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Apple's first horror "screen saver drama": I'm almost suffocated just by the sound, as if I was strangled by the thunder god rocky Winter Soldier and mieba

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"Freud, I see you come to the door. 」

"What's going on? How can you be outside and talk to me at the same time? 」

"Darlene, believe me, don't open the door! Get out the back door! 」


The poster looks like a sound wave from a close view and a face from a distance

However, it is not a radio play. There will be various abstract sound images on the screen, which will change constantly according to the actors, background sound and plot, presenting an impact visual pattern.

Because many patterns look like mobile phone wallpaper, it is also called "screen saver drama" by netizens.

But they may be joking while watching the play, watching it will not make them laugh.

Video address:https://v.qq.com/x/page/m3235w2v96q.html?start=29

The first horror play with only sound waves but no people

Like we watch horror movies, the most frightening thing is often the sound.

"The terrible call" is adapted from the French drama of the same name, with a total of 9 episodes. Each episode is a science fiction horror story, all connected by different phone calls made by different people. The dialogue is very simple, but the amount of information is very large, which makes the audience try to get the truth from it.


The whole play only relies on the dialogue of a few people to finish a multi universe plot about the destruction of the world.

I'm afraid the only one who dares to play like this is mieba.

[the following is about spoilers. You can jump to the second part of the article]

At the beginning of the plot, it is full of a sense of supernatural magic.

As soon as the phone rings, Sara, the heroine, receives the call. A zizzing sound comes from the background, like the tearing in the throat of a zombie. The radio waves of the picture begin to zizz. When Tim, the hero, is about to break up with her, she says:



In the next few episodes, all kinds of weird events surfaced one by one on the phone.

The hero of the second episode can't accept his girlfriend's pregnancy because of the influence of his original family. When he is driving away, he finds that every time he receives a phone call, his time is only a few minutes away, but the time of his family is months and years away.


This is also the episode with the strongest sense of time and space. Different emotions brought by different voices are intertwined with different visual effects.

When the protagonist and his wife don't understand each other, the picture spreads like ripples on the river; when the protagonist is advised by his mother to go home, the ripples begin to spread more fine lines; when the protagonist and his brother explain the reason, the ripples become a snail like vortex, sinking deeper and deeper, just like the truth becomes more and more blurred.


In the next few episodes, families begin to have different changes and accidents. Behind these accidents, their desire, greed, fear, attachment, regret and courage also emerge with the changes.

This is also the reason why the fictional story of only hearing sound and seeing sound waves makes people believe in themselves.


Because the director skillfully let them in the crisis of every word, and our true feelings together.

It's not until the fifth episode that we find that these people are in a common chaotic world of time and space, and they all want to call people at another time, so as to change the future.


Of course, it's all in vain.

If you don't die when your destiny is supposed to die, it will disrupt the order of the universe and cause self explosion and the death of people around you.


In the last two episodes of the play, the plot reaches its climax and the visual effects become extremely diverse.


Episode 8 scientists already know the truth behind the crash. Hundreds of people who should have crashed also know that they are about to die by phone, but scientists force them not to change the reality. The crashed plane must crash.

At this time, the space distortion is already very serious, and the time of heterogeneous communication is constantly lengthening. By the time of the phone call in Episode 9, the last minute may still be Wednesday, and the next minute will be Thursday.

The truth of the distortion of time and space also appeared, because a doctor invented the space-time machine successfully.

In the end, we still don't know whether the space-time machine is closed or whether the new universe is opened, but people have made the choice in their hearts.


All the characters and stories of the whole play are connected together, and a complete new world has been constructed.

The story behind the shocking call

Freshness, reality and presence are the three key words of the play.

When watching the whole play, I have to say that such a simple form creates such a complicated play, which is really surprising.

Fede Alvarez, the director of the show, once directed "hold your breath", which is also a thriller based on sound. This time, he invited a number of first-line stars to play "shocking call", including the actors of "black mirror" and even singer Nick Jonas. These actors also began to rely on sound to perform their acting skills.


Hold your breath

Although it is hard to tell who is who, for the first time, the audience can feel the charm of "voice image" more carefully.

I thought that the play would make use of the advantages of music to play a lot of weird effect sounds, but the play only creates a real sense of being around through the actor's voice and environment sound.


