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Hyperx aloy elite 2 game mechanical keyboard for Warcraft TBC

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Key shaft small steel gun shows its magic power in X-ray fire shaft

If players want to stand out in the game, they not only need years of training, but also need a high-performance game keyboard, which can quickly respond to every trigger and have the ultimate excellent feel. The axis of the keyboard is the most important.


The trigger stroke of the fire shaft is 1.8 mm, and the total stroke is 3.8 mm. Among all the mechanical key shafts, the fire shaft belongs to the shorter type, while the trigger spring force is only 45 g, which belongs to the lighter and easy to trigger key shaft. In addition to "world of Warcraft", other FPS games such as "CS: go" need rapid response, and fire axis is also a very suitable key axis. In many games, big jump needs to double-click the key quickly, or collision mode needs to double-click the key quickly. These problems are not easy to operate on other slow key axes, which are very easy to handle in the view of hyperx fire axis.

Powerful function and high face value

The advantage of simple keyboard axis is that it can't meet the increasing diversified needs of players. In addition to the fire axis, the high-quality materials and powerful functions of hyperx aloy elite 2 game mechanical keyboard can meet the harsh players.

Once you start hyperx aloy elite 2 game mechanical keyboard, you will feel heavy immediately. It's true. Compared with the weight of 300-500g of ordinary keyboard, its total weight reaches an amazing 1530g, almost 3-5 times the weight of ordinary keyboard. This is because it adopts a solid and durable steel frame, which can not only increase the hardness and quality of the keyboard, but also increase its self weight. In the game, the fierce operation of the players is easy to take the keyboard deviation, the keyboard position displacement will inevitably misoperation, and since the important, the keyboard seems to be adsorbed on the desktop, not easy to displacement, also can avoid misoperation to the greatest extent.


Secondly, compared with the general keyboard, the size of hyperx aloy elite 2 game mechanical keyboard is obviously larger. This is because it is given more shortcut keys, including backlight brightness adjustment, on-board configuration file call, game mode opening and many multimedia shortcut keys. It is worth noting that the game mode switch key, in the game to open the game mode can be all keys without conflict, to avoid the game interruption due to accidents; In addition, the volume adjustment key is controlled by a large roller, which is faster than the button type adjustment. The large roller is also more suitable for blind use. There is no need to pause the game to find the volume button, which is within reach. At the top of the keyboard, a set of USB2.0 interface is designed to connect the mouse or USB headset. For game notebook users, a valuable USB interface can be saved.


Finally, it is also the biggest highlight of hyperx aloy elite 2 game mechanical keyboard: RGB dynamic lighting effect. Different from other light effect keyboards, it has higher brightness and richer playing methods. Through the hyperx ngenuity driver software, you can also customize the light effect mode, and store up to three groups in the built-in chip of the keyboard. Even if you are not setting the host, you can call the personality configuration. The reason why it is brighter is that it uses a special two-color ABS pudding key cap. The excellent light transmittance makes the RGB lamp more dazzling. With the 4-level brightness adjustment, it can shine brilliantly.


For world of Warcraft, the RGB light effect of the hyperx aloy elite 2 game mechanical keyboard can also set off the atmosphere when playing the game. The fast response operation of the keyboard required by the game can also be realized through the hyperx independent red axis. With many auxiliary shortcut keys, it can be said that this keyboard is the best partner for you to fight in the foreign domain!

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