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Tianwen-1 Mars rover released its first microblog, and netizens joked: it's fake, it doesn't use huoxingwen

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It is reported that the tianwen-1 mission has broken through the key technologies of the second cosmic speed launch, interplanetary flight, TT & C and communication, and the soft landing of extraterrestrial planets, realizing China's first extraterrestrial planet landing, which is another milestone of great significance in the development of China's space industry.

this night,Tianwen-1 zhurong Mars rover released its first micro blog, introducing its landing process, landing timing, current status and future work, etc.

It is understood that the carrier of zhurong Mars rover is carrying six scientific instruments, including terrain camera, multispectral camera, subsurface exploration radar and magnetic field detector.

After a brief adjustment,Will soon be out of the warehouse and carry out patrol detection, and return precious data and photos.

Netizen teases: This is false, it does not use huoxingwen

Some netizens also responded with Martian text: you live on Mars, we are from China in 2021, we are playing in China.


The following is the full text of microblog:

Mars is here!

Hello, friends of the earth

At about 1:00 a.m. today, the tianwen-1 spacecraft lowered its orbit in the docking orbit and moved to Mars to enter orbit. At about 4:00, the lander separated from the orbiter. After flying for about 3 hours, it entered the Martian atmosphere. After about 9 minutes of deceleration, hovering, obstacle avoidance and buffering, it successfully made a soft landing in the pre selected landing area at 7:18 this morning. About 30 minutes after the separation, the orbiter ascends and returns to the parking orbit to provide relay communication for the landing Rover.

At present, only 9 of the 21 Mars landing missions in the world have been successful, with a high degree of difficulty! To safely land on Mars, we should not only choose the landing area with flat terrain, but also choose the appropriate weather conditions to avoid being disturbed by the huge dust storm on Mars. After more than three months of flying around the fire, I finally found the best landing site. Geologists said that my soft landing area is likely to be the site of an ancient ocean, which has high scientific value and is likely to achieve unexpected scientific results. But how to minimize the impact of Martian dust storms? Of course, I can't afford it. I can't afford it! According to the meteorological data of Mars in the past, the dust activity on Mars is concentrated in the second half of the year, and the northern hemisphere is the quietest in spring and summer. It's the safest for me to land in mid May!

At present, I am still in the landing rover with six scientific payloads, including terrain camera, multispectral camera, subsurface detection radar and magnetic field detector. After a short adjustment, I will go out of the warehouse and carry out patrol detection. Looking forward to a comprehensive understanding of Mars, and return precious data and photos to you!

Love you, Zhu Rong!



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