound strong, the processor's positioning was not low at that time. It was used by many high-end computers, such as Samsung S4, HTC one, Xiaomi 2S, oppo find 5 and so on. Later, the well-known snapdragon 800 series was not widely used until the introduction of snapdragon 801 a year later.

So from the selection of processor, we can see that oppo N1 is not only a mobile phone focusing on professional portrait taking, but also a top-notch one in terms of performance. We can see that we really paid attention to this product at that time.

There was an ideal coloros

In fact, in terms of hardware, apart from the rotating camera, oppo N1 is not worth remembering so much. But I knew from the time I selected this topic that coloros in the software part is definitely worth talking about separately.

I believe many friends can recall that green factory was a brand with great pursuit and ideas at the beginning of the popularity of 3G smart phones, which is also reflected in its system.

In 2013, oppo released its customized system coloros. Although it does not have a strong sense of user participation like MIUI and flyme, coloros's design language, functional features and interaction concept are absolutely leading.


Oppo N1 is the first mobile phone equipped with coloros. It can be said that this is the starting point of coloros. At that time, coloros did not have the shadow of IOS at all. On the contrary, it was all exquisite pseudo materialized icons and lifelike desktop plug-ins. In my opinion, some icons were as exquisite as smartisan OS.

This kind of coloros has persisted until version 2. X. we all know the story after that. Since the oppo R9 in 2016, the two brothers of green factory and blue factory have embarked on the road of IOS imitation competition together. Although they won the business, they lost their feelings. Fortunately, now they have returned to their original intention.

Back to the system, one of the features of early coloros was rich gesture interaction, such as drawing V in black screen You can turn on the flashlight and turn on the camera by drawing circles. When playing music, you can also pause or cut songs by gestures. In addition, the system also provides gesture board function, in which you can customize any gesture to achieve a variety of convenient operations.

Although there are some systems with such functions today, you should know that it was coloros eight years ago, and it was the only one to achieve this level at that time.

The spirit of innovation is always worth remembering

Eight years later, there is no N-series in oppo mobile phones. In fact, the second generation N3 of the N-series is over. Looking back, its sales performance is not very good.

But there's no denying it,


Looking back on the rapid development of domestic mobile phones in those years, it is precisely because the development of mobile phones is not enough, and every company is constantly exploring and innovating that unique products like oppo N1 have emerged.

Many of these innovative functions have become today's standard configuration, but most of them may end up in failure. However, at the moment when they just came out, they really surprised people, and their innovative spirit is always worth remembering.



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