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Tesla withdraws the lawsuit and settles the case

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Article / Lei gang from Aofei Temple

Source: qubit (ID: qbitai)

It took two years for Tesla to sue the new employee of Xiaopeng automobile, and the case was settled.

It seems to be a happy ending for all.


Moreover, insideevs has further compared the automatic driving schemes of Tesla and Xiaopeng cars, and found that the two sides are taking two obvious different technical routes.

It's frightening to think carefully, but it's not without logic.


The verdict of a case

Tesla has reached a settlement with Cao Guangzhi, according to a statement by his lawyer.

After two years of litigation and investigation, the latest conclusions are as follows:

1. Cao Guangzhi admitted that he backed up Tesla's autopilot code in his personal cloud, but he didn't do it intentionally, had no commercial purpose, and didn't provide Tesla code to any third party.

2. After receiving Xiaopeng's offer, Cao Guangzhi began to delete these personal backup codes.

3. After Tesla launched the lawsuit against Cao Guangzhi, Xiaopeng automobile provided Cao Guangzhi's working computer image and relevant documents to prove his innocence, and immediately suspended Cao Guangzhi's work cooperation lawsuit. Until 2020, Tesla asked Xiaopeng car to provide its own automatic driving system source code, as well as patent technology directly related to the case, and was questioned and refused by Xiaopeng car. Before that, Xiaopeng automobile cooperated with Tesla to provide 12000 documents.

4. Tesla finally did not come up with any proof that Cao Guangzhi's backup behavior had anything to do with Xiaopeng automobile.

5. Because the lawsuit is more and more protracted, in the process of Xiaopeng automobile can not let Cao Guangzhi continue to work for himself, both sides were forced to terminate the contract.

6. According to the settlement agreement, Cao Guangzhi paid compensation to Tesla because of his personal misconduct, and the two sides reached a substantial settlement.

7. In a lawyer's statement, Cao Guangzhi apologized specifically to his former employer, Xiaopeng automobile, for letting the latter be involved in unnecessary disputes and doubts because of his own reasons.

So far, the lawsuit dispute between Tesla, Cao Guangzhi and Xiaopeng automobile two years ago ended.


Because this is a lawsuit with prejudice, according to American law, Tesla can no longer Sue Cao Guangzhi for the same reason.

However, even so, the influence released by Tesla and musk in public opinion may not disappear immediately.


The past of gratitude and resentment

The case of Cao Guangzhi occurred in March 2019.

At that time, the allegation was that Xiaopeng car had stolen the commercial secrets of its automatic driving system, AutoPilot, from former employees of Tesla hopping.


The competition agreement is illegal in California, and this kind of job hopping is reasonable and legal.

At that time, AI technology and intellectual property rights on both sides of the Pacific paid the most attention. As a result, China's start-up company Xiaopeng automobile attracted the attention of China and the United States.

After that, Xiaopeng automobile immediately responded, saying that it had also started an internal investigation, and that in order to prove its innocence, it would provide Cao Guangzhi's working computer and documents in Xiaopeng automobile.


Furthermore, Xiaopeng automobile gave an official response after the investigation, saying that it did not find the violations claimed by Tesla, and Tesla's description did not conform to the facts.

Recently, Tesla filed a civil lawsuit against Mr. Cao Guangzhi, a former employee of Tesla, a vision scientist and a current employee of Xiaopeng automobile. According to media reports, the case was connected with Xiaopeng automobile. Therefore, Xiaopeng automobile made the following statement:

1. Before and after Mr. Cao Guangzhi took office, Xiaopeng automobile did not find any possible violations claimed by Tesla. At present, Xiaopeng automobile has launched a further investigation into the matter.

2. We pay close attention to this matter and thank you for your attention and understanding. A small number of relevant media reports and Tesla's description and conjecture about Xiaopeng car in this case do not conform to the facts.

3. Xiaopeng automobile is one of the leading new car manufacturers in China. It carries out independent research and development in many fields such as automatic driving. We firmly believe that groundless accusations will not suppress innovation, and Xiaopeng will continue to introduce high-tech talents in various fields to actively face the global competition wave of intelligent vehicles.

Differences of automatic driving schemes

It is worth noting that in March 2019, Xiaopeng automobile is still a start-up car company preparing to launch its first car.

At that time, it was impossible to prove the difference between Tesla's automatic driving route and its products and solutions.

But two years have passed. Now looking back, Xiaopeng has taken a different route of automatic driving technology from Tesla.

In other words, although Tesla is the forerunner of mass production automatic driving, Xiaopeng automobile takes its technology to develop another route, which is not logically tenable.

Insideevs, a foreign media, showed the technical routes of autonomous driving between the two sides



Therefore, Tesla thinks that Xiaopeng automobile's cheating on autopilot means Xiaopeng automobile needs to use low dimensional architecture in high-dimensional solutions, not to mention the difficulty of technology integration, which is also logically untenable.

More importantly, two years later, with Xiaopeng NGP, Xiaopeng can directly compare with the automatic driving ability of high-speed loop in Tesla autopilot.

In other words, Tesla thought that Xiaopeng was copying its homework two years ago, but the result two years later showed that Xiaopeng's homework was better than Tesla's.

If it's really copy homework, it's almost impossible.


Foreign media insidevs provides an idea:

This is Tesla's usual way of competition.

In the end, the outcome of these lawsuits is similar.

That is, after a long-lasting lawsuit, there is no direct evidence to settle or withdraw the lawsuit.

Aurora, the unicorn, has also publicly protested Tesla's method, believing that it is essentially out of competition and abnormal fear, trying to abuse the legal system, spoiling each other's reputation in the process, and then strangling competitors.

To put it more bluntly: killing kills the heart.

And there is a direct performance.


As a matter of principle, for a dispute that has entered into legal proceedings, the speaker of the company concerned is not allowed to make such comments before the results are released.

But musk is still in his own platform with strong public opinion influence, killing people.

In addition, people who don't know about this comment in a new development news about the use of lidar can't figure it out.

However, in the light of competition, especially the competition of automatic driving, it may be more reasonable.



Barron Weekly has previously analyzed that with a market value of $700 billion, more than 60% of the valuation comes from the expectation of automatic driving.

So from this point of view, maybe we can better understand Tesla's special concern for Xiaopeng.

Back two years ago, Xiaopeng automobile was still a start-up company that did not have mass production vehicles on the road, but it showed the determination to develop self driving and the high-profile position of relevant talents.

Tesla, the so-called spring river duck prophet, sensed the potential threat, so by Cao Guangzhi's non-standard behavior, he dragged Xiaopeng car into the lawsuit.

The effect is naturally good.

In the next two years, before today's lawsuit settlement, the doubts on Xiaopeng automobile have not been washed away.

And when the results come out, will they be washed immediately? Maybe not. After all, in the era of information explosion, more people only focus on the beginning, but not the final truth and result.


So that's what we should be vigilant about.

Since Huawei was suppressed because of its 5g lead, Ren Zhengfei's "American Trap" has been photographed on his desk. It is clear that in commercial competition, if the other party is dragged into litigation and public opinion through non-commercial means, it can disintegrate the opponent.

Back to the grudge and dispute between Xiaopeng automobile and Tesla, although it can not be compared with the Huawei incident, the core similarities can still be found in the routine of "American Trap".

Now, Tesla in the field of intelligent electric vehicles, really no one in the world can compete.

But it doesn't mean that there is a good wind and water in China, and Xiaopeng is providing more competitive choices in such aspects as automatic driving ability.

If we lose this choice, the arrogance of monopolists will only intensify.

In particular, in the field of automatic driving, Huawei's crackdown on 5g may be repeated.

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