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The 618 showdown is coming, Alibaba cloud's popular money will be killed in seconds: starting from 6.18 yuan / year

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Alibaba cloud 618 is coming. Today, Xiaobian hereby presents the whole strategy of 618 playing methods. Let's break through the difficulties together!

1、 Overall rhythm

Carnival activities: [limited time and second kill of popular products] 6.1-6.30 limited time and second kill of popular products at 10am every day

It can be divided into four stages: June 1 to June 7, June 8 to June 15, June 16 to June 22, and June 23 to June 30. The explosives in each stage are different.

Venue address:

2、 Activity rhythm and interest points:

1.618 coupon package

The old and new enjoy a 10% discount, and you can get it after completing the real name certification.


2. Second kill of explosive products

Every morning at 10 o'clock limit seckill, each limited purchase 1

In the current stage of hot seckill:

ECS shared n41 core 2G1: 59.9 yuan / year

RDS MySQL basic 1 core 1g 6.18/year

Enter the second kill immediately:

Below are the explosive products of 06.08-06.15 second kill:

1) ECS shared n41 core 2G 1 year 1m bandwidth 40g high efficiency cloud disk second price cut 59.90/year

100% CPU performance, suitable for small and medium-sized website building and other applications

2) ECS shared n41 core 2G 3 years 1m bandwidth 40g high efficiency cloud disk second price cut 179.90/3 years

100% CPU performance, suitable for small and medium-sized website building and other applications

3) ECS shared S62 core 8g 1-year 1m bandwidth 40g high efficiency cloud disk with a price reduction of 279.90 per second per year

100% performance baseline, strong performance, high cost performance, widely used in light applications such as station construction

4) Domestic SMS packages with a one-year term of 5000 pieces per second are priced at 165.00/year

Support domestic verification code, SMS notification and promotion SMS, second touch, no operation and maintenance

5) The price of 1 core of RDS MySQL basic version is reduced by 6.18/year in 1gs

One of the most popular open source databases in the world

6) Redis community version of cloud database: the price of 1G master slave second is 61.80/year

Compatible with high performance data caching service of open source redis, it is suitable for Internet online hot business

7) Enterprise mailbox Standard Version 8 account price: 60 yuan / Account / year / second after one year discount: 160.00/from March

Single account no capacity 20g enterprise network disk 5g personal network disk

Self help template station, provide visual designer, preset massive industry template

3. Hot cloud products

A selection of hot cloud products

1) ECS shared n41 core 2G 1 year 1m bandwidth 40g efficient cloud disk 79.86/year

2) ECS shared S6 2-core 4G1, 1-10m bandwidth, 40-100g optional cloud disk, starting from 263.76/year

3) ECS computing C5 2 core 4G1 year 1 ~ 10m optional bandwidth 40 ~ 100g optional cloud disk 388.80/year

4) From 270.00 per trademark

5) Polardb MySQL Cluster version: 4-core 8g 3420.00/year

6) Redis Community Edition: 1g from 240.00/year

7) SSL certificate vtrust DV from 612.00/year

8) CDN / whole station accelerated flow half year package 500gb0.095/gb47.50/from June

More popular products Click to enter the cloud product venue to learn about:

4. Invite new customers to place an order and get the duration of using the cloud server for free

Step 1: click the recommended time to become a promoter: new and old users of real name authentication can participate

Step 2 share exclusive activity page: generate exclusive activity link, copy and promote

Step 3: new users complete the purchase through the activity page: alicloud users who have not purchased the cloud server

Step 4: if the recommendation is successful, multiple rewards will be obtained: the corresponding rewards will be distributed to the account

As long as you invite successfully, you can get two free products for up to 12 months of use, the highest value of 1440 yuan of 1-core 2G cloud server N4, the highest value of 480 yuan of 2-core 4G MySQL database.

Invite now:

5.618 special gift package for flying members

Complete the enterprise certification, and join the flying member to receive


During the activity, Feitian members can click to get Feitian member's gift pack at the main venue of 618 promotion and Feitian member center, and get five alicloud full discount coupons of different denominations at one time.

Users can only purchase new and upgraded cloud products when purchasing specified cloud products of Alibaba cloud, and only use orders with a duration of one year or less. If the effective amount of a single product order meets the full discount level, you can enjoy the full discount. Only one coupon can be used for each order. The coupon can be superimposed with the specified product discount and shopping cart full discount. It can not be superimposed with the second kill product, the product below 50% discount of the cloud server product, and the first preferential product of the cloud server product.

6. Enterprise and Industry Zone

Carefully create the cutting-edge industry scene in the digital era, Alibaba cloud will explore the popular ways to play in the hot industry with you!

1) Online education industry

With the rapid development of cloud computing, Internet audio and video, 5g, AI and other technologies, online education eliminates the physical distance gap, effectively alleviates the pressure of uneven distribution of educational resources, and improves the quality of content and user experience is the core competitiveness of online education. 618 industry benefits, you can get up to ¥ 20000 full reduction rights, click one button to get: http://click.aliyun.com/m/1000276917/

2) Retail e-commerce industry

Deployment of e-commerce website system ideal system architecture, stable, flexible, rapid expansion.

You can get up to ¥ 20000 full reduced benefits by clicking one button:

3) Medical health

Online appointment, registration and consultation, cloud medical, let health go hand in hand!

You can get up to ¥ 20000 full reduced benefits by clicking one button:

4) Six common scenarios of enterprises:

To provide enterprises with multi scene, one-stop cloud service, enterprise cloud, enterprise start-up necessary, enterprise security, enterprise data, enterprise office, enterprise marketing scene to meet the needs of software and hardware at all stages of enterprise development, help your career take off!

One click to get full reduction rights and interests:

7. Cloud market

Three party service in the cloud market, 50% off for all single products, and 50% off for all full stores. The reserve price is limited! Help you operate efficiently and conveniently!

More cloud market products:



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