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Only one chip, 1 billion computers charge faster in seconds

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Fast charging applications are springing up, let us see the display, cars, electric tools are gradually popularized fast charging.

What we want to share with you today is a new fast charging application field, and the market is still very large, which is closely related to every reader.


As a tool of productivity, computer plays a very important role in our life and work. It is our daily inseparable partner. Now there are more and more mobile phones working together with computers, and we are charging mobile phones while working.


If the desktop can be provided with usb-a and usb-c fast charging interfaces, the mobile phone can be charged with fast charging when it is turned on, and the fragmented charging time can be fully utilized, the purchase of a charger can be reduced, and the occupation of desktop socket can be saved.


According to Gartner's statistics, in 2020, global PC shipments increased by 4.8% year on year to 275 million units, the highest increase in a decade. In addition to previous shipments, there are at least several billion computers in the world. These personal computers also have the potential to upgrade to usb-c fast charging.

One chip makes desktop charging faster in seconds

A power supply is built in the main box of personal computer, and the common sizes are ATX, SFX, etc. These power supplies are based on the ATX power supply specification proposed by American Intel company, which is a standardized independent product. Intel is the leader of global CPU market, participating in the formulation and popularization of various computer standard technologies.

Take the ATX power supply inside the PC as an example, the most common power supply is equipped with 12V output. The standard 12V output provides almost perfect support for mobile phone fast charging. It can be directly matched with the highly integrated DC-DC Buck chip in the market, and the protocol support is extensive.

You can easily get 12V power from the computer, and output fast charging for the mobile phone through the buck chip, which can meet the requirements of Apple 9V 2.22a 20W, Android 11V 3a 33W fast charging.

Computer power 12V output, through the built-in protocol DC-DC Buck chip, controlled by the protocol buck, output 5V, 9V PDO gear, as well as PPS, oppo vooc, Huawei SCP, Samsung AFC and other fast charging protocols, to meet different mobile phone charging needs.


Many high-performance power supplies in personal computers use LLC architectureThis architecture has excellent performance, stable power supply, and internal filtering for many times, which can be said to provide a stable power supply for desktop upgrade fast charging.


Desktop power output 12V for CPU, graphics card power supply, has a very high stability, the buck circuit can be installed in the chassis, through the SATA hard disk power supply interface or big 4Pin interface from the power supply, through the buck circuit to achieve fast charging output.

When using, you only need to connect the data cable to the charging port of the chassis to realize fast charging, and plug it back into the USB interface of the motherboard when connecting the computer to transmit data.

It is worth noting that here, the gold finger of PCI is only used for fixing, and it does not take power from the PCI slot of the motherboard, but uses the SATA bus to supply power. Therefore, the expanded usb-c interface does not have the function of data transmission.

Desktop charging is fast in seconds, which can be foreseen from the use scenario. It can directly power the mobile phone or wireless charging; in addition, it can also power the small desk lamp, small fan and other peripheral electrical appliances.


Let's call it fast charging expansion card for the time being. In the early stage of design, we considered the PCI baffle size of full height chassis and half height chassis, so we only need to replace different baffles to be compatible with the two kinds of chassis. Whether you are ATX chassis, or itx, miniitx chassis, you can easily deal with it.

Drawing inferences from one instance, this concept can also be used for personal computer desktop charging transformation, which needs further study by players.

If you need multiple usb-c and usb-a interfaces, you can also increase the free combination of power chips. Even if you want to design four usb-c full fast charging interfaces, it can be realized. All independent schemes are used internally to realize the blind plug function. Each interface can realize fast charging instead of single port. Connecting two devices will drop 5V. With the concept of fast charging expansion card, DIY is very playable.

Which chips can be implemented?

Based on the step-down scheme of 12V power supply, many large domestic plants have complete and highly integrated solutions, and after years of practical application, the compatibility and reliability are very good.

There are two types of circuits for a computer to support fast charging: DC-DC buck and DC-DC buck.

DC-DC buck, this kind of solution has high integration, built-in fast charging protocol, high development efficiency, and cost advantage; representative chip brands are Zhirong, yingjixin, Fuman, etc.

