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How can Huawei notebook use multi screen collaboration of Hongmeng system? Here comes the detailed tutorial

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Last Wednesday, Huawei harmony OS 2 (hereinafter referred to as Hongmeng system) was officially released. Geek's choice took part in the public beta activity for the first time. After we successfully upgraded our mate40 pro, my first feeling was that the font rendering was much clearer and the interface design was much more beautiful than before.

But to be honest, the collaboration and flow between multiple devices is Hongmeng's real skill, especially the collaboration between mobile phones and PCs, which can get rid of the shackles of data lines, avoid a lot of complex operations, and improve work efficiency.


But unfortunately, the cooperation between mobile phones and PCs depends on Huawei's software and hardware ecology, that is to say, it's OK to have both Huawei mobile phones and Huawei laptops.

However, in the Geek's selection editorial department, although there are Huawei mobile phone users, no one uses Huawei notebook. So I looked at the hardware parameters of Huawei's latest matebook 16 and redmibook Pro 15 in my hand, and found that they all have windows system, WiFi 6 network card and even Bluetooth standard. This may indicate that hardware is not a problem, It's just that the software ecosystem may have to "build" itself.

After some twists and turns, I found that this idea is feasible. I have successfully experienced Huawei's "multi screen collaboration" and "Huawei sharing" on a redmi notebook, and all functions can work perfectly. I can scan this redmi notebook in the "super terminal" of Hongmeng mobile phone, and the experience is no different from Huawei's own.

Most importantly,This method is also applicable to different brands of windows notebook. Now geek's choice will share the specific tutorial with you.Part of the content of the following tutorial is from the "little monkey school" of station B. geek's choice has been authorized.

The software and tools mentioned in the tutorial focus on WeChat's official account of the geek and return to the keyword "hung Meng kit".

means of preparation

Huawei mobile phone running harmonic OS 2

Any brand of windows laptop,

It is best to support WiFi 6 network card

Usb-c data cable

The software needed (focus on WeChat's official account for geeks and reply to the keyword "hung Meng kit").

The latest version of Huawei computer manager

Huawei computer manager installation assistant

Install password.txt

Version.dll file


Installation of Huawei computer manager is the software environment for "multi screen collaboration". It is pre installed on Huawei laptops, but the third-party laptops cannot be installed normally, so it is necessary to use the "installation assistant of Huawei computer manager".

Step 1: modify the system time to match the installation password

"Huawei computer manager installation assistant" can simulate a third-party notebook as a Huawei notebook with "installation password". Each "installation password" matches the corresponding system time, so we first set the system time.

1. Open date and time settings

2. Turn off the "auto set time" option and adjust the date back to July 23, 2020

3. Find the corresponding installation password in "installation password. TXT" of Hongmeng package


Step 2: install Huawei computer manager

1. Run the installation assistant as an administrator in Hongmeng Suite


2. In the installation assistant, fill in the installation password corresponding to the system time

3. Replace the file name "PCManager" in the installation path_ Setup_」

4. At this time, the notebook has been simulated as Huawei notebook. Click "Install" to install Huawei computer normally


Log in to Huawei computer manager

Step 1: return the time to normal

After the successful installation of Huawei computer manager, you can adjust the system time to now, otherwise the computer manager may not be able to log in to the account normally.

1. Open date and time settings

2. Turn on the "auto set time" option


Step 2: login to Huawei account

1. The collaboration between Huawei devices needs to be based on the same account. First, log in your Huawei account in the computer manager

2. Enter mobile phone settings - Huawei account - scan code to login


Establishing wired "multi screen cooperation"

After logging in the account, the system has a "multi screen collaboration" running environment in theory. We can check it first.

1. Connect the mobile phone to the computer through usb-c cable

2. The connection pop-up window will pop up automatically on the mobile phone. Click Connect.


3. The "multi screen collaboration" window will pop up on the computer. The setting is successful!


Establish wireless "multi screen cooperation"

At the same time, the mobile phone will identify the hardware of the computer, and the third-party notebook may be incompatible. You need to inject DLL file to simulate again. Just follow the steps below.

In addition, if the wireless collaboration establishment fails, you can try to update the wireless network card or Bluetooth driver. If the update still fails, the hardware may be too old to be compatible.

1. Connect your mobile phone and computer to the same WiFi network and turn on Bluetooth

2. Close Huawei computer manager, and then copy the DLL file in "Hongmeng suite" to the directory of "C: / / program files / Huawei / PCManager" (installation directory of computer manager)

3. Open Huawei computer manager and search for devices in "control center - HyperTerminal" of mobile phone


4. After searching the notebook, click or drag to establish wireless multi screen collaboration


Multi screen collaborative function demonstration

1. Open three apps at the same time


2. Drag and drop across systems to share pictures

If your laptop supports touch screen, the experience of multi screen collaboration will be better; If you can only use the mouse to operate, you need to press the mouse for a long time to achieve drag and drop operations


3. Cross system text editing


Huawei's multi screen collaboration also has many functions and ways to play, such as answering and making phone calls on the computer, and using Huawei share to manage and backup mobile phone files; At one end of the mobile phone, you can also take a screen capture or record the screen on the computer desktop. For more specific functions, please refer to the official website: introduction of multi screen collaboration

Nowadays, multi device interconnection has become the focus of mobile phone and PC manufacturers, and apple and Huawei may be the best. Apple has a unified bottom layer of software and hardware, which has a natural advantage in this aspect, while Huawei has broken the barriers between different platforms through harmonic OS.

If you also have a Huawei mobile phone with harmony OS2, but you don't have a Huawei computer, you can have a taste according to this tutorial. However, in the future, with the gradual improvement of harmony OS ecology and experience, we still suggest that you support the official, after all, only the official full set of equipment can get the best experience and follow-up support.

If you think this article is useful to you, please share it. In the future, geek's choice will also provide more tutorial content, such as how to make your windows look and use like MacOS (like the screenshot in this article). You are welcome to follow up.


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