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With over 17 million number carrying users and 99% success rate in one hour, is it the best time to handle it?

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Have you transferred the network with your number?

When my friend asked me this question a year ago, I told him in distress: "no, China Mobile said that I didn't spend all my points, so I had to spend all my points to deal with it.". And he also looked sad: "who is not? China Telecom says I have video service, but I don't know what video service is.".

After more than one year's development, MIIT will continue to develop in 2020Symposium on telecom service qualityAccording to the data published on the website, the number carrying network transfer has provided services for more than 17 million users, the success rate of one hour network transfer has reached 99.3%, and the hot issues concerned by users have been significantly improved.


Since the official opening of the service in November 2019, number carrying network transfer has become the daily work of the three major operators from a social hot spot. If you want to transfer the network with your number now, it's not as troublesome as last year. What kinds of problems are bothering you to transfer network have gradually been answered: what is the handling process like? What are the problems after handling? Which operator is more popular with users? Today, I will answer for you one by one.

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  • Who "won" in the network transfer?
  • Take notes! Only 4 steps for network transfer
    1. Does your number support network transfer?
    2. Unsubscribe service paves the way for network transfer
    3. Appointment transfer, time must pay attention to
    4. Carry in! The last step of network transfer
  • Do you really need to switch networks?

Who "won" in the network transfer?

It is not the first time for China to transfer the network by carrying numbers. As early as 1999, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and other more developed countries or regions began to implement it. Today, more than 80 countries or regions have started the number carrying network transfer service.

Transfer network with number reduces the threshold of user choice, do not like a certain operator? Just transfer to another one. So, after a year of user selection, which of the three operators won?


Although the three major operators have not announced the specific number of number carrying network transfer, we can see the general situation through some surveys and data.

At the official launching ceremony (November 2019), MIIT revealed the transfer out proportion of the three major operators at that time. The transfer out users of China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom accounted for 16.3%, 57.6% and 26.1% of all the transfer out users, and the transfer in proportion was 49.3%, 28.1% and 22.6%. If there is not much change in this proportion, the proportion of 17 million number carrying network transfer users should be as shown in the table below.


According to the proportion of analog data

In the simulation data, China Telecom has achieved the only positive growth, and the lead is very obvious. At the same time, we can also see the third-party statistics data on some websites. Taking c114 communication network statistics as an example, although there is a gap between the data and our simulation, the overall growth of China Telecom is still considerable.


Picture from: c114 communication network

In 2018, the number one of China Mobile's signal carrying services (43.1%) exceeded the number one in China's mobile network market. In 2019, the growth rate will reach 51.5%, accounting for half of the incremental market. By 2020, the number carrying network transfer service will be officially opened, which will give the stock users of the three major operators the opportunity to choose again.

We can not determine the real reason for the growth of China Telecom's mobile users, but the services such as carrying numbers to the network and handling broadband mobile phone numbers with free flow will certainly have a positive effect on the growth of China Telecom's mobile users.

Take notes! Only 4 steps for network transfer

At the end of the 19th century, when the number carrying network transfer service was officially launched, I tried to transfer the network.

China Mobile listed six reasons for not being able to transfer networks, including points, email, broadband, international roaming and so on that I never used, and even a number in arrears (eh?) In addition, my desire to transfer the Internet was not so strong, so I shelved the matter.


Now that the network transfer rate is as high as 99.3% in one hour, how to transfer the network with the number? Will there be so many problems?

Before the network transfer, we should make it clear: as long as the conditions are met, users can freely choose mobile, Unicom, telecom and other operators, and telecom operators shall not interfere in users' independent choice. So in the process of handling any obstruction, we must be clear about their own needs.

Well, let's start to carry the number to the Internet bar!

  • Does your number support network transfer?

According to the regulations, there are mainly three types of numbers that do not support number carrying network transfer: satellite mobile service number (1349, 174, etc.), mobile communication resale number (170, 171, 162, 165, 167, etc.), Internet of things number (146, 148, 149, 1064, etc.), of course, there will be other situations that do not conform to the national policies and regulations.

You can communicate with the operator to confirm whether your number supports the number transfer. If not, there is really no way.


  • Unsubscribe service! Pave the way for network transfer

Of course, as mentioned earlier, you will encounter all kinds of problems that cannot be transferred. However, although I didn't do anything, the problems I encountered were much less than a year ago.


If there is a problem, it is necessary to solve the problem and unsubscribe the service that affects the network transfer. We can log in the app of the operator to query the business you have ordered, and query and unsubscribe in the corresponding section (different operators are slightly different). Of course, you can also call the operator service phone, send unsubscribe SMS and unsubscribe in the form of local business hall.


How to operate China Mobile App


China Unicom app operation

If you don't know how to cancel some services, please contact customer service to handle them. Remember: "telecom operators shall not interfere with users' independent choice.".

In the past year, the three major operators have tried to retain users in various ways, and they should confirm whether they have handled relevant services before transferring networks. For example, China Mobile used the "feedback traffic contract package" to keep me until the end of 2022, and explicitly told me that it would affect the number carrying network transfer, because I agreed without the need for network transfer.

  • Appointment transfer, time must pay attention to!

In other words, the success rate of one hour number transfer exceeds 99%. Is it because the validity period of authorization code is only one hour?


The validity of authorization code is still 1 hour

  • Carry in! The last step of network transfer

In fact, this step does not need any skills, because compared with carrying out, carrying in is more popular with operators.

You only need to bring your own valid certificate to the business hall of the operator you want to bring in, and handle the relevant business according to the on-site guidance.

According to the regulations, the unexpired package, number binding service, mobile phone number and other reasons can not be used as the reason for not transferring the network. Take me as an example. After more than a year of service operation and standardization, points, international roaming, and other mobile phone number arrears are no longer the reasons why I can't carry the number to transfer to the network.

After you transfer the network, the network age and points in the original business may be cleared, but it is still related to the measures taken by the operators. For example, the points of China Mobile after the network transfer will be transferred to the new brand name. At the same time, the existing SMS and the third party payment of calls (Alipay WeChat, etc.) are no longer a problem.


Of course, different regions may have different processing procedures, and the specific communication with local operators shall prevail. In short, it is the same sentence: "telecom operators shall not interfere in users' independent choice.". In any case, you can complain to the operators in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of industry and information technology.

Do you really need to switch networks?

Although there are more than 17 million number carrying users, it only accounts for about 0.9% of the total number of mobile network users, far lower than the initial carrying rate (2-30%) in most countries.

When the number carrying users exceeded 10 million, the report of the Institute of information technology showed that 1.3% of the users carried back to the original operator after comparison, and 0.4% of the users transferred to the third operator.

In fact, most users do not have much enthusiasm for the number transfer.


The official account is WeChat China public information.

In December 2020, Beijing Consumer Association issuedSurvey report on the service and 5g cognition of "number carrying to network transfer"More than 50% of the users want to switch networks because of the poor signal and network speed of the original operator, and more than 36% of the users want to live with more affordable tariff and package content. Network signal and package charge are the main reasons for users to choose to transfer network with number. Of course, some users just want to taste it.

There is no need to follow the "small stream" on the spur of the moment. Is the network signal of the operator in the habitual residence stable? Does the package meet the demand? Are the charges and packages of other operators more attractive?

If you already have a clear answer, take action!

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