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After three times of sanctions, Huawei launched an all-round attack in nine directions

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Source: blue blood research (ID: lanxueyanjiu)

Chip is the cornerstone of information technology, its importance is self-evident, but for a certain entity, the degree of dependence on chip can be regulated. Amazon (AWS), Google, Microsoft and Huawei are all fortune's top 50 high-tech enterprises in the world. However, the first three do little or no hardware. With software and services alone, their annual revenue can still reach hundreds of billions of dollars.

The just concluded 2021 Huawei global analyst conference can be seen as a turning point for Huawei. Huawei, which has withstood three rounds of extreme pressure from other countries, has not only survived, but will also make a comprehensive strategic transformation, from hardware oriented to hardware and software parallel, relying on software and services to drive growth.

Xu Zhijun, Huawei's rotating chairman, said at the conference that the past two years have been spent mainly on coping with round after round of repression. After a long period of inventory and business adjustment, we found that we can not only survive, but also live a little better. This is a low-key point. Let's be frank. In the past, it was someone else's attack, but Huawei's passive defense. Now that the other party's tactics have been exhausted, Huawei has survived. Now it's time for Huawei to attack!

Ren Zhengfei said that no matter how much we give in, our competitors will not spare us. They are too selfish. It's better to compete with them!

Take a stock of Huawei's recent series of actions to see how Huawei attacks comprehensively from nine directions.

1、 5g patent

On March 16, Huawei released the white paper 2020 on innovation and intellectual property rights, and also announced the charging standards for 5g mobile phones, which are aimed at global mobile phone manufacturers, including Samsung and apple, which are the first and second in market share. Because Huawei has the most 5g patents in the world and is far ahead of other mobile phone manufacturers, it can't offset them through mutual licensing.

Huawei 5g collects patent fees. Of course, Ren Zhengfei once said that when he was busy, he had no time to collect them. When he was free, he had to collect them.

In fact, collecting the patent fee for mobile phones is only a part of it. There are also operators in various countries. Those who buy Huawei equipment do not need to pay, while those who do not should pay.

On February 6, 2020, Huawei announced that it had filed a lawsuit against Verizon, the largest wireless operator in the United States, in the eastern and western district courts of Texas, requesting the court to find that Verizon infringed 12 patents authorized by Huawei in the United States, and to ask Verizon to compensate Huawei for its patent infringement. As early as June 2019, Huawei filed a lawsuit against Verizon for paying more than RMB 230 patent license fees, with a total amount of more than US $1 billion.

Ren Zhengfei once said in an interview with the media that he was willing to transfer a full set of 5g technology to the United States, but I don't know if there was no agreement, or if they didn't want to talk at all, they just wanted to integrate Huawei. I'll see you in the world or in the court.

It is expected that in the future, more operators around the world, especially those who maliciously exclude Huawei, will receive Huawei's demand for patent fees one after another.

2、 Hua Weiyun

As you can see, Huawei's cloud organization structure has undergone three major adjustments in just a few months. From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, Ren Zhengfei conducted close research, organized two seminars related to Huawei cloud, and delivered two important speeches related to Huawei cloud. Finally, the dust was settled, and Xu Zhijun was appointed as chairman of Huawei cloud, Yu Chengdong as CEO of Huawei cloud, and Huawei cloud Bu was relatively independent, highlighting the importance of Huawei cloud!

Xu Zhijun also said at the analysts' meeting that this is a move taken by Huawei to strengthen the positioning of Huawei's cloud Bu and software investment. Huawei cloud will develop freely to increase the proportion of software and services in Huawei's total revenue.

Huawei will connect the end, edge, cloud and network, focus on the integrated development of Huawei cloud, terminal cloud, coal mine cloud, GTS cloud and it application cloud, and make it an industry-leading SaaS service to promote the rapid development of IAAs.

Obviously, Huawei cloud is no longer the first Alibaba cloud in China, but the world's first AWS that Mr. Ren repeatedly mentioned in his speech. Although there is a big gap between Huawei cloud and AWS, Huawei has the advantages of Huawei. For detailed analysis, please refer to another article of the author.

3、 Hongmeng OS and HMS

As a full scene distributed operating system for intelligent terminals developed by Huawei, Hongmeng OS has been widely used in Huawei's smart screens, smart wearable devices and mobile devices. Since April, it has been equipped with smart phones. In the future, it will also be equipped with tablet computers, smart home, sports health, audio-visual entertainment, etc.

At present, 20 hardware manufacturers and 280 application manufacturers have jointly participated in the ecological construction of Hongmeng OS. Wang Chenglu of Huawei estimates that 300 million intelligent terminals will be equipped with Hongmeng OS this year. According to the data released by Midea, nearly 200 Midea products will be launched with Hongmeng OS this year.


Huawei mobile service HMS has become the third largest mobile application ecosystem in the world. By the end of last year, there were more than 2.3 million registered developers worldwide (300000 overseas developers), and more than 120000 applications based on HMS core. The number of overseas apps that have been put on Huawei's application market has increased by more than 10 times compared with that in 2019.

Therefore, the number of full scene intelligent terminals equipped with Huawei harmonic OS and HMS will soon surpass Android and GMS equipped with Google.

4、 Intelligent driving

Huawei has been laying out intelligent driving for nearly a decade, and finally ushered in a full-scale outbreak. Huawei's positioning of intelligent driving is to be a supplier of incremental parts for automobiles. Through strong investment in automatic driving software and integration of Huawei's advanced ICT technology, Huawei will promote the networking, intellectualization, electrification and sharing of the automobile industry.

In fact, in addition to software, Huawei intelligent driving also has hardware components, such as three in one and multi in one electric drive system, laser radar, angle radar, charging module, etc., which are weakly related to the advanced process of the chip.


China is the largest country in automobile manufacturing and automobile consumption, with an annual demand of 30 million vehicles. If Huawei takes 1 / 3 of the market share and the added value of intelligent driving for each vehicle is 10000 yuan, this is a revenue of 100 billion yuan. Even if there is no overseas market, there will be a large market space for internal circulation!

In the field of intelligent driving, Huawei's benchmarking is Tesla. Xu Zhijun said that now Huawei's automatic driving vehicles can achieve automatic driving without intervention in the urban area of 1000 kilometers, which is much better than Tesla!

Just yesterday, April 15, the open road test video of BAIC Jihu car, which is equipped with Huawei's full stack intelligent car solution ads, spread all over the network. The traffic lights start and stop, unprotected left turn, avoiding motor vehicles / non motor vehicles, courteous pedestrians and so on, are very smooth without manual intervention, and truly realize automatic driving. Huawei has thrown off Tesla and once again stood at the forefront of the industry.

5、 5g Technology

In the last few years, Huawei's 5g equipment still ranked first in the global market share of 31.4% in the fourth quarter of last year, despite the global obstruction of other countries. Since the beginning of this year, it is obvious that Huawei 5g continues to make a strong attack. From 2021mwc Shanghai to the recent analyst conference, one after another leading 5g solutions have been launched. The main highlights are as follows.

1. 5.5G evolution. Huawei first put forward the vision of 5.5G to drive the continuous evolution of 5g. Based on the three application scenarios of 5g, namely large bandwidth, wide connection and low delay, three new scenarios, UCBC (uplink ultra wideband), rtbc (broadband real-time communication) and HCs (Communication perception fusion), are added. It is of great significance to expand vertical industry applications, interactive experience between human and virtual world, and communication perception integration. In terms of technology and patents of 5.5G, Huawei takes the lead again.


2. 5g to B application. 5g large-scale construction has entered the second stage, and there is a large market space for a wide range of industry applications. By the end of last year, Huawei had signed more than 1000 5g to B project contracts in more than 20 industries such as manufacturing, steel, coal and port. In the future, more 5g smart factories, smart coal mines, smart ports and smart hospitals will be launched. Especially in a big industrial country like China, with the support of the world's leading infrastructure, Huawei 5g to B has great achievements.

3. 6G R & D. A few years ago, Huawei started the basic theory research of 6G, and discussed the evolution of 6G in the future with the industry. The evolution can not be achieved overnight. The continuous accumulation of technology and patents in the process lays the foundation for the future initiative.

6、 Optical technology

Huawei has been leading the field of optical communication for many years, and has entered the no man's land in the backbone optical transmission equipment and optical switching chips. However, Huawei has not stopped, and continues to invest in the following aspects.

1. Explore new opportunities in the practical application of optical technology, and create new industries, such as optical desktop display, vehicle display, laser headlamp, optical fiber sensor and so on.

2. We will continue to promote the research of new technologies such as optical transceiver lasers, optical amplifiers and dynamic control of optical network to promote the continuous growth of optical fiber capacity.

3. Continue to invest in future strategic science and technology fields such as photonic chip and photonic computing.

7、 Sports Health

I don't have accurate data on how many sports health laboratories Huawei has. I just remember that we first set up a sports health laboratory in Songshan Lake, Dongguan, with the State General Administration of sports and other units; we also set up a sports health laboratory in Nanjing and Southeast University; and we set up a so-called largest sports health laboratory in Xi'an semiconductor industrial park at the end of last year. It shows Huawei's great investment in the field of sports health!

According to Huawei's 2020 annual report, Huawei's wearable device revenue increased by 65% year on year last year, and China's wearable device market volume and market share remained the first for four consecutive quarters last year.

With the improvement of living standards and the extension of life expectancy, there is a large market space in the field of sports health in the future. Huawei will take advantage of ICT technology to strive for greater advantages in wearable devices for sports health.

In the future, breakthroughs are expected in medical level wearable devices and wearable devices with active health management.

8、 Digital payment

Huawei has been involved in digital payment for many years. From Huawei mobile phone's Huawei pay many years ago to Huawei digital payment cloud solution released worldwide last year, and to the recent payment license, it is obvious that Huawei wants to become bigger and stronger in the field of digital payment.

At the recent analysts' meeting, Cao Chong of BG global financial business department of Huawei said that even if Huawei has a payment license, it will not enter the digital payment market for the time being. Cao only represents Huawei's business, not Huawei's overall interests. From the point of view of business, if HUAWEI enters the payment field, it will have an impact on the existing banking system just like Alipay and WeChat. HUAWEI will have a competitive relationship with banks. The whole bank solution of HUAWEI business will probably not be pushed out.

Therefore, we say that Huawei's acquisition of payment license is of great significance and has a lot of imagination.

9、 Green energy

Huawei mainly does two things.

On the one hand, Huawei's intelligent photovoltaic solutions integrate digital information technology to efficiently convert light energy into more electric energy, and at the same time manage and use electric energy more efficiently to promote the development of green energy. Huawei's intelligent photovoltaic solutions and green power solutions are leading in the industry. Huawei's intelligent inverter has ranked first in the global market share for many years.

On the other hand, through continuous technological innovation, Huawei helps all walks of life to reduce energy consumption, and constantly reduces the energy consumption of Huawei's terminal equipment, network equipment and communication equipment, so as to make contributions to green and low-carbon.

For example, Huawei's indirect evaporative cooling and intelligent optimization technology can save 13 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year for data centers with 1500 cabinets, resulting in huge economic benefits and low-carbon environmental protection.

To sum up, Huawei's strong attack in these directions, in addition to those with industry advantages, should continue to make efforts and maintain advantages. The rest are benchmarking against the top US companies in the software and service industry. They have the courage to face the competition and see who is the final winner? !

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