When actors say every word, they feel like they are talking to each other, or they overhear someone else's phone call. When their fear and despair come over the phone, it makes people get goose bumps several times, as if they have become part of the disaster.

The creative process behind this play is also very innovative.

At first, the director wanted to create a nonexistent visual language, and COVID-19 promoted the form of remote cooperation.


Director Fede Alvarez

The director sent microphones and recording equipment to all the actors, so that they could record their own voice remotely by telephone during the epidemic period. Therefore, family plays were recorded in their own homes, and location plays were recorded when they ran to the courtyard or street in front of their own doors.

Every phone call in the play is also a real phone call.

Fede Alvarez, the director, sends scripts to the actorsFede Alvarez also only discusses the plot and how to record by phone. Although there are nine scripts arranged in chronological order, Fede Alvarez allows actors to play freely when they perform their own scenes on the phone, and randomly disrupt the timeline to produce real conversations.


▲ Nick Jonas

Every actor is like a "technologist". For them, it's a new and interesting experience.

In the post production, the play uses digital images to show the ups and downs of the voice and plot, which is also a new initiative.

The constantly changing images have also become the actors' new "body language".

In an interview with one more thingHe said that the feature of the images in the play is that when people are staring at the screen, the pattern can show shadows that people can't see, just like the close-up of a movie.

The same abstract image can reflect different feelings in everyone's heart.


Another advantage of not using real images is that the director can have more free editing space, move sentences and words at will, and create the mysterious and suspense atmosphere he wants.

It has to be said that this is a bold and experimental attempt.

Innovative "immersive film and television"

How to use new forms of film and television to attract the audience has become a proposition they have been challenging.


Picture from: appletips

Looking for new experience in "immersion", since 2010, some movies have directly displayed the content of the movie on the screen of computer or mobile phone, making the audience sit in front of the computer or mobile phone, bringing a strong sense of reality and substitution.

This kind of film and television is also called "desktop film and television".

The two "desktop movies" released in 2018, i.e. release friends 2 dark net and network enigma, are popular all over the world, which really makes desktop movies attract public attention. The audience can search for clues through web pages, videos and chat boxes to create a new immersive "video game".


The Internet puzzle

In 2018, Netflix also made more challenging attempts.

That yearNetflix launched "black mirror: pandazniki", which adopts a new interactive form, so that the audience can make different choices in watching the film, and influence the plot trend with their own hands. All the branches of the film last more than five hours, with up to five different endings.

This makes the audience a part of the story, breaking the fourth wall of film and television creation.


"Black mirror: pandasnaki"

When VR / AR technology is further developed in the future, more imaginative space will be excavated for this immersive interaction.

But they're all expanding into new possibilities, and the call is more like exploring new possibilities in.

In short, it develops a new type of "telefilm", but at the same time, it finds a common point between radio drama and TV drama: broadcasting on TV.


The immersive experience brought by "shocking call" is minimalist. It starts and ends in a minimalist way, which is also in line with Apple's minimalism.

However, it is precisely because of this minimalism that the audience immersed in it can have more imagination.

For a horror drama, the horror of vision, hearing and touch may not be as powerful as that of imagination. It is more invasive than sound and image.

The real horror is people's imagination of things they can't see on the screen, and places they can't imagine at all.


That's why it's hard to make movies out of books, because people have imagined the best version of them.

Viking eggeling is a Swedish avant-garde artist and film producerIn 1924, he directed the film diagonal symphony, which is one of the pioneering Abstract films in the history of experimental filmHe also boldly simplified modern painting with abstract style.


Group pictures of diagonally Symphonies


This time in the film and television works, can be said to be a return to the ancients.

Director Fede Alvarez also said that the picture he was trying to create was similar to the vision of Apple's first Macintosh computer 37 years ago, with a kind of retro psychedelic effect, while the sound of the phone was like a kind of hypnosis, which made people unconsciously enter the situation.


However, this style does not seem to be suitable for all dramas. If you put it on other slow-paced or emotional themes, it will inevitably lead to burnout.

However, this is also the first attempt to break the existing fixed narrative of TV. In any case, it is a film viewing process worth experiencing.


Of course, without a good story to support, there will only be one new form of experience.

Fortunately, it's a good story in a new form.

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