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Apple M1 counter attacks x86 Xueba? Professional productivity: the gap is still as high as 25%

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In the past 40 years from the 1980s to the present, the popularity of computers has promoted human productivity to an unprecedented level. Ordinary people can complete all kinds of work with a notebook, and a powerful processor has become the core of the productivity platform.

Since its birth in 1978, the openness and compatibility of x86 processor have promoted the birth of modern PC,In this process, x86 architecture defeated MIPs, SPARC, power and so on,Almost unified the high-performance desktop and server market, the surviving ARM processor is mainly for mobile platform.

However, after Apple launched M1, which is a self-developed arm architecture, the situation has changed a little. The performance of MacBook notebook equipped with M1 is impressive. It has no problem in daily use. Even in some professional applications, it is not inferior to x86 processor at all. PC users are not calm.


Why is M1 processor so powerful? Is it really so strong that productivity can replace x86? These two questions are the key to the correct evaluation of M1, which is worth saying.

Where is M1 strong? Apple gives high school students a lot of money and wins over college students

Considering that in the past ARM processors were only suitable for low-power devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, etc., the performance of Apple M1 after it was first used in PC is really surprising, mainly because people's expectations are low, just like middle school students suddenly say what experts and scholars will say, relatives and friends will be surprised.

Now M1 is just like this. The arm architecture of middle school students is greatly blessed by apple, which has invited private education far beyond ordinary families. M1 has become a genius among peers, and it has suddenly enlightened people.

Specifically,The M1 processor has spent money on TSMC's most advanced 5nm process, integrating 16 billion transistors,This alone surpasses most of the current PC and even server processors, and Apple's architecture design is also unusual, introducing multiple acceleration units, unified memory and other technologies.

Apple's capital and technology investment in M1 is not concerned about the cost, because M1 will not be sold out, it is only used in Apple's own ecosystem, so it can do special acceleration unit in some applications, such as video rendering, 3D rendering, etc., so it will also have better performance than other middle school students on its own platform.

And the end result is, after Apple spent a lot of money,Just as middle school students can perform better than college students in some fields, such as speed calculation, fine arts, Mathematical Olympiad and so on, M1 is also better than x86 processor in some fields, which is why M1 makes people feel powerful.

Competing for heavy productivity? Middle school student M1 finally shows up

Good talent, plus the foreign teachers' Tutoring invited by Apple's father, the results of middle school students' M1 can really beat their peers, and even the scum of college students can be compared by M1. However, looking at the whole school, x86, which has developed for more than 40 years, is still the representative of excellent college students, and will not be compared so easily.

The M1 processor's MacBook notebook has little pressure on daily surfing the Internet and office work, and its mild productivity performance is also good,However, in heavy productivity, such as graphic design, professional video rendering, 3D modeling and other tasks, x86 still has an undoubted advantage.

4K rendering export of core i7-1185g7 processor


4K rendering export of M1 macbook


Take the PR commonly used for rendering video as an example. The latest x86 thin notebook is the 11th generation core. The core i7-1185g7 is only 4-core and 8-thread, and the M1 is 8-core and 8-thread.

When processing 4K video, the playback speed of M1 is only 1.5 frames, which takes 206 seconds to export video, while the playback speed of 1185g7 is 4.6 frames, which takes 164 seconds to export video,Regardless of the actual effect, x86 is still 25% ahead in terms of time saving.

This is just the performance of the low-power version of X86, because there is only one version of M1. Compared with the M1 version of Mac Mini, the more powerful 8-core, 16 core and even 28 core x86 version of MAC is more advanced. Apple is very sober about this, otherwise the Mac Pro used by designers will not continue to use the x86 processor.

Photoshop performance comparison AE performance comparison



In addition to PR, there are many tests that show the difference between M1 and x86. For example, pugesystem compared the results of PS and AE in detail before,The conclusion is that the current performance of X86 is at least 2-3 times that of M1, which is only equivalent to the processor four or five years ago.

In general, with Apple's strong blessing, the fledgling M1 processor is definitely the best in arm. It's no exaggeration to say that it stands out from the rest. We think that the performance of the arm camp is at most the level of middle school students, so M1 should be the level of Xueba in the top three class of senior high school, much better than ARM processors of the same age.

The M1 version of MacBook notebook and computer is no problem for daily use, even for mild productivity. After all, Apple has spent so much money on M1, 5nm technology, special acceleration unit and so on are regardless of cost. In any case, M1 will not be sold out. It is only used for Apple's own ecosystem system. The apple family thinks that M1 students are enough talents.

However, M1 is still at the level of middle school students. When it comes to heavy productivity applications, such as designers, they can't do without x86 processors, because there is still a huge gap in productivity and efficiency. Multiple efficiency directly affects work output. Professionals are very clear about this, and apple knows it.

Therefore, the problem is simple. Even for designers and other professionals who are full of praise for M1, the choice of M1 laptop is mainly to meet the daily simple use. It can be used as the second or even the third computer, and the professional work depends on the x86 processor.

After all, x86 architecture has more than 40 years of open ecosystem and common standards. From light to high performance, from finger touch to electromagnetic pressure sensor pen and 360 degree flip screen, manufacturers can create excellent products for different market demands.

Through the Intel Evo platform, Intel creates exclusive brands for users with high-end notebook computer needs, so that they can keep focused at any time, give full play to their creativity, better cooperate with others, and release their maximum potential.



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