DC-DC voltage up and down, this scheme is also very mature. It needs external fast charging protocol chip, which is suitable for the development of high-power fast charging. It is the favorite of enthusiasts. The representative chip brands are Nanxin, baoshiwei, etc.

It is worth noting that these are all domestic chips. At present, domestic chips have reached the world-class level in this field, and their performance has been verified by the market, with a total shipment of nearly 100 million.


Zhirong has a complete product line for vehicle charging and buck. The buck chips with built-in protocol include sw3510, sw3513, sw3514, sw3516, sw3517, sw3518. With inductors, Buck switches and other peripheral components, the buck circuit with complete function can be realized.

In addition, Zhirong sw3521, sw3522 and sw3526 have built-in step-down switch tubes, which are all integrated design. The peripheral components are simple, and the protocol support is extensive. A chip with necessary peripheral components can complete the step-down converter product with its own protocol.



Zhirong sw3521 is a fully integrated step-down IC supporting usb-a port fast charging. It has integrated switch tubes inside and supports Huawei high-voltage and low-voltage SCP. It has good support for Huawei mobile phone fast charging. With simple peripheral components, it can form a complete charging solution with high-performance multi fast charging protocol.


Zhirong sw3522 supports usb-c port, pd3.0 fast charging and PPS fast charging, internal integrated switch tube, QC and AFC fast charging. Both sw3521 and sw3522 are packaged with esop8, with simple peripheral components and high integration. The two chips realize usb-a and usb-c fast charging respectively. The reference design of smart car charging is introduced.


Zhirong sw3526 is a fully integrated vehicle charging and depressurizing IC supporting usb-c or usb-a port, with integrated switch tube inside. It supports Huawei's high-voltage and low-voltage SCP, and has good support for Huawei's fast charging of mobile phones. At the same time, it also supports pd3.0/pps fast charging, AFC, QC and other fast charging protocols, and uses the sw3526 jiletang 38W car charger.


Through disassembly, the British chip has multiple fully integrated vehicle charging and buck IC, which can be used for 12V input buck output. Pick a few of the most commonly used, ip6520 is a highly integrated buck IC, protocol support is very wide, support PD and QC fast charge, support PPS fast charge, and also passed the pd3.0 USB if Association certification.


The picture shows the ip6520 car charging demo, with only inductance and filter capacitor on the back, and the peripheral components are very simple. Yingjixin ip6520 supports pd3.0/pps output, Huawei high voltage SCP, Samsung AFC and QC fast charging protocol. It supports usb-c interface and 18W PD fast charging. Ip6520 is integrated with switch tube inside, which is packaged with esop8, and the periphery is simple and convenient for layout. The compatibility of charging head network is very good.


Integrated buck converter ip6525t, integrated buck control and protocol identification function. Ip6525t supports Huawei FCP, Samsung AFC and QC fast charging, supports usb-a port step-down output, built-in switch tube, and very simple peripheral components. Ip6525t supports 18W output and perfect protection function. Samsung car charger is using this buck chip.


Yingjixin ip6537 is a highly integrated fast charging chip, which integrates high-efficiency synchronous buck converter and protocol identification function, and its peripheral is simple. It can provide a complete solution for the development of vehicle charger. The charging head network has passed the detection of chargerlab power-z km001c, and yingjixin ip6537 can support 5V / 3a, 9V / 2.22a and 3.3-11v/2a output.


Yingjixin ip6538 is a buck converter integrated with synchronous switch. It supports 14 kinds of output fast charging protocols, type-C output and USB pd2.0, pd3.0 (PPS) protocols. It supports usb-c and usb-a output. It provides a complete solution for car charger, fast charging adapter and intelligent plug-in. Jiletang 1a1c 20W car charger uses ip6538.

FM fullman

Fullman xpm5236 chip integrates Synchronous Step-Down control and multi protocol identification function, and uses built-in MOS design, the maximum output power can reach 36W. At the same time, the chip also has the characteristics of high integration and simple packaging, which can effectively reduce the number of components around the chip, save the cost of system development, and accelerate the product launch.


Fullman xpm5236 series adopts esop8 package, including xpm5236a and xpm5236b, both of which adopt esop8 package, supporting 6.6v to 36V ultra wide voltage input and 3.6V to 12V output, and can be adjusted according to charging protocol. The PDO configuration of xpm5236a is 5V / 3a and 9V / 3a, and the PDO configuration of xpm5236b is 5V / 3a, 9V / 3a and 12V / 3a.

In terms of protocol, it supports apple 2.4a, USB DCP, qc3.0, qc2.0, AFC, FCP and other protocols. Xpm5236 has integrated switch tube, built-in compensation function and only four external components, which can provide 36W high-power fast charging. At the same time, the fast charging compatibility is also good.


Nanxin is the first chip manufacturer of boost controller in China, with a wide range of products. The scheme of Nanxin is suitable for high-power boost and fast charging, with a relatively large number of components.


First of all, the sc8102 is a synchronous rectifier buck converter with built-in step-down switch. It is integrated with low resistance switch and has a maximum output current of 6A. It can be used with protocol IC. Sc8102 supports dual port output and has independent current detection. It can be used with protocol IC for single port fast charging or as dual port 5V output. Qfn5 * 5mm package is adopted, and protocol IC is used in the adapter for high-power buck output.


Nanxin sc8112 is a synchronous rectifier buck converter with built-in step-down switch. It is integrated with low resistance switch. The maximum output current is 6A. It can be used with protocol IC. Sc8112 supports dual port output and has independent current detection. It can be used with protocol IC for single port fast charging or as dual port 5V output. Qfn5 * 5mm package is adopted, and protocol IC buck output is matched inside the car charger.


Nanxin sc8815 is a digital controlled H-bridge voltage regulator, which needs external protocol chip, switch tube, inductor and other components. The parameters of sc8815 can be configured by I2C interface and used with protocol IC. It supports wide range voltage conversion. The built-in ADC can be used for input and output voltage and current detection, and can be used to return power information such as voltage and current. The function is fully used by Samsung 45W car charger.


Nanxin sc8721 is a boost converter with four built-in H-bridge switches, which supports up to 22V output. It can adjust the output voltage and output current limit through I2C bus interface. The protocol chip with I2C interface can do boost output. The built-in ADC can be used for input and output voltage and current detection, and can be used for output parameter return, so as to improve the competitiveness of products.



Baoshi micro pl5500 is a bi-directional H-bridge voltage up and down controller, which can realize voltage up and down operation and battery charge and discharge management. Pl5500 needs to be equipped with protocol IC, switch tube and other external components, which can achieve 20V 45W high-power output and support perfect protection function. It is used by junkaida 63w car charger.


Baoshi micro pl5501 is a synchronous four switch one-way voltage up and down controller, which supports up to 36V input voltage. The built-in LDO can supply power for the protocol chip, which simplifies the design. The external switch tube can realize 65W high-power up and down voltage output in the car charger. Beisi 65W car charger uses this chip.


Baoshiwei pl9405 is a synchronous four switch bidirectional buck-boost converter, which supports the maximum 36V working voltage and the continuous load current up to 5A. Pl9405 also has battery charge and discharge management function, which supports charge and discharge management of 1 to 6 batteries.


Unexpectedly, it's not difficult to realize the fast charging transformation of personal computers.

The above is for you to inventory suitable for application in the computer Synchronous Buck chip, and synchronous buck chip.The above chips all have the advantages of simple peripheral components, comprehensive protection and wide protocol support, which can easily provide desktop computers with fast charging support of mainstream mobile phones and realize new product selling points.

The circuit scheme is described above, and the specific implementation mode can be powered by SATA or big 4Pin port, and the circuit board and output interface can be added in the chassis.

The desktop computer with fast charging can reduce the occupation of the plug and row, and the output power supply can also supply power for wireless charging, small fan, mobile power supply, etc., so that the desktop is no longer messy.

At present, the maximum output power of 45-33w can be achieved by a higher cost.

Thanks to the progress of domestic semiconductor industrialization and the development of fast charging technology, high cost-effective fast charging solutions can be popularized. With standardized components and standard specifications, the compatibility design is greatly simplified. In a word, technology makes life more convenient.


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