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Nintendo, the most powerful legal department in the East: ask the mobile game company to compensate 9.6 billion yen

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When Xiaofa surfed the Internet two days ago, he found that a tort lawsuit in 2018 had made new progress.


There are a lot of lawsuits, but this case has attracted a lot of onlookers, because the litigant of this case is the well-known game company Nintendo.


The case in 2018 was that a mobile game "white cat project" infringed Nintendo's patent, so Nintendo sued colopl, the developer of this mobile game.


The specific situation is that the technology used in the rocker operation of the game "white cat project" infringes the patent that Nintendo applied for as early as 2004.


And Nintendo discovered this in 2016 and said that colopl needed to stop the infringement.

In fact, Xiaofa felt that the problem was not serious at that time, because as long as you have a good chat with Lao Ren, after a wave of full communication, Nintendo will not be so unreasonable.

Because if you think about it, most of the current mobile games need to use a rocker or similar way to operate, but Nintendo didn't say a word and gave this patent to everyone for free. Why did it focus on you?


But this is not the most inexplicable. The next wave of self explosion operation of colopl directly took him to court.

Colopl insists that it doesn't infringe, but it doesn't matter. The most puzzling thing is that it plagiarizes Nintendo's patent and sells it to other game manufacturers through licensing...


Nintendo is so angry this time. If you want to fight with colopl, will Nintendo be afraid of you?

So some time ago, the amount of compensation rose from 4.95 billion yen to 9.699 billion yen.

Some bad friends think Nintendo is a bit stingy. So many companies have good patents. Do you have to choose a mobile game company to sue?

If you think so, it's a big mistake.

Xiaofa is here today to introduce some Nintendo patents. When you finish reading them, you will feel that Nintendo is not mean, but cherishes the world.

The first is the cross key on the handle. Yes, this seemingly ordinary handle cross key is the patent of Nintendo.


In fact, Xiaofa thinks it's OK, because the buttons of many game controllers are not all cross keys, some are also called direction keys, and the appearance is not the same.

Handle of Sony PS4


And the next patent is a bit off the mark.

When the game characters are blocked by some objects, the outline of the characters will be displayed, which is convenient for players to confirm the position.


Yes, it's the game design logic that all games basically use. It's a patent of Nintendo.

If Nintendo's legal department makes a contribution, won't all game manufacturers suffer?

Another thing that I think is a bit off the mark is this patent:


That's right, it's about putting the character status in a smaller format in the corner.

But now all the games are basically designed in this way. Don't mention it, give Nintendo money.

Fortunately, Nintendo does not care about these, as long as you can create a fun game, it is estimated that Lao Ren is also happy to see this scene.

And the next patent, to be honest, at first glance Xiaofa almost thought that Nintendo invented the use of batteries...


But Xiaofa thinks the real patent of Nintendo should be this picture. Nintendo has fixed the battery with a strange looking clip.


Although Xiaofa has never seen the true face of this patent, he can still feel Nintendo's fantastic ideas from the simple schematic diagram.

However, Xiaofa felt that Nintendo's patents should be far more than these, so he found some recent patents to show you.

For example, this patent was applied in 2016. From the picture, the handle can be separated from the screen and connected again.


Are you familiar with it? Is it like Nintendo switch?


Then, in 2017, switch was officially put on sale. Although the handle eventually adopted the traditional mechanical structure, the playability of this game console was greatly increased.

There is also a patent that was applied in 2016. It can be seen from the picture that the button on the handle can be removed or replaced.


Although this function is not implemented on switch, some manufacturers have done similar functions. For example, the Xbox elite handle can replace accessories.


And this strange looking patent makes the joy con handle bend.


It is said that the handle will adopt a hinged design. The reason for this may be that the bent handle can improve the grip.

But Xiaofa thinks that the joy con handle itself is very small, and with the hinged design, the process complexity will be quite high.

Although Nintendo has not yet launched such a handle, I will not be surprised if it is made in the future.

Nintendo, as a Patent Troll, also applied for a patent last year, which is the joy con handle that looks more mellow, and has no mechanical structure connected with switch.


Although I don't know why Nintendo designed such a handle, I can still look forward to it.

As mentioned above, Nintendo has so many patents. I think you should have a new understanding of Nintendo's innovation level now.

Nintendo, as an enterprise with a history of more than 100 years, has not shown a declining trend. On the contrary, it has been able to find a way to survive in big hardware factories such as apple and Sony. It is also because of its unique way of thinking.

What's the matter


Of course, this method of playing not only refers to the different ways of playing games, but also the classic games in Nintendo.

"Super Mario", "Legend of Zelda", "jet fighter" and a series of popular games prove that the ultimate meaning of a game is to be fun.


And in the early days of Nintendo's founding in 1889, it began to produce dominoes and playing cards.


More than 100 years later, in this era of hand games, Nintendo can still stand in the game market, just because it has the blood of playing in its bones.

So, Nintendo can play so many tricks now, players will naturally respect Lao Ren.

But the game manufacturers are not necessarily, some manufacturers are better, in accordance with the unwritten rules of the industry, stepping on Nintendo across the river.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Xiaofa can only wish them good luck.

After all, the most powerful legal department in the East is usually a joke, but if Nintendo is really angry, no one can help it.

Because these things you use may have been tired of Nintendo for a long time, and you applied for a patent by the way.



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