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How to complete the "last mile" of community group buying between the shaking of the canteen

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Wen / Meng Huiyuan

Source: zinc scale (ID: znkedu)

After becoming the head of the community group buying, this sentence became the daily content of Zhang Mingfa's circle of friends.

Zhang Ming's change is not a special case. If you carefully observe it, you can find that there are many convenience store owners like Zhang Ming all over the country who hold several positions... And Zhang Ming's choice just proves that the store, the consumption scene closest to users, is becoming a key point for Internet giants to lay out their offline ecology.

At this stage, it goes without saying that the cost-effectiveness of the cooperation between major platforms and the canteen is high. However, in the long run, if the canteen can withstand the double tests of quality and service from users, there is still a question mark.

Having many jobs, the shopkeeper of the canteen has to make a difficult transition

Outside the community, there are two medium-sized supermarkets with an area of more than 200 square meters. The daily discount activities of members, the introduction of low-cost goods after discount every day, and the purchase of a certain amount of automatic door-to-door delivery can be regarded as their masterpieces. The only advantage that Zhang Ming has in the face of some close competitors is that he may have a stronger advantage.

In fact, such a problem is not only bothering Zhang Ming, but also the development of the whole traditional shop industry at this stage.


Zhang Ming's circle of friends is full of group buying information

And this seemingly extremely relaxed team leader status not only means Zhang Ming's new job, but also his new attempt to continue the development of the canteen.

Being a leader has become a new law of survival?

On this basis, compared with the head of Baoma group, the head of barber shop, express delivery shop, massage shop and other service functions, the owner of the canteen has an established customer base, experience in community management, and a fixed sales site. There is no need to invest in the extra cost of goods storage, which means that he can understand the product information and make corresponding decisions according to the needs of consumers It should be answered.

Therefore, we can see that when many community group buying platforms expand their business, they will give priority to the head of convenience store owners, such as Zhang Ming, who is also the head of several platforms.


The shopkeeper is also the head of many group buying platforms in the street corner

The community group buying platform attracts the shopkeeper of the canteen to be the team leader. The platform attracts users to buy fresh goods online with ultra-low discounts and welfare prices. It will not compete with the canteen that sells daily chemical products. The canteen takes the advantage of the existing sales conditions and does not bear other costs. After the user orders to the store, it can not only achieve the purpose of drainage, but also get the corresponding Commission The cooperation between the two sides is full of advantages.

Of course, some recent reports also mentioned that the commission given to the team leader by the community group buying platform has been reduced. For example, the Commission of orange heart preferred and meituan preferred has been reduced to about 7%, while the average commission of Duoduo buying vegetables is about 5%. As a result, many team leaders began to refuse to connect with the community group buying platform due to the sharp drop in commission.

The reason for the sharp decrease of commission is also very simple. On the one hand, there is a big price war among the community group buying platforms, which makes the commodity prices continue to fall. After the profits that can be earned are diluted, the commission that the team leader can get will naturally decrease. On the other hand, the community group buying platform has achieved the goal of cultivating users and the market in the early stage through wanton subsidies and development, and the mutual influence behind it is also obvious Networking giants began to shrink costs and turned their attention to the layout of grid warehouses.

However, if the group of stall owners is singled out from the group leader, the cooperation between them and the community group buying platform contains deeper significance.

In this regard, the relevant survey results show that the average monthly number of new products introduced by these 20% of the small stores is almost twice that of other small stores, more than 40% of the small stores do take out business, more than 30% do community group buying, and get more than 7000 yuan of extra water per month on average.

In the past, there was a sharp weapon in the circle, but today, there is a short board in the development of the industry

Retail, express, group buying, take out... The canteen, which can achieve a variety of functions, has its own unique advantages because it can gain the attention of major platforms.

Although with the rise of e-commerce platform, convenience stores and chain supermarkets have conquered the city, and the small stores have gradually declined, according to the data provided by Kaidu retail, there are still nearly 7 million small stores including husband and wife stores in China, which account for 40% of the total shipment volume of the whole retail channel. About 30% of them are located in towns and villages, and 46% in third tier cities and county-level cities.


The canteen is rooted in any corner of the city, township and countryside

This is also applicable to the community group buying platforms that compete for the market. If they compete for the offline market in person, the overall layout of the pick-up site will inevitably need to invest a certain amount of time and capital cost. But if we directly cooperate with the canteen, we can not only save some costs, focus on subsidizing the user cultivation market, but also quickly go to any corner of the country and extend the business tentacles.

One side of the coin is the status quo of win-win cooperation between the community group buying platform and the canteen, while the other side can not be ignored is whether the canteen can shoulder the responsibility of the platform as the last node of the end ecology, especially when users pay more and more attention to the quality of goods and consumer services.

As mentioned above, under the impact of supermarkets, convenience stores and other competitors, the operating environment of the canteens is not very good, and their own operation and development are full of uncertainty. So for the platform which is listed as an important ecological node at the end of the line, when it encounters an accident, it will disrupt the offline layout of the platform.

In order to expand more customers, the canteen relies on the flow of people brought by online orders, but this degree of dependence is not stable to the platform. For example, in order to receive more orders, Zhang Ming's canteen has reached cooperation with several community group buying platforms, but when it comes to his views on a certain platform, he doesn't have much loyalty. We can also see from various media reports that there are not a few businesses that refuse to connect to the platform because of the lower commission. Such cooperation, which can be stopped at any time, can even be said to be very fragile.

At the same time, the uncontrollable quality and service of the canteen also brings some worries for the community group buying platform. Fresh products are easy to be rotten and difficult to be stored for a long time, which makes the loss in the distribution link remain high for a long time. For a time, the high cost of targeted measures such as cold chain transportation and front warehouse construction has become an unspeakable pain for the fresh industry.

Once the user fails to retrieve the fresh products in time, it is worth pondering whether the simple preservation equipment (refrigerator, freezer) in the canteen can meet the preservation conditions of the fresh products. If the quality of the products is affected due to poor storage, there is no good consumption experience on the platform.

In other words, after the goods are out of the warehouse, it is difficult for the platform to accurately control the quality from the canteen to the user. Because the offline service is subject to the level of the main (head) of the canteen, the platform can not effectively restrict the actual words and deeds of the head, so as to provide high-quality consumer services for users.

Although the canteen can be regarded as an economic and applicable choice for online platforms to lay out offline at present, it is difficult to act as a partner for the further development of platforms in the long run. If we follow the development idea of express delivery, imagine boldly that the fresh express cabinet and the platform self built site may be the future development trend of community fresh.

After all, it's really difficult for scattered and disordered canteens to have express cabinets with rapid layout and wireless intelligent management, and it's also difficult to be more efficient, controllable, unified and orderly than the self built site of the platform.

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