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Although IOS 15 was ridiculed by the group! But I found that some of its hidden functions are quite useful

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Hello, guys. Apple pushed the developer beta version of IOS 15 after the press conference early yesterday morning.

Although this conference is really a bit boring, after experiencing it, the world super thinks that some new functions are actually quite easy to use, such as live text, focus mode and so on.

At the same time, the world super also found some small updates that were not mentioned in the press conference. Now let's take a look.

The first is the most popular live text function.

Although this function was ridiculed by the CEO of the parent company after it was announced, the world super experienced it for a while and felt that it was quite powerful, even a little bit better than blue.


As the press conference said, when users take photos or browse the web, they can directly select the text on the picture.


However, the strongest thing is that you can call live text to input text in any app interface (except wechat), and the recognition speed is very fast.


The only drawback is that in some complex cases, Chinese recognition will be wrong.


The second thing I want to introduce to you is the focus mode.

In this mode, except for the app that we set up in advance, other app notifications will be shelved.


Whether the focus mode is good or not depends on how you use it. The world super thinks it's quite convenient to play games with it.

We just need to add a game to the focus mode. The next time we start these games, the system will automatically enter the focus mode.


At this time, in addition to the previously set app can send messages to you, other app messages will be temporarily blocked, and will not interrupt you at all.


It is worth mentioning that in this mode, do not disturb notification can also be set, but now only support information app, I don't know if there will be more software support in the future.


For example, if wechat adapts to this notification function, then when we are playing games in the future, other people will send us wechat, and wechat will automatically reply to each other. Oh, isn't this QQ status~

Let's talk about FaceTime.

After upgrading to IOS 15, it has added features such as portrait mode and voice highlighting. Although few people in China use FaceTime, fortunately, it has opened the interface of these functions.

And most surprisingly, wechat can already support these functions.


Voice sound insulation function is similar to earphone noise reduction, it will automatically learn and shield noise when it is turned on.

Wide spectrum mode is to record sounds in a larger frequency range, making the sound more reproducible. The world super speculates that it may be used to share some high-quality songs with others. If you know the usage, you can leave a message.

The video portrait mode doesn't need to be explained by Shi Chao. After it is turned on, the background will automatically become virtual. The effect looks ok, and Shi Chao's handsome face is three points more.


However, it's said that FaceTime's shared video, audio and cross platform functions have not been well adapted, and the shared screen is just a fake button. I don't know when I can experience it.


I think these functions are very good. I can listen to music and watch movies with my girlfriend, and even share my own screen. It's a magic weapon of long-distance love.

In addition, the biggest change is the weather.

The data displayed in the weather is very detailed, and it also supports checking the air quality and weather temperature nearby.


As a matter of fact, the default weather app will be updated, which was expected by the world super. After all, apple acquired dark sky, which ranked first in the weather list in March last year.

Let's share some small updates that were not mentioned in the press conference.

It supports the display of two apps at the same time, but this split screen mode has failed to open at present. The world super guesses that it is the reason why the app does not adapt.


IPhone doesn't break the prison and experience split screen. I believe this function has been the wish of Apple fans for many years, and the world super is also looking forward to it.

Although split screen is still unknown, another new feature has fulfilled Apple users' wishes for many years

The main page can be sorted.

We just need to long press the desktop and click the dot to enter the desktop editing mode to adjust the order. Although this function is very simple, fruit fans have been waiting for many years.


In addition, the world super also found three pretty good new functions.

The first is that app can drag and drop text across applications. Eh, is this function a little familiar..


The world super thinks this function is very good, at least it's much faster than copy and paste.

And this operation avoids copy and paste, and prevents other apps from accessing our clipboard at the source.

The second is to optimize the input method.

If you used to input Chinese in a nine palace layout, you will encounter a problem: if you switch from Chinese input to English input, it will still exist in a nine palace layout. If you want to switch to a full keyboard layout, you can only use the earth key.


Fortunately, after upgrading to IOS 15, Jiugongge Chinese switches to English, which can automatically switch the full keyboard layout.

Finally, the photo app can view the format, size and other information of pictures and videos.


Most of all, it can also change the time and place of taking photos.


What's more, Shi Chao changed the location of the photo from Hangzhou to Shanghai, but after the photo was sent to colleagues, Hangzhou was still displayed there! So changing the location is just cheating yourself.


In addition to function optimization, IOS 15 has also returned to the functions and UI of some old systems.

The most important thing is that the clock changes back to the big scroll style of IOS 13!


Because iOS 14 alarm clock is very troublesome to adjust, after being spit for six months by the user, apple finally make complaints about the consumer.

Similarly, there is a magnifying glass, which can appear after long pressing the cursor to facilitate users to see the text blocked by fingers. Forget which year this function was hacked. Anyway, IOS 14 doesn't have it.


I think it's time for Bruce Lee to learn from cook. If you have time, you can change back to the functions that are not easy to use. Don't take it too hard.

In addition to the above, the press conference did not mention: the lock screen interface can directly use the search function, the installed app in the app store does not display detailed pictures, and so on. There are dozens of small updates, so I won't talk about them one by one.

If there is any new function worth mentioning that the world super has not mentioned, you can also leave a message.

In short, after experiencing IOS 15 for one day, it gives the world super the feeling that it is a semi-finished product. As everyone said, it should be called IOS 14.8.

Because compared with IOS 14, IOS 15 optimizes its own software and adds two or three practical system functions. That's all. Even some new functions have been available in other countries a few years ago.

Anyway, in the past two years, Apple's system has brought a lot less surprises than before. But as users, what we can do is helpless, and then we look forward to the next press conference.



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