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The data can still be "revived" when the phone is restored to the factory settings! A dime or two will leave you nowhere to hide

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According to CCTV financial channel news reports, mobile phones can still recover data through special means after restoring factory settings.

After this news report, the leakage of mobile phone privacy has once again aroused people's concern.


However, it is understandable that most people will not use mobile phones for more than three to four years and will consider replacing them.


It is reported that people who carry out mobile data recovery, whether online or remote operation, will use theThe terminal equipment of.

After this operation,The basic information of the original mobile phone owner, such as telephone number, chat record, account number and password, can be obtained.

Maybe you think it's good for me to save important information in the cloud like Baidu cloud?

That's no good, because the recovery of mobile data can also obtain your account password information. If your login in the cloud is in an automatic login state, the information you save in the cloud can also be stolen.

It can be said that for technicians, the memory chip of general mobile phones can recover data without major damage.

Why is that?

In fact, you choose to restore the factory settings. In fact, it is to restore the personality settings of the device or instrument to the factory default state, such as standby mode, start interface, operation shortcut key, timing reminder, etc. to the factory settings, but it will not delete the stored data.

Mobile phone chip is the most important part of electronic equipment, which undertakes the functions of calculation and storage.

There are media explanations,Although the current mobile phones mostly use EMMC, UFS flash memory chips, but its principle is similar to the computer SSD, simple delete operation can not erase the file.

How much is your mobile data worth?


How much your data can sell depends on the market demand.

In terms of the proportion of options, people are more willing to keep their mobile phones in their hands, which makes them feel safer. There are still many people willing to carry out second-hand transactions. From a security point of view, if you leave your mobile phone in your hand, it can indeed reduce the risk of data leakage. It is a relatively safe approach, and it is often more risky to carry out second-hand transactions with your mobile phone.

In 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic and the impact of mobile phone production, demand and energy supply, the demand of famous mobile phone brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi will decline. According to the "global second-hand smartphone forecast 2020-2024" released by IDC, the global second-hand smartphone shipment will reach 225.4 million in 2020. Last year, the global shipment volume of Samsung brand of smart phones was 266 million. The difference between second-hand mobile phones and Samsung mobile phones with the largest global shipment volume is not very big.

As the market share of second-hand mobile phones expands, more and more people are willing to accept second-hand mobile phones. Some illegal businesses will be used mobile phones after processing, part of the data collected, and then packaged for sale, has formed a complete underground industrial chain.

If the owner of the mobile phone can't clear the data well, there will be security risks.

According to people familiar with the matterIn January last year, the trial of the case of China Telecom's over 200 million pieces of user information being sold mentioned that the defendant sold them at the price of 0.01 yuan / piece to 0.2 yuan / piece, making a total profit of more than 20 million yuan, involving more than 200 million pieces of citizens' personal information.

So, a dime can get your basic information, call records, SMS, contacts, multimedia files, third-party payment information, e-mail information, etc.

How can mobile data be cleared safely?

Do you think that only selling second-hand mobile phones is risky?

Have you ever wanted to restore wechat information? Ever delete important photos by mistake? Have you ever deleted the phone number of an important contact by mistake?

In this case, you just want to recover part of the data, and it may be retained by a third party. Therefore, for this kind of mobile data recovery, you need to find a safe platform to recover, or keep important information, and try to avoid the third party's access to your important information, so as to avoid leakage.

Since cell phone chip is the key, it should be able to be physically destroyed, right? This method is not recommended. The mobile phone is a relatively sophisticated device. If it is disassembled violently, it will have certain safety risks. And after disassembly and assembly, such mobile phones can no longer be sold to second-hand platforms.

Here is a relatively simple and practical method.

First of all, delete the login device of social app, and also exit the original account of app. These two different mobile phones will have different operations. Then, clear all data and restore the mobile phone to factory settings.

Every time you copy it, you need to format it again. It's safe to repeat it 5 to 8 times. At this time, you can sell your mobile phone safely and protect your privacy.

Again, it's hard to retrieve your data after several repetitions. After repetition, I need to check again, and try to retrieve information through professionals to see if I can retrieve my data information. If not, it means success.

Nowadays, with the development of network technology, the problem of data leakage has become more and more serious. How to ensure the security of personal information in various intelligent social scenes still needs our joint efforts.


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