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One machine and two networks connect the whole family! Huawei's smart home is always new and never out of date

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The concept of smart home appeared very early, and its core is to connect all kinds of devices in the home through the Internet of things technology, providing home appliance control, lighting control, remote control, indoor and outdoor remote control, anti-theft alarm, environmental monitoring and programmable timing control and other functions and means.

In recent years, under the influence of IOT concept, the concept of smart home is constantly mentioned. Almost all technology manufacturers are taking IOT and smart home as one of the future strategic development directions.

On the other hand, the development of the Internet of things has become a national strategy, and the policy support for smart home is also increasing. The State Council issued several opinions on improving the consumption promotion system and mechanism and further stimulating the consumption potential of residents, which clearly mentioned upgrading intelligent, high-end and integrated information products, focusing on the development of smart home products to adapt to the consumption upgrading And other new information products.

However, smart home has been developing for so many years, and has not formed a systematic standard and landing scheme


It has always been Huawei's core strategy to bring the digital world into everyone, every family and every organization, and build an intelligent world with everything connected. In the consumer business, Huawei has upgraded the whole scene Smart Life strategy, and proposed Huawei's whole house intelligent solution for the home scene.


In Huawei's view, whole house intelligence is the ultimate development direction of smart home.


At present, most players in the industry define smart home based on their own ability, but the experience they bring to users is fragmented. Whether it's hardware product intelligence, software intelligence, or single system solutions, they can only be regarded as a single breakthrough and can't form a joint force. To be smart in the whole house means to be able to integrate technologies, not only to be a platform and an ecosystem, but also to develop chips, proprietary operating systems, solve communications and so on. Every problem here is extremely challenging, which goes beyond the capabilities of traditional smart home manufacturers.

In essence, if we want to do a good job in the whole house intelligence, we need to do three things well1. The whole house interconnection: how to connect stably and reliably; 2. The whole house AI: how to realize active intelligence; 3. Ecological integration: how to make ecology bigger.


Among them,


Its biggest essence is that it is equipped with harmony OS for the first time, which truly realizes active intelligence. In the past, the vast majority of traditional smart home scenes are passive intelligence, which requires users to take the initiative to operate in order to achieve the relevant intelligent experience.

In our practical experience, Huawei provides system level equipment linkage in the intelligent space of the whole house, controlling not only a single device, but the whole space, truly realizing multi condition dynamic prediction and active intelligence.

When we come to the bedroom and turn on the sleep mode, the clean air of the central air conditioner will automatically turn on, the background light of 3000K color temperature will gradually darken, the sound x speaker will make white noise to help sleep, the soft bed will be adjusted to the right angle, and the basic lighting under the bed will slowly fade.


Others, including bath mode in bathroom, fitness mode and dining mode in restaurant, also provide a very rich experience of linkage application scenarios.

The first network is the whole house PLC (power line communication), which transmits data through the power line. Where there is power, there is a network.


. The main routing module has 8 network ports, 1 IPTV, 1 uplink optical cat, 1 PLC and 5 multi room AP extensions to realize the whole house Wi Fi coverage. Huawei is also the industry's first intelligent positioning antenna technology, with microsecond performance. The 3000mbps dual frequency concurrent rate can provide high-speed Internet access experience (the actual rate depends on the terminal type and the use environment).


To solve the problem of whole house interconnection and whole house AI, the last step is ecological integration. How to make the ecology bigger is the most difficult and difficult problem in the development of traditional smart home.

China. The N systems are the smallest units of Huawei's intelligent products for families to create all kinds of scenes, such as lighting system, water health system, environmental system, etc. the cooperation of the systems constitutes the intelligent scene, and the systematic intelligence drives the leap of life quality level.

For example, in the family environment, humidity, temperature, oxygen concentration, PM2.5 indicators will affect the living comfort. Huawei whole house intelligent realizes constant temperature, constant humidity, constant net and constant oxygen home environment by dynamically sensing and collecting indoor and outdoor environmental parameters, and then calculating and matching the corresponding health model through Hongmeng AI engine.

For another example, in terms of safety, when there is water leakage or air leakage at home, you will receive an alarm from your mobile phone, and a manipulator will automatically turn off the water and gas equipment to prevent further danger.


In the past, the method of attracting brands to join smart home is nothing more than a set of interface protocol. The device can support app control, and the method is simple and crude. On the one hand, the user experience is not good; on the other hand, it is not attractive to the brand, so it is difficult to make the ecology bigger and stronger.

Huawei's method is to create intelligent scenarios that really meet the actual needs of users with different system units, so that the devices can really provide intelligent services for users in the scenarios and play the maximum value. At the same time, Huawei has provided a complete set of solutions based on the underlying standards, protocols and basic equipment, which is a win-win situation for both brands and users.

In the past, it was relatively easy for smart home manufacturers to make a single product popular, but it was difficult to set standards. Huawei's whole house intelligence not only meets its own needs, but also meets the common demands of users and brands in the family scene.

For example, air conditioners, washing machines and other white household appliances that have been used for five or ten years, most people will choose those big brands, reliable quality and experienced head enterprises. And these head enterprises are not short of traffic, sales channels, and brand effect. What they lack is how to achieve organic connectivity with other intelligent products, so as to achieve more in line with the intelligent use experience in some scenarios.

For partners with different capabilities, Huawei home intelligence provides a variety of tools and solutions. SDK enables partners to access simply, quickly and in batches, forming a full scene experience. In addition, based on open source, Huawei not only provides chips, modules and development boards, but also provides solution pre integration and one-stop development platform Huawei deveco to improve development efficiency. Hilink has been fully upgraded to Hongmeng Zhilian, and more big brands have joined Hongmeng ecology.


For example, you can choose Gree air conditioner, Siemens refrigerator, Haier Casati washing machine, no longer limited to a certain brand, let professional manufacturers do professional products.

Huawei only needs to provide software services and cutting-edge technology. In this way, the user operation can be unified and different brands can be intelligentized. This kind of low-level logic is more suitable for the long-term goal of the whole house smart home development.

In terms of service, Huawei's whole house intelligent provides one-stop 4S service, providing professional services from purchase, decoration to later maintenance. It will be on sale from June to August. It can be purchased online in Huawei mall and major authorized e-businesses, and offline in 50 whole house intelligent experience stores in 50 cities.

Not only the construction process is efficient and transparent, consumers can easily view it on the app, but also the after-sales and daily maintenance after check-in is professional, efficient and convenient. In addition, the 7x24 hour hotline service, encountered problems engineering staff will be home within 3 hours.


In general, Huawei's smart home is a system level product ahead of the industry in terms of technology and concept. It not only points out the development direction for the smart home industry, but also redefines everyone's home in the next decade.

Huawei's whole house intelligence is not only the upgrading revolution of the smart home industry, but also the fertile ground for the intellectualization of family infrastructure. It also gives the real estate industry the ability to upgrade / transform / innovate.

From the perspective of the industry, Huawei's whole house intelligence has solved three major problems in the current smart home industry: whole house interconnection, whole house AI and ecological integration. In addition, it also empowers the upgrading and transformation of the real estate industry, which can greatly enhance the living experience of the hardbound finished house.

The biggest difference between intelligent and non intelligent in the future is update.In the future, all kinds of scenarios in Huawei's smart home will be continuously updated and downloaded. Acquiring family wisdom scenes is as simple as changing the theme of a mobile phone, such as Valentine's day, wedding anniversary, etc. sound light interaction creates a romantic atmosphere. Relying on the powerful learning ability of Hongmeng system, the intelligent level of the whole house intelligent host will continue to strengthen, bringing us an experience that will never be out of date.


What's more, Huawei's whole house intelligence is not a very difficult and cold system. It has a variety of interaction methods, including traditional panel interaction, anthropomorphic voice interaction, intelligent terminal app interaction, and a large number of sensor senseless interaction.

Let you not feel its triviality, but feel its convenience, really easy to use, I think, this is called the whole house intelligent.


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