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Win10x is expected to be cut down and win system is defeated repeatedly

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In short, win10x has become a big hole. Microsoft should not fill in this year, and it may not fill in in the future. There is a view in the industry that win10x will be integrated into win10 and become some features of win10.

Microsoft released a lot of information about win10x last year, which is a different version from the original win10x.Win10x is not compatible with the traditional Win32 software. The software ecology relies on uwp development, while the interface UI uses the new fluent design language.

According to Microsoft's idea, win10x can set up a new ecological platform for new touch-screen devices, and even spawn new forms of devices such as surface Neo and other dual screen tablets.

Win10x is regarded as an important engine for Microsoft to open up a new track, but now, win10x seems to be a bubble.

This is not a setback for Microsoft's new windows system. From windows RT to windows 10s, and now to windows 10x, Microsoft has stumbled along the way.

Why do these new Windows systems fail? Let's have a brief talk today.

The secret of the success of traditional windows

These windows can only install software applications through the windows store, which naturally lacks the help from the traditional windows ecosystem when they are launched.

One of the most important factors for the success of windows system is that the software under Windows keeps a high degree of backward compatibility for a long time.

The strong compatibility of windows is incredible in other operating systems such as Mac OS and Android.

It is because windows has such a strong software compatibility that it has established a good reputation among software developers and users, and made windows lasting.

Developers don't have to worry about whether the software they are developing can run smoothly in windows in a few years, and whether they need to refactor with new development kits; And users don't need to worry about whether the well used software will die suddenly with the system update.

However, the new windows system represented by win10x challenges all these. Microsoft is trying to break away from the ecosystem of Win32 and rebuild an ecosystem under the distribution system of windows store.

As a result, we can see that this kind of system is facing the dilemma of no software available.Windows, which lacks third-party software, may not be regarded as the same series of systems for most users, except for the similar interface.

What's the reason for consumers to choose a system that just looks like windows?

If we leave the traditional ecosystem of Win32, we will also leave the most stable foothold in the market for many years. It is reasonable for these new versions of windows to go so bumpy.

The culprit of the failure of new windows: fragmented new ecology

One of the reasons why Microsoft let these new versions of windows abandon the traditional software ecology is to make the new system light.

Therefore, it is understandable that Microsoft wants developers to turn to a new ecology that is more suitable for the contemporary consumption environment through new platforms such as win10x.

However, Microsoft's blunder is that it has not made a good match for the new ecology. For a long time, windows app store has been in a state of almost desolation, and few large-scale commercial software and even excellent independent applications have landed on it.

On the one hand, the Development Suite provided by Microsoft is erratic. In a few years, the development suite has evolved from modern app to uwp under the condition of instability. In addition, it has joined the development routes such as the transformation of traditional Win32 software, which makes developers at a loss;

On the other hand, Microsoft has not provided long-term support for these new platforms, nor has it successfully promoted corresponding products in the market,For example, there are few products equipped with windows RT, which makes it difficult to persuade developers to spend a lot of energy to create exclusive applications for these platforms.

Up to now, Microsoft's uwp ecosystem has not been able to hold a firm foothold. Recently, more and more famous applications have withdrawn from uwp ecosystem.

For example, Netease cloud music has replaced the original uwp original development version with the version converted by Win32 in win10 store; Another example is Tencent QQ, which is directly off the shelf of the widely acclaimed uwp version.


According to the development plan, win10x can only run the uwp application from win10 store. Under the current situation that the uwp ecology is not warm, win10x is difficult to have a foothold in the market. This may be the reason why Microsoft temporarily shelves win10x.

While giving up the compatible application of Win32, we can't get help from the new ecosystem, which may be the culprit of the new windows system's repeated failures.

What should Microsoft do?

In recent years, there are not no successful cases of new systems and new ecology in the market. For example, Microsoft's competitors have done well.


Apple's Mac platform turns to arm in an all-round way. In terms of ecological construction, on the one hand, apple is compatible with the previous x86 software through Rosetta 2, on the other hand, it unifies the development suite of mobile platform and desktop platform through swiftui and MAC catalyst. In this way, arm's Mac platform will not be seriously out of touch with the previous ecological accumulation, nor will it lack the nourishment of the new ecology.


Google has taken a different approach to the operation of Chrome OS.

Chrome OS focuses on Web applications, while Google is one of the strongest web service providers in the world, so we can experience the web version of Google Docs, Google drive and other tools on Chrome OS. In recent years, Chrome OS has added compatibility with Android App to further enrich its ecology.

In essence, Chrome OS is an extension of Google's web ecology. Under the premise that Google's Web services have been widely used, Chrome OS deeply bound to Google's ecology is naturally easy to be accepted.

Visible, no matter be Apple or Gu Ge, their new platform is not castles in the air. In contrast, Microsoft's new windows, when the new ecosystem has not yet been established, abruptly break the link with the previous ecosystem, which is obviously not feasible.

If the new windows system wants to be successful, Microsoft may need to learn from apple and Google. Before the launch of the new platform, it will do a good job in draining the old ecology and creating a new ecology in advance. At the same time, it will provide developers with a set of highly available and stable development tools according to the characteristics of the new ecology.

Obviously, Microsoft has not been able to do these well, which leads to repeated failures of the new windows platform.


In any case, windows is still the most popular operating system in the world.

Holding the basic disk of windows is still enough for Microsoft to be brilliant for many years.

But the exploration of the new road will always be a difficult and long process. I hope Microsoft can think about the true meaning of the product and make the new windows have a firm foothold in the market.



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