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Ctrip's official landing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange?

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Source: Unicorn knows (ID: iponows)

In his speech at the listing ceremony, Liang Jianzhang pointed out that Ctrip will focus on the following aspects in the future to create new industry value: first, continuously improve the service content and quality, continue to focus on improving the quality, expand the service content, and pursue to provide a comprehensive one-stop perfect crowd service experience. Second, it is necessary to deeply cultivate the content and content to stimulate the incremental improvement of travel. It should not only become a trading platform, but also a platform for customers to find inspiration and concessions. Including Ctrip last year to do live with goods, information flow, short video and other content forms. Third, the establishment of tourism marketing hub as the core of the industry ecology. Fourth, we should deeply cultivate our country and provide perfect travel service for customers all over the world.


Liang Jianzhang pointed out that the fragmentation of content and the inability of content to accurately match traffic are the major pain points in the tourism industry. Most content platforms not only have tourism content, but also have many other contents, which can easily make users deviate from the theme.

And because of the need to distribute the content to different platforms, Ctrip, wasp nest, flying pig, Toutiao, Zhihu and other platforms have their own formats, which can't achieve one click synchronous update. Typesetting and design will take a lot of time for creators.

Some businesses are working on their own official account.

The above analysts pointed out that the current Internet market has entered a traffic bottleneck period, the public domain traffic is nearly saturated, and the cost of traffic acquisition is high. Ctrip gradually improves the construction of content consumption scenarios, improves the content ecological drainage on a large scale, accurately puts in and interacts with high frequency, strengthens the user stickiness, and produces more trading behaviors, and disseminates consumer decisions in the radiation circle through social sharing, Expand tourism flow pool in order to form internalized growth.

As early as six or seven years ago, Ctrip has been acting on the content, but intermittently, has not been formed. In the impression of a former employee of Ctrip, since 2015, Ctrip has the idea of doing content every year.

Some travel bloggers said that what bloggers really care about is not the cash incentive provided by the platform, but whether they can get real traffic through the content, link to fans, form their own labels, guide the private domain, and whether the community atmosphere is comfortable. The blogger said that before, the interaction under the article of Ctrip Travel photography was just created by robots, which did not form a community atmosphere, and there was a lot of moisture in the list of talents.

At present, the incentive mechanism of Ctrip star is still: users can not only exchange the points earned by content for mall gifts, but also have the opportunity to get on the talent list, hot topic list, monthly high-quality content list, and enjoy rich cash rewards and fast pink profits.

Content and goods, consumers and creators

At the press conference at the end of March, Liang Jianzhang introduced that the contents of the star will highly match the products, including air tickets, accommodation, food, drink and play, which can be bought directly. For users, such content is the most efficient.

But there is a question that the industry has been exploring. Is the product upstream of the content or is the content upstream of the product? In other words, it is easier to form a transaction by nesting content in tourism products or by adding products to the content. According to an industry person with eight years of tourism experience, the industry is also looking for an answer to this question.

Ctrip's gene is a tool platform. If we expand the content benefit entrance, who will produce the content? What Ctrip wants to do is to let the high net worth head KOL play an exemplary role in creation, smooth the transition from super consumers to super creators, so as to enhance user activity and stimulate more creative behaviors.

Here comes the question: what is the creative motivation of super consumers? As the output pressure of full-time bloggers has been so huge, can super consumers really smoothly transition to super creators? How willing are current consumers to actively share travel content? Can consumer output really help people who need to make travel decisions?

According to the consumer insight provided by the independent market research and consulting company, the enthusiasm for tourism spontaneous creation does not seem to be high. Senior travel and leisure analyst of IMT pointed out that consumers are generally conservative about participating in tourism topic interaction on social media. They are mainly interested in the way of participation is like, message, collection. Relatively few consumers are willing to forward their posts. Considering that consumers participate in social media travel topics in the role of audience, the public will not quickly leap from the role of audience to the role of professional content creator in a short time.

At the same time, due to the two functions of sales and grass planting, in the process of transforming the tourism sales platform into a pan tourism business body, we need to pay attention to the balance between product quality and content authenticity and interest. In the content marketing and product sales, the same brand image is output.

The output of content, the construction of community and the contradiction between consumers and creators are all problems that need to be solved by Ctrip. Today, Ctrip group ushered in the listing of the Hong Kong stock exchange, the story continues.